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Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures
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Ace Attorney 86
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Roadmap & Acheivement Guide

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures

Greetings y'all. I have been a huge fan of this site for years and this will be my first ever crack at a roadmap and achievement guide. All criticism is welcome. I just hope it will help a few players out and it will be very small contribution to this fantastic community that I have enjoyed being a part of for years.

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures is a 3D platformer by NAMCO Bandai that features a lot of Mario-esqe power ups. The good news is you don't really have to worry about collectables or side quests. You'll mostly be concerned with just getting to the end of the level. There's also a few arcade mini games you're going to have to deal with too.

The bottom line is this is a good game to gamefly or otherwise rent. It's a fun little platformer with pretty easy achievements with just a few frustrating parts. Like when you are playing as Balloon Pac-Man, there is absolutely no fun to be found. Just carry on and get to the next part of the level. This game is not worth buying as there's only about 15 hours or so of gameplay tops and it's hardly a masterpiece.




= Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10 – nothing here is too hard, the story just takes a little while to play through twice and one of the arcade games can be a bit of a pain on the last level

= Offline: 25 (1000 )

= Online: 0

= Approximate amount of time to 1000: 15 Hours +/-

= Minimum number of playthroughs: 2 (1 Story Playthrough + one more playthrough of the regular levels and a bit of mop up)

= Number of missable achievements: None! (You can level select to grind if you need to and the Chapter map shows you what levels you've collected the fruits and tokens for)

= Glitched achievements: None!

= Do cheat codes disable achievements: No cheat codes known at the moment

= Extra equipment needed: None!


Step 1: Regular Story Playthrough

Start the game by playing through the story line. There are six chapters with various numbers of stages in each chapter. Each level is fairly short and the enemies and platforming is not too difficult, although some of the elemental based foes can be annoying. During this playthrough you will pick up all the story related achievements. As you play keep a few achievements in mind that you should be working towards;
Super Pac-Man, Trash-Man, Pacberry Pie Hog, Pac-ed with Health, Bonus Pac and all the kill X number of ghosts with X power-up achievements. Most of these will come pretty naturally as you play, but you can certainly speed up the process by some light grinding. You also need to beat level 4 of each of the arcade games located in the school hub.


Step 2: Token Effort Playthrough + Mop Up

You get a fruit from completing each level. After you have the fruit, beat the level once more to win a token. You will probably need this go 'round to finish up Pac-ed With Health too. You can also knock out Oooo! Scary! and any of the kill X number of ghosts with X power-up if you still need to. Once you've eaten all the ghosts you need to and maxed out Pac's health you can just run through the levels to get to the end as fast as you would like avoiding ghosts.


Frigidigiwhatsis? - 40

Unlock Chapter 2.
Story related and cannot be missed!

You unlock this for beating the "Hedge Maze" level in the Pacopolis Chapter.

Temple-rary Detour - 40

Unlock Chapter 3.
Story related and cannot be missed!

You unlock this for beating the "Ruined Maze" level in the Ruins Chapter.

What a Drag(on)! - 40

Unlock Chapter 4.
Story related and cannot be missed!

You unlock this for beating the "Fiery Maze" level in the Netherworld Chapter.

An Icy Reception - 40

Unlock Chapter 5.
Story related and cannot be missed!

You unlock this for beating the "Ice Maze" level in the Ice Realm Chapter.

Repossessed - 40

Unlock Chapter 6.
Story related and cannot be missed!

You unlock this for beating the "Roundhouse Rumble" level in the Pacopolis Revisited Chapter.

A Ghost of a Chance - 40

Complete the final level of the game.
Story related and cannot be missed!

"Ghost of a Chance" is the last level on Chapter 6 - Netherworld Revisited. The boss of the game is a joke and can be beaten in seconds if you know what to do. Just stand on the tall platforms with the shiny purple sides. The boss will shoot lasers at you that will hit the platform and reflect back and hurt him. You just need to get out of the way of the red energy balls he shoots and once the boss shots a platform out, that platform will generate energy waves you need to either jump over or avoid by using the platforms all around the area.

Slimy Temple - 20

Collect enough Globe Energy orbs to unlock the Temple of Slime.

Globe Energy what us old farts who played Pac-Man in the arcades in the '80s know as food pellets. Pellets are everywhere in this game. They show you where to go in a level and you can also farm them from vending machines and recycle bins. You won’t have a problem getting all the pellets you’ll need to unlock all the temples very early on in the game. The Temple of Slime is towards the end of Chapter 2: Ruins.

