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Originally Posted by DanceRandyDance View Post
I seem to be the only one who enjoyed the original. I remember playing it on my dad's pc when I was younger, and beating it. It was the only reason I had any desire to check out Madness returns!
I see you haven't played it on Xbox 360 yet

Once you do, you'll see why people hate it. It's great to enjoy that short moment of nostalgia, but before you know it you'll be wanting to throw your controller out the window.
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Originally Posted by JKSullivan View Post
I used one of the ones on gamefaqs for the PC version . . . it was very helpful.
Thanks for the link
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ITT: People that want autosaves every 5 minutes.

Come on everyone. It's a great game for its time.

Sure, there are a few cons about the game. The whole save slot system. I'm used to playing it with a keyboard and not a controller, so yeah... The controls are a bit... Foreign. But it's a port, so how can I complain? (Unless we're talking about how EA makes you BUY the last 6 achievements if you get the game used or rent it)

Regardless, I think it's wrong to contrast the gameplay between American McGee's Alice and Alice: Madness Returns. For one, the first game was developed for PC--as opposed to the sequel, which obviously was developed for consoles. Not to mention the sequel came out a decade later. Of course the gameplay will be more realistic and the controls more fluid.

And complaining about the near-absence of autosaves? Really, people? Really? Back in the day, you had to save manually--if there was a save feature. Let's not get into passwords, haha.

To put it succinctly: It takes five seconds to go into the menu and save. How long did it take you to get on the x360a forums and bitch about it?

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Union 360
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Game mechanics have changed substantially in the past decade. I don't think Alice is a bad games by any means, just hard to go back and play once you've played a modern game.

At the time, the game was quite unique. 3D person, great Quake engine was good stuff!
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Personally, I found the original game not too challenging, just at times there are definate... "What am I supposed to do?" moments. I used this guide to help me get through those parts. I recommend it.

In case anyone is still looking for something else to help.
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A lot of the camera difficulties and control inconsistencies that plagued the 3D Sonic games seem to present in this game, albeit the effect isn't nearly as extreme. I was expecting a better story, though. It's a little difficult to understand what's going on at times.
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I own this for PC but never beat it (got to the 'skool' and then I just never got around to it) and all I remember was it being hard.

It's still hard, and yeah, it's got some crappy platforming bits, but that doesn't make it an "awful" game. It's dated, and was tough. And I don't know why you wouldn't be saving like every second in the first place. People should be glad it even has an auto-save at all.

Anyway, I just got to the Wonderland Forest and so far, I'm loving it. I am so glad to be playing with a controller instead of the mouse. I had a much harder time platforming back with the mouse. Haha.

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try yogscast they played the game on youtube
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Sumo Marri
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lol I played this when it first came out on PC and it is one of my favorites. Yeah it's glitchy as hell (the PC version was the same), but as someone else said, it's an older game. You will get used to it I promise, it's worth playing A PC walkthrough will work through some of the "tough" parts if you want, but really it's not that hard a game after you get used to it being dated technology.
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Vitamin Dean
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It's terrible, so many game play and design flaws and it has nothing to do with it's age, look at the other games that came out in 2000-01.
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sigh it has 38 levels

I am not a fan of this game. I think if I would have played it first I might like it, but I love the style of the 2nd so now this is a pain to work with. I really hate the aiming.
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