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Old 06-04-2013, 04:40 AM   #781
bryson 06
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Join Date: Aug 2011
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bryson 06

looking for any and all mp achievements. Plz have mic, weekends or after 12:30 am during weekdays.

Friend Requests without a message, will be ignored.
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Old 06-04-2013, 03:05 PM   #782
Join Date: Jun 2010
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iBeLeet's Gamercard

Gamertag: iBeLeet
I will boost for all of the multiplayer achievements with anyone. Message me on Xbox live.
Splinter cell double agent achievements!
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Old 06-14-2013, 10:14 PM   #783
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Join Date: Feb 2009
Location: Pennsylvania, USA ( EST -5 )
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NY Yankees 23 2's Gamercard
I need a "ringer" or 2 to help me finish co-op challenge 15. PLEASE HELP!
PLAYING: Titanfall

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Old 06-15-2013, 05:53 AM   #784
Lara Croft
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Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: Los Angeles, CA
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just started on these so need all of them. please message me
gt LaraCroftAngel
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Old 07-01-2013, 06:47 PM   #785
S H A i7 O VV
Join Date: May 2010
Location: Chicago
Posts: 89

G O I7ofL 1 V E's Gamercard
All the online achievements can be done solo even the co-op challenges. I unlocked gold for most of the challenges by myself. No longer need the cheevos thanks.

GT: g o i7ofl 1 v e


Last edited by S H A i7 O VV; 07-27-2013 at 01:33 AM. Reason: completed
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Old 07-09-2013, 04:26 AM   #786
A Medium Bear
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Join Date: Oct 2009
Posts: 322

Like Gazelle's Gamercard
Looking for all online achievements boosting here. Wins, challenges (although I'm happy to try by myself) and characteristics.

I am Australian so times might conflict a little but I'm happy to deal with lag on my end.

GT is Like Gazelle.

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Old 07-19-2013, 09:16 PM   #787
kolby dog789
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Join Date: Jan 2009
Location: Gainesville, Florida
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Ready for all online achievements hit me up my gt:kolby dog789
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Old 07-29-2013, 03:13 PM   #788
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Join Date: Mar 2011
Location: Germany
Posts: 11

yalic's Gamercard
all online achievements GT: yalic
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Old 08-12-2013, 08:31 PM   #789
Join Date: Jun 2011
Posts: 32

Yoshometsu's Gamercard
I need all the maps completed and the statistic ratings at 95%. Also willing to do the coop challenges. GT: Yoshometsu almost always available just send me a message and let me know when!
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Old 09-23-2013, 10:07 AM   #790
Join Date: May 2010
Posts: 2
Coop challenges

I need help with six challenges to get gold medal achievement and the other 2. I was doing it with others but they got it first and some dont want to help me finish. I am not very good so be nice to find 2 people who are very good or one if your extremely good who can help me finish them. Even if you have the achievements already I would greatly appreciate your help.

gamertag is PliantBoat33
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Old 09-29-2013, 04:00 PM   #791
Spawnles's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2010
Location: Germany
Posts: 15

Spawnles's Gamercard
i need the achievments with the wins on every map and then i got all :3
is it possible to do it with bots or did i need a real player for it against me?
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Old 10-21-2013, 05:16 AM   #792
Domimax's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2012
Posts: 16

Domimax's Gamercard
Need all online cheevos. If i complete everything faster, i 'll stay to help. Hit me up Gt: Domimax
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Old 01-13-2014, 04:07 AM   #793
Join Date: May 2010
Posts: 3
Need all the online the achievements. Ill stay to help if I finish first.
GT: smsms01

Last edited by smsms01; 01-13-2014 at 04:07 AM. Reason: Forgot GT
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Old 01-21-2014, 10:32 AM   #794
Thy Demoz
Join Date: Jan 2014
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Posts: 7

Demoz Junior's Gamercard
Need all of the online achievements, add Demoz Junior.
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Old 03-06-2014, 02:50 PM   #795
Join Date: Jan 2014
Location: East Coast
Posts: 5

Mike Chen's Gamercard
I have every achievement except for the online versus map achievements. I'm only missing a few. Looking for a long term player who will crack out a few play sessions at a time. Willing to help others as well. I realize this kind of sounds like a dating post haha.
Add me and send a message telling me what game we r working on, Gamercard: Mike Chen
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