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Old 08-04-2013, 02:47 PM   #1
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Worth Downloading?

As the title says, is this worth downloading?

I already purchased the season pass and I'm looking forward to the noir rapture episodes, but I haven't heard a single good thing about this DLC, and it is over a gigabyte in size...
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Old 08-04-2013, 03:00 PM   #2
Fiery Phoenix
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If you have the Season Pass, you get it for free from the in-game store.

I was personally incredibly disappointed with it. Wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

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Old 08-04-2013, 06:02 PM   #3
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I loved it. Its the best arena/horde mode I've ever played aside from Gears. You can upgrade yourself just like in the campaign and you unlock lots of neat concept art and bonuses too. People don't seem to like it because they wanted some story dlc instead which I understand, but I found the combat in the main game to be very fun and this dlc takes full advantage of it. Its all I've been playing the last few days and just now got my last blue ribbon.

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Old 08-04-2013, 08:23 PM   #4
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I consider it pretty lazy filler DLC but I still had some fun with it in the beginning. Probably more frustration by the end at some of the blue ribbons challenges and having to play through all the waves over and over again when you only need 1 ribbon from a later wave.

If you already have the season pass there's no reason not to download it and try it out. If you didn't have the season pass I personally wouldn't recommend buying this DLC by itself though.
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Old 08-04-2013, 10:06 PM   #5
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It's fun if you don't care about the blue ribbons, otherwise, prepare to rip your hair out.
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Old 08-04-2013, 10:19 PM   #6
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I love the game but I really felt like they threw this out there to shut up everyone who but the season pass like myself. I hope this dlc is not a sign of more delays like the game itself
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Old 08-04-2013, 11:07 PM   #7
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If you have the Season Pass then it's free and very much worth downloading. If nothing else it never hurts to try it out.

Knowing what it is though I would never have paid for this (have the Season Pass). To me it felt like a cobbled together horde mode. Not very balanced and not very fun either.
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Old 08-05-2013, 01:33 AM   #8
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I think it is worth it, especially for the "Art Director" ("Direction"? I forget how exactly it is labeled...) concept art.

One of the only issues I had with the core game was that there really wasn't anything to do in it besides the campaign. I think this DLC nicely complements the campaign, provides ample opportunity to play around with the weapons and Vigors, and yields some interesting concept art. Is it hard and frustrating? Yes. Could it have been designed better? Certainly. But I still think it is challenging and fun to play.
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Old 08-05-2013, 03:05 AM   #9
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Its not the worst DLC out there but if you enjoyed the combat in the campaign and like a little challenge (well a hell of a big challenge if your going for blue ribbons). Since you have the season pass download it and try it,. Unless of course your running low on space for whatever reason then pass and wait for the Noir dlc.
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Old 08-05-2013, 03:06 AM   #10
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It's part of the season pass like others have said. It could be way worse. I found that the 4 levels weren't too hard unless you are going for the blue ribbons. You can die as much as you want and complete each level. A death doesn't respawn all enemies in the level, the only ones that remain are the ones you didn't kill yet. You still get the achievement for completing the map at the end but your leadrboard score will suffer.
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Old 08-10-2013, 03:10 PM   #11
the real a 0bsolete
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i had a lot of fun getting 100% on this dlc, for 400 MSP i would definitely recommend it
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Old 08-11-2013, 03:30 AM   #12
Quid Squid
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Originally Posted by the real a 0bsolete View Post
i had a lot of fun getting 100% on this dlc, for 400 MSP i would definitely recommend it
I agree, it's a lot of fun and I would recommend it. I think people are upset because of the Blue Ribbon Challenge, which it's not a quick achievement and it can be frustrating. I'm not too worried about getting the full score as fast as I can and can see this as something I give a break and come back to later to finish things up. Definitely worth the money.

Ken Levine said he wanted to give everyone something they enjoyed from the game in the form of DLC. There is this for those that enjoyed the combat and there will be story DLC for those that enjoyed the story. Can't please everyone I guess.

Edit: Just finished all the challenges and I just wanted to say I loved this DLC. Never really got bored even when trying to redo later waves. Learned a lot about weapons and vigors I never used before too. Really feel they got this right compared to all the other games that try to do horse or challenge based modes. Great to see achievements that aren't just given to you too...really enjoyed earning an achievement by it being an actual achievement or challenge.

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