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Transformers: War for Cybertron
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Mahtan Tinuviél
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Updated and completed Roadmap


-Estimated Achievement Difficulty: 7/10
-Offline: 41 (705 )
-Online: 9 (295 )
-Estimated Time for 1000: 80+ hours (will vary a lot depending on Multiplayer tatics / boosting)
-Minimum Playthroughs: 1
-Missable Achievements: None, you can replay every chapter
-Glitched Achievements: No
-Cheats Disable Achievements: No Cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes (Difficulty stacks)
-Extra equipment needed?: No


Tranformers - WFC is yet another game for the Transformers Franchise. It´s story is related on the rise of Megatron as a Decepticon leader and also the rise of Optimus as a Prime and leader of the Autobots. All in the middle is a battle for Cybertron. Should be very familiar to gamers who already got into the other games. However, if you are new there are tutorials during the game to help you out. The game itself is not difficult and since you can play each section over and over again until you get what you need on "Easy" the main reason for the 7/10 difficulty is the Multiplayer, that can take a while for the Prime directive Achievement.


Make sure you have the collectible guides for campain. They are Scavenger Would Be Proud! and Grimlock, Smash!. A very detailed guide can be found here with videos and descriptions. Also, each chapter has it´s on specific achievement that has to be completed on it. To avoid playing it again make sure you know what to look for on each chapter using the Achievement Guide.
Bear in mind also that you have some achievements of "kill x this", or "do this x times". Every time you kill/collect something for these achievements the game will give you an updated count, which helps you track this achievements progress.


The campaign consists of 10 chapters, 5 of which you play as Decepticons and 5 as Autobots. If you play on easy you should get by then end of it at least 160
There are also specific achievements for each chapter, but this can be done on any diffilcuty. The only difficult related achievement is stackable, and it requires you to finish the Campaign on Hard. However the game considers only the last checkpoint of each chapter to determin difficulty, so you can play the hole game on easy and only the last checkpoints of each chapter on Hard and unlock all acheivements for Campaign difficulty.


Escaltion has 2 specific achievements only for 80 . It is a good idea to have a friend or boosting party help you out with Wait! I Still Function! while going for this. Escaltion can also be used for other achievements such as Fire in the Sky, Blast-arachnia!, etc that can be done in both Campaing and Escalation. Make sure to go to This thread for a boosting partner if you want.


Here is the most difficult part, as it is time consuming. You have a set of 7 specific achievements for MP for 215 . Your main focus should be getting Prime Directive so make sure you use all types of class and follow the guides and tips for it.

Mop Up:
If by chance you have missed any achievement on campaing / escalation, just go to "Choose Chapter" on easy and mop up the rest. Look for the specific checkpoint and go for it!.


Tranformers - War for Cybertron is a quick Action/Adventure game, made lenghty by a Multiplayer achievement, so 1000 will have it´s toll. Campaing shouldn´t take to much time, and if you use the tactics of just playing the last checkpoint on Hard very quick. Look for a boosting party for Escaltion and Multiplayer to make your life easier.
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