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Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
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Old 10-27-2013, 09:31 PM   #421
Join Date: Oct 2013
Posts: 2

Gamertag: lameOffeNsE
I would love to get my hands on the Wolf and Pig achievements

GT: lameOffeNsE

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Old 11-02-2013, 05:18 PM   #422
Join Date: Oct 2008
Posts: 92

Gamertag: CapnSmite
I'm looking to get the Pig achievement. It's the last one I need, and I'm tired of trying to find dungeons to get a saddle.

I've got a 500m railway set up and some relatively easy access to obsidian for anyone that can help me, if you need either if those things. Message me on Live. GT: CapnSmite
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Old 11-11-2013, 08:43 PM   #423
TheSteelPhantom's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2013
Posts: 11

Gamertag: St33l Ph4nt0m
I recently finished all the achievements for this game, in anticipation for the Xbox One version of it. So, I now have a map/world with all of the following in it, very close to each other. I am more than willing to freely help anyone who needs the following:

"Leader of the Pack" achievement. --- I have 2 wolves trapped in a box. Befriend, quit-without-saving, reload, repeat.

"When Pigs Fly" achievement. --- 1 pig trapped in a box, with the ground dug out beneath him + saddle nearby. Hop on, and I'll dig out under you 1 block. You'll fall and the achievement will pop.

"On A Rail" achievement. --- 500-meter mine cart rail nearby. Run to one end, ride to the other.

"Into The Nether" achievement. --- 1 Nether Portal nearby. Destroy 1 block with my Diamond Pickaxe, and put it back together. Poof.

"The Lie" achievement. --- I have all the ingredients to bake a cake sitting in a nearby box next to a crafting table. Saves you the trouble of growing wheat and sugarcane.

"Dispense With This" achievement. --- I have all the materials to build a dispenser sitting in a nearby box next to a crafting table.

"Bake Bread" achievement. --- I have tons of spare wheat. Easy.

Just friend me and leave a message mentioning Minecraft achieves. I'll be on all day, and then frequently up until the Xbox One comes out.

GamerTag = St33l Ph4nt0m

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Old 11-15-2013, 07:28 AM   #424
dexcompleted's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2012
Location: Canada
Posts: 108

Gamertag: SulfurousGalaxy
EDIT- 400 / 400 obtained few days ago; thank you st33Lph4nt0m

GT- SulfurousGalaxy

just needing wolf, pig, rail, dispenser- thanks
ted dexcomple is a fictional character & i also enjoy Pokemon

Last edited by dexcompleted; 11-17-2013 at 11:13 PM. Reason: boost obtained :D
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Old 11-17-2013, 05:40 AM   #425
TheSteelPhantom's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2013
Posts: 11

Gamertag: St33l Ph4nt0m
Originally Posted by dexcompleted View Post
GT- SulfurousGalaxy

just needing wolf, pig, rail, dispenser- thanks
Glad to have been of assistance. I'm still around on the 360 version until the X1 launches in a few days, if anyone else needs some help/boosting.
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Old 11-23-2013, 10:50 PM   #426
unmatchedskills's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: California
Posts: 13

Gamertag: UnmatchedSkills
Big thanks to Steel Phantom for taking time off from his Xbox One to help me out.
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Old 12-04-2013, 02:40 PM   #427
cole train1
cole train1's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2009
Location: United Kingdom
Posts: 33

Gamertag: prismoo
I need help with the rail and the pig achievement, if anyone can help i will love you forever.

please add: prismoo
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Old 12-10-2013, 05:49 PM   #428
Join Date: Aug 2010
Posts: 116

Gamertag: Legendkilla X
Need a hand with some of the cheevos in this. Can help boost in something else in return if I have the game:

GT:Legendkilla X
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Old 12-17-2013, 11:36 AM   #429
Join Date: Dec 2013
Posts: 3

Gamertag: ZombieJoeTJ
Talking Dungeon Location In TU 13

I found a good dungeon in Tutorial World for those who need the achievement When Pigs Fly.
Zombie Dungeon
Double Chest location X:-210 Y:48 Z:-192 & -191
Iron Ingots x4
Buckets x2
Gunpowder x2
Wheat x2
Red Stone Dust x1
String x5
Cocoa Beans x2
Saddle x1
I found it in TU12 and just checked and it's still there.
Good Luck on getting the achievement.
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Old 01-03-2014, 10:03 AM   #430
Oksurewhynot's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2012
Posts: 33

Gamertag: Punk Nine
Need help with WHEN PIGS FLY achievement.

Just got the achievement. Follow this guide. It is current and I got it super fast.

