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Coin Guide

The Knife of Dunwall - Coin Guide

Enough Coin to Disappear
Survive The Brigmore Witches in low chaos with 10,000 coins


Welcome! This is an in-depth guide to the locations of all coin available in The Knife of Dunwall. This guide might be useful to those needing help with the achievement Enough Coin To Disappear for The Brigmore Witches DLC.

All coin you collect in your KoD playthrough will carry through onto your next Brigmore Witches playthrough. This may seem obvious, but if you are loading a KoD playthrough, make sure you load the correct one. If you collected all your coin in a High Chaos playthrough, load that one, and vis versa.

There is a total of 5222 coin to collect through Missions 1 and 2, and there isn't any for the last mission. Coins and loot are listed in the order in which they appear in the game, and it is also explained how to reach the location of the following coins or loot on the list from the previous one. The value of the coin or loot that you collect will also be mentioned in brackets next to a description of what you’re collecting each time.

NOTE: You begin Mission 1 with a certain amount of coin; this is not part of the total.

Mission 1: A Captain of Industry
Starting Coin: 2000
Coin to Collect: 2053

Slaughterhouse Row
Coin to Collect: 918

NOTE: An ingot worth 100 coin is found later in the mission inside a safe. There is a way to retrieve it without purchasing the Safe Combination favor at the beginning of the mission. Once you reach the slaughterhouse, look for a boat with a chain above it; the chain should lead inside the slaughterhouse. Swim under the boat to find a body and a note with the combination on it.

1. 2 Coins (10): As soon as the mission starts, head straight in front of you. Make your way behind the train car to the red and white metal sheets leaning against the wall. The coins are to the left on the ground, next to the mattresses.

2. 1 Copper Wire (10): Go back to the main path and head over to the first building on the right; it should have a curfew sign on the front of it. Blink up to the first level and it’s on the counter on the left.

3. 1 Coin (5): Turn around; it’s on the other counter behind you.

4. 1 Coin (10): Go back to where you entered the room and Blink up to the bridge above you on your right. Head right and enter the room on your right. Open the locker and it’s inside.

5. 1 Coin, 1 Hemlock Essence (25): Head back out the way you came and Blink onto the roof next to you on the right. Follow it around to the left and drop down to the alleyway. You’ll see them on the mattress next to the Weeper Corpse.

6. 1 Copper Wire (10): Turn around and Blink up onto the roof on the right above the pipe. It should be right next to you.

7. 1 Kingsparrow Feathers (10): Blink up to the roofing in front of you; between the alleyway. Turn right and climb up onto the roof there. Billie Lurk should appear and begin talking to you. Turn left and jump down to the roofing in front of you. The feathers are about halfway across.

8. 1 Medicinal Herbs (20): Turn left from the feathers and Blink onto the bridge in front of you. Follow it into the building on your left. Look directly to your right and they’re on the lower level of a wooden shelf.

9. 1 Pouch (25): Look over to the counter in front of the other doorway. There should be a guard standing around there; the pouch is on him.

10. 2 Coins (10): Head through the doorway and the coins are at the bottom of the blocked staircase in front of you.

11. 2 Coins (10): Go down the stairs and turn left at the bottom. Look to your right and you should see them; one on top of the wooden table and one underneath it.

12. 1 Medicinal Herbs (20): Now head through the doorway to the right of the table. Walk straight ahead and you’ll see them on the right next to a life jacket.

13. 1 Pouch (50): Turn around, and it’s on a small table next to a doorway.

14. 2 Coins (10): Turn right and head out the doorway where the whale oil tank is. To the left of the tank is a long crate with a sign on it. The coins are at the left end of the crate, next to the Arc Pylon. One coin is on top of the crate, the other is beside it on the ground.

15. 1 Processed Whale Oil (30): Turn around and go back the way you came, past the whale oil tank, and go down the alleyway on your right next to the red and white plague signs. You should be back at the same Weeper Corpse you saw before. Blink back up onto the same roof as you did the first time, but this time climb up onto the black air duct. Then face right and climb up onto the smaller roof. Turn left once you get to the painted image of the Empress on the wall. Follow the roof down to the vent and drop down onto the ground; it’s straight in front of you.

16. 1 Coin (10): Head over to your left, straight ahead, you should see a metal platform sticking out from the building in front of you, just to the left of the Wall of Sparks. Blink up onto the platform, then face right and Blink onto the roof in front of you. You should now have passed the Wall. Turn left on the roof and climb through the window to your left. Straight ahead of you, it’s on the covered-up chair.

17. 1 Coin (10): Turn around and walk over to the stove. It’s on the table to the left next to Granny’s Recipe.

18. 2 Coins (10): Turn right and head back out the window that you came in through. Turn right and drop down onto the ground. You should have the Wall of Sparks directly on your right. Follow the path down until you see the coloured metal sheets leaning against the wall to your left. The coins are under the leftmost sheet, on the rocks.

19. 1 Coin (10): Turn left and go back towards the Wall of Sparks. Enter through the metal door to the right of the Rewire box. Face left as soon as you enter the room; it’s on the table.

20. 1 Pouch (50): There is a guard that patrols in and out of the room; the pouch is on him.

21. 1 Processed Whale Oil (30): Turn around and go back out the door. Head straight until you come to a window with broken bars. Climb through it onto the pipe. Drop down to the right and head over to the whale oil machine. It’s right next to it on the right, under a yellow sign.

22. 2 Coins (10): Turn left and head over to the train car. Crouch down underneath it and the coins are there.

23. 3 Coins (7): Make your way to the right from the train car over to the wooden walkway. Face right and climb over the side of the rail. You should drop down onto a small concrete area with a dumpster. To the left of the dumpster is a wooden table. The coins are on the table.

24. 1 Small River Krust Pearl (25): Look to the right of the table at the water and you should see a concrete pillar with metal beams in it. Blink over to it and the pearl is sitting on top.

25. 1 Pouch (25): Walk up the stairs to where you came from and head straight towards the metal door with the light above it. You should see a guard patrolling the area; it’s on him.

26. 1 Coin (10): Head around the right side of the building with the metal door. Climb in through the window with the broken bars and look to the right; it’s right next to the mattress.

27. 1 Hemlock Essence (20): Face right from where you are; it’s in the locker on the bottom shelf to the left.
NOTE: You’ll want to grab the Laborer Lockup Key hanging on the hook next to the locker on the left, you’ll need it soon.

28. 1 Coin (5): Turn around and walk over to the left side of the table. It’s on the first long crate you come to, at the left end.

29. 1 Copper Wire (10): Head back out the window you came in through and turn left, making your way to the end of the building. To your left, the wire is in the grass under the hose reel.

30. 1 Coin (5): Turn left and continue down the side of the building; you should pass a locker on your left. Keep going straight across, over the railing, until you come to two brick pillars with small yellow signs on them; there should be a barred room behind them. Walk in between these signs and face right. There should be a small table behind the pillar. Beside the table on the floor is the coin.
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