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Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death
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Collectibles Guide

List is currently incomplete!!!!! Pleeeeease let me know if you find any I missed.

The collectibles in the game can be found in very secluded side areas and are small blue masks/glyph things that you pick up by tapping . As collector states, you will need to find all of the collectibles in one go, or be sure to find at least one of them for Just One of Many.

Just One Of Many 10
Find a collectible
Collector 25
Find all collectibles in one play through

Processing Plant
After shooting down the helicopters with the AA gun and entering Primanero Ore Processing Plant you will use a mining cart full of explosive barrels to blow up some turbines, which you must then navigate over to reach the far side of the area. The next area will have a group of enemies and a flamethrower guy to take out before reaching a door. DO NOT open the door, instead face the door, and go behind the forklift on your right, press to hug the wall to reach an area behind the fence. Move through this small area to find a glowing blue orb/relic and tap to pick it up.

The Harvester (Giant Excavation machine)
After being introduced to the Firefly (the flying bugs that can poison you) you will need to climb a ladder and hold to pull a switch, which will rotate the large pillar and attached platform above you so you can jump up to access it and progress. Jump up and continue along the platform until you need to jump off to proceed, but DO NOT jump, instead continue along this platform and jump over the gap to the far side of the platform to reach the collectible at the end. All of this is just before a flamethrower enemy and another switch.

Water Temple
During the Water Temple puzzle you will climb a short vine wall and Marlow will start talking about how someone can make a mountain appear out of thin air. BEFORE climbing this vine wall, move the box up to the flat area beneath it and to the left side where you just saw an elevator-like pillar descend after pressing the button that opened the waterway and turned the staircase into a flat surface (you will need this box to go up the elevator so you can reach the collectible). Climb the vines now and you will notice the area to your left is barred off by stone pillars, the area on your right looks like the same, but you can walk behind the pillars to find the blue orb, which is currently out of reach. Head back and climb the vine wall with the maggot enemies on it to bypass the stone pillars on the left of the screen. Once you're on the far side of the pillars, using the lever mechanism to lower the pillars and raise the elevator with the box on it. Move the box over to the opposite side of this area to reach the collectible.

Missing 1 or 2? There was a long gap between the above and below collectibles

City of the Dead
After the race across the walkway while giant boulders fall from the ceiling, you'll slide down the last bit of walkway as it collapses and land near a vine wall, with a experience mask on your left. Head left and around the corner to find a box in the wall. Pull the box out to reveal the collectible.

The Rainforest City
A little ways after fighting some Possessed Scorpions, you'll glide across some big gaps between some really tall pillars and then you'll get a radio call from Kim, who will then get cut off. As you're talking to her you should notice yourself moving under a broken bridge. Once you climb up the vines at the far end of the bridge, don't proceed, instead backtrack toward the camera, across the bridge, to find the collectible, which is guarded by some enemies.

The Dark Jungle
After killing Huracan you'll enter a swamp. Continue along until you reach a long stretch of worms that you need to cut through to continue. Shortly after that you'll reach a point where you wall hug around the side of a cliff and you must jump some gaps while avoiding Fireflies (Marlow will ask whether that mountain is still growing). After first hopping to the right side of the ravine you will need to fly over to some vines on the left side (with some experience orbs above them). A bit to the left of these vines are some less noticeable vines, that are also a bit closer to you. Fly over to them, and climb up them to find the collectible. This is all before jumping back to the right side of the ravine and clearing another line of worms.

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