Icy Temple - 20

Collect enough Globe Energy orbs to unlock the Temple of Ice.

See above. The Temple of Ice is located towards the end of *spoiler alert* Chapter 4: Ice Realm.

Mysterious Temple - 20

Collect enough Globe Energy orbs to unlock the Temple of Mystery.

Annnndd see above. The Temple of Mystery is located in the middle of Chapter 6: Netherworld Revisited.

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Ace Attorney 86
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Bonus Pac - 60
Complete all bonus levels.

Bonus levels are not needed to complete a chapter, they are on paths that branch off from the level select screen. You’ll know a level is a bonus level when you can only receive a token for beating it and not a fruit. Bonus levels do not have checkpoints, are a bit more difficult than the regular levels, and usually focus on using power ups. The bonus levels are;

Chapter 1: Pacopolis
Precarious Platforms
Swing Time

Chapter 2: Ruins

Chapter 3: Netherworld
Fire and Ice

Chapter 4: Ice Realm
Weird Attraction

Chapter 5: Pacopolis Revisited
Hot Air Hijinks

Chapter 6: Netherworld Revisited
Burn Rubber

Chillin’ - 40

Defeat 100 enemies as Ice Pac.

You get the Ice Pac power-up very early in the game and you’ll use it in about half of the total levels. No need to grind this, but go nuts in the early levels by all means if you want to knock it out early. If you see a chain of 5 ghosts that are floating in midair, Pac is supposed to gobble them up in a chain to climb to a higher level. These ghosts will respawn after a few seconds. You can chomp these over and over and over if you care to. The good thing about all the power-ups in the game is that if you get hit with a power-up active, you just lose your special ability instead of taking damage and the power pellet will always respawn where you originally found it.

Fire-Man - 40

Defeat 100 enemies as Fire Pac.
Same as Ice Pac, you get this early and will use it very often. You can also grind it if you like.

Thwap! - 30

Defeat 100 enemies as Chameleon Pac.

Not quite as common as the Ice and Fire power-ups but you still get it early and will kill 100 ghots with it no prob without trying too hard.

Roll Model - 40

Defeat 100 enemies as Granite Ball Pac.

The first level where you can get a Granite Ball Power Pellet is the first level of Chapter 2: "Rock 'til You Drop". The Metal and Granite Ball power ups are a lot rarer than fire and ice. The good thing about them though is they also scare ghosts. This will help you earn Oooo! Scary! It's a good idea to replay "Rock 'til You Drop" a few times to grind this achievement because it's easy and quick and you'll also put a big dent in Oooo! Scary!

Heavy Metal - 40

Defeat 100 enemies as Metal Pac. – 40

The first level where you can get a Metal Power Pellet is the second level of Chapter 4: Flurry of Activity. This is a good level to replay a few times as well to grind. As a bonus there are 3 health-extending Slimetaniums to collect in this level to help out with Pac-ed With Health.

Oooo! Scary! - 60

Defeat 300 Blue (Scared) Ghosts.

Pac-Man can scare ghosts by hitting Y when he has a full ghost meter. This is like when you would eat a Power Pellet in the classic games. Then, like the wise men Buckner and Garcia once said "Ya gotta eat 'em all up as soon as they turn blue." Pac-Man starts out each level with a full ghost meter and you can fill the meter back up by eating 5 ghosts very quickly. It’s a good idea to burn up the free ghost meter you are given as soon as you run into a big group of ghosts in a level to help grind this one out. You'll be using the fire and ice power-ups a lot in this game and you cannot scare ghosts with them. Don't forget that using the Metal and Granite Ball power-ups will also automatically scare ghosts.

Trash-Man - 20

Chomp 50 recycling bins over the course of the game.

This should come very early on. There are plenty of recycling bins in every level and you can grind them in the school hub area too. (See the Pac-Berry Pie Hog description below).

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Ace Attorney 86
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Gamertag: Ace Attorney 86

Awards Showcase Achievement Guide - Bronze   Road Map - Bronze
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Token Effort - 60
Collect at least one Arcade Token in every level.

You will find lots of arcade tokens in every level, but you have to collect the token for beating the stage a second time after getting the fruit to unlock this achievement.

