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007 Legends
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Achievement Guide and Roadmap

Huge thanks to Rajeanero for the banner.

I would like to credit BillyBobTwo who started this guide. It contains some information from his original guide.

Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
Offline: 37/50 (700)
Online: 13/50 (300)
Approximate amount of time to 1000: 50 Hours
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
Missable achievements: None (Mission select available)
Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes
Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
Extra equipment needed?: None

In 007 Legends, you take control of James Bond and complete 5 missions, that are inspired by 5 James Bond films. Each mission is multiple parts long and you will enjoy every action packed minute of gameplay. The achievements on this game are relatively easy and straight forward, with the only difficult achievements being to complete the game on higher difficulties and to complete certain tasks on certain difficulties. You will need to complete the game a minimum of 2 times, but you will likely do more to make some of the difficulty achievements more manageable by doing playthroughs specifically for them.

Step 1: Campaign - Modern/Agent difficulty
For your first playthrough you should choose the health system 'Modern', which has your health regenerate after taking damage and the difficulty 'Agent' which is the second hardest difficulty. This difficulty isn't all that hard and this game follows the same principles as most FPS's. Also during this playthrough you should be conscious of the various miscellaneous achievements that you can unlock along the way as well as finding all of the collectibles.

If you miss any of the miscellaneous achievements or collectibles during this playthrough, you can always use the mission select feature to go back to certain missions and pick up anything you missed the first time around.

Complete your first playthrough under these difficulty and health conditions and you are guaranteed to unlock the unmissable story related achievements and the achievement for completing the game on Agent difficulty while on the Modern health system, for a total of 135

Step 2: Campaign - Classic/Operative difficulty
After completing your first playthrough and having done as many of the miscellaneous achievements and collectible achievements as you can, you should begin a new game, but this time choose the health system 'Classic', where this time your health WILL NOT regenerate and you will need to find health packs and armor to recover from damage. The difficulty you choose for this playthrough has no effect on this achievement, but to make it as easy as possible, you should choose the lowest difficulty 'Operative'.

Complete your second playthrough under these difficulty and health conditions and you will unlock a guaranteed achievement worth 50

Step 3: Challenges mode
Challenges mode is a separate game mode, accessible via the main menu. In challenges mode you attempt to beat areas of the missions from the campaign, but you have a single task to complete. You earn a star rating, based on your performance in completing the task and of course unlock achievements, based on the stars that you obtain. There are only 5 achievements obtainable in challenges mode, and they are all for earning stars, up to earning a full 5 stars in every challenge.

Step 4: Multiplayer
Your final step on your journey to 1000 is the online portion of the game. These achievements include the usual, reach a certain level and kill certain enemies in certain ways or to win under certain conditions. Nothing too hard that deserves a mention. The struggle with the online is the lack of an active community, so you will more than likely have to find people via the Achievement trading thread to boost the online achievements with. The majority of the achievements can be earned relatively quickly, but getting to level 50 will take some time.

So there you have it. Enjoy your nostalgic trip down the James Bond memory lane and pick yourself up some achievements along the way. So long as you can find enough people to boost the online with, there is very little stopping you in obtaining the full 1000. Enjoy.

Huge thanks to Youtube user Deathmule for the collectibles videos.
Huge thanks to Youtube user for the various miscellaneous and Online achievements.
Huge thanks to Youtube user MajinFro for the 5 star challenges videos.

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good job helped

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