GT: Punk Nine

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Old 01-06-2014, 04:18 AM   #431
Join Date: Jan 2014
Posts: 8

Gamertag: TooClose2see
"When Pigs Fly"

I have the saddle and trap all set up. Just send a FR and you will get the achievement in 30 seconds. TooClose2see
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Old 01-06-2014, 07:28 PM   #432
Join Date: May 2009
Posts: 15

Gamertag: EcksJay22
Does anyone have a rail I could ride? I'm sick of mining for it :x.

My gt is the same as my username here. Thanks!
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Old 01-07-2014, 03:22 AM   #433
Join Date: Jan 2014
Posts: 8

Gamertag: TooClose2see
I need the on the rail achievement. I have "when pigs fly" all set up if someone wants to trade. Would also love "into the nether" since my son decided to switch our world to creative before I was able to sign in and get the achievement.
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Old 01-12-2014, 04:23 PM   #434
Join Date: Dec 2013
Posts: 3

Gamertag: Pinkwinkerthing
achievement help

I am terrible at this game. Can someone help me with On A Rail and the Nether Portal achievements? Gt: pinkwinkerthing
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Old 01-15-2014, 11:47 AM   #435
Chada Darkmane
Chada Darkmane's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2008
Posts: 344

Gamertag: Chada Darkmane
If anyone can help me get these achievements i would be grateful
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Old 01-20-2014, 07:54 PM   #436
Join Date: Jan 2014
Posts: 8

Gamertag: TooClose2see
I'm here to help

I have a world ready for the following achievements

On a rail
It's a lie
When pigs fly
Into the nether

Just hit me up in game if you need help

Gt. Tooclose2see
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Old 02-04-2014, 09:34 AM   #437
Join Date: Feb 2014
Location: Vault 209_WA
Posts: 5

Would really like help with "when pigs fly". GT: Project 926
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Old 02-20-2014, 07:45 PM   #438
Join Date: Feb 2014
Posts: 4

Gamertag: Dinglebopper
I can help with When Pigs Fly achievement

Hi guys, I have made a level (in normal Survivor mode) that will unlock "When Pigs Fly" achievement. (it's basically a pig+saddle with a trap door underneath ready to drop)

please feel free to message me and I will help you unlock the achievement


PS. I also have another level with huge railways to unlock "On A Rail" (again, this level was made in Survivor mode so will trigger achievement, NOT creative)

Last edited by Dinglebopper; 02-20-2014 at 07:46 PM. Reason: spelling mistake
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Old 03-02-2014, 01:40 AM   #439
Join Date: Mar 2014
Posts: 2

Gamertag: Zetrix 969
I need the following achievements:

-Bake Bread
-The Lie
-Delicious Fish
-On A Rail
-Cow Tipper
-When Pigs Fly
-Leader Of The Pack
-Dispense With This
-Into The Nether

If anybody could help me out with these, that would be great. If you can, send me a friend request. Thanks!

GT: Zetrix 969
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Old 03-03-2014, 01:36 PM   #440
Join Date: Mar 2009
Location: minneapolis area
Posts: 102

Gamertag: WholeWorldBlind
Only need a few of these now...
-The Lie
-On A Rail
-When Pigs Fly
-Into The Nether
-Acquire Hardware

Anyone willing to help? GT: WholeWorldBlind
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Old 03-05-2014, 07:44 AM   #441
Demon Lysic
Demon Lysic's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2014
Location: Anniston, AL
Posts: 5

Gamertag: Demon Lysic
I'd be happy to help you out with a couple of these achievements if you would like WholeWorldBlind. I already have a world that has the rails laid down for the on a rail achievement. I'll add you later today if you'd like.

On another note, I'm looking for some friends to play minecraft with. If anyone is interested, feel free to add me. GT: Demon Lysic
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Old 03-06-2014, 04:09 PM   #442
Join Date: Feb 2014
Posts: 2

Gamertag: Nokyyn
Would anyone with a rail system already set up mind helping me get On A Rail?
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Old 03-08-2014, 12:55 AM   #443
Hans Velsing
Join Date: Jan 2012
Posts: 38

Gamertag: Zechayhev
Edit thanks drewsten for the help
Working on:
  • Brink

Retail 100%: 2 Arcade 100%: 1

Last edited by Hans Velsing; 03-08-2014 at 10:08 AM.
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Old 03-09-2014, 03:38 PM   #444
Darn Hooligan
Join Date: Jan 2014
Posts: 7

Gamertag: Darn Hooligan
Looking for some help!

I need to knock out some of the achievements like the 500m in a railcar and the saddled pig. If someone has a world for that, I could use the help!

Useful info:

Gamertag: Andrew MV Adams
Available: Majority of the time on weekends
Timezone: EST
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Old 03-17-2014, 07:54 AM   #445
Join Date: Aug 2010
Posts: 19

Gamertag: IntoTheDark7
Hi, if anyone is feeling generous enough to help me with the mine cart achievement I'd be very grateful. Will be online most of the day today...
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Closed Thread


minecraft help, on a rail, when pigs fly

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