Pac-ed with Health - 30
Increase Pac’s maximum Health to 6.

Pac-Man starts out with 3 hearts and you gain an extra heart for collecting Slimetanium in levels. Slimetanium is found in special containers and also sometimes big enemies will drop this when you defeat them. You get your 4th heart at 15 Slimetanium, your 5th at 35 Slimetanium, and your 6th and final heart at 60 Slimetanium. The good news is that Slimetanium is fungible. These pick-ups will respawn in the same places if you replay a level. So you don't have to worry if you miss some playing through. You probably won't have collected enough Slimetanium to have 6 hearts by the end of your first playthrough and you'll get this when you are doing your Token Effort 2nd run through. You can check out your total collected Slimetanium at the HUB by pausing or looking at the mission computer to the right of the level select.

Pacberry Pie Hog - 60
Increase Pac’s total lives to 50 or more.

The best way to get this is to return to the school hub area in between each stage. There’s a Pacberry Pie (1-up) out in the open in the cafeteria that will always be waiting for you. The recycle bins and vending machines in the school will also radomnly give you Pacberry Pies and globe energy. Chomping everything in the school is usually good for another 1 to 2 Pacberry Pies. You also get a 1-up for every 100 ghost eyes that Pac-Man eats in a level. I'm pretty lousy at math but that means you get an extra life for every 50 ghosts you scarf down. Pacberry Pies are also pretty common in the levels. With this strategy you should be gaining a lot more lives than you are losing. This grinding method will also help you with the Trash-Man achievement and ensuring you have enough globe energy and tokens to unlock all the temple levels and beat all the arcade games.

Super Pac-Man - 60
Complete an entire level without losing a life.

This is very easily done in the first level.

Arcade Game Achievements – These arcade games are found in the hallway of the school hub. You must find enough fruits to unlock each arcade game. You receive a fruit from beating each level. You will also need a token to play a game once. Tokens are very plentiful but if you need more you can always grind the vending machines and recycle bins in the school. Each game is 4 levels long and you get 3 lives per token - except for Pacerchini Unlimited. Your stock of lives is replinshed at the end of each level and there are also Pac Berry Pies you can collect for 1-ups inside some of the games. If you lose all your lives you can use a token to continue on the level where you died. You can see how many fruits you have collected by checking out the mission computer to the right of the level select. The game will also notify you when you have collected enough fruits to unlock an arcade game.

Cherries Jubilee - 40

Complete all levels of the Cherry Copter arcade mini-game.

You will unlock this arcade game first after collecting 7 cherries. Cherries Jubilee plays a lot like the arcade classic Defender. You must free the trapped Pac-Worlders by shooting them out of their gooey prison and then dropping them off at safe houses. Black ghosts will appear to recapture the Pac-Worlders when you free them. It’s best if you just concentrate on surviving instead of saving everyone. You will still win the level even if the ghosts recapture the Pac-Worlders.

Lemon Rocketeer - 40
Complete all levels of the Lemon Rocket arcade mini-game.

This will be the second arcade game you unlock after collecting 7 lemons. It is a classic side scrolling shooter like Gradius. The main thing you need to worry about is running into walls. That will kill you instantly and the hit detection is a bit spotty around them. You can shoot power-ups to collect them. Don’t get greedy trying to fly over them; play this one super conservative and you won’t have a problem. Shoot and weave to beat the bosses. Their pattern isn’t too hard to learn and your lasers will knock out their lasers.

Pacerchini Unlimited - 40
Complete all levels of the Pacerchini arcade mini-game.

This will be the third arcade game you unlock after collecting 6 zucchinis. It's a 3rd person racer/shooter where you have to get to the next checkpoint before time runs out. Unlike the other arcade games you only get one life per token. Make sure to run over arrows to get speed boosts and be aggressive using your special weapons on ghosts as they are plentiful and avoid traffic as your lasers won't help you there. You have the same boss for each level. Shoot at him and let him lock on to you a bit then move out of the way of his laser. He gets some helpers as you get deeper into the game. The first 3 levels are pretty easy, but the 4th and final level can be a bit frustrating. You have to have a near perfect run.

Tanks A Lot - 40
Complete all levels of the Pineapple Tank arcade mini-game.

This will be the forth and final arcade game you unlock after collecting 7 pineapples. This one is like the classic game "Combat" if played in 3D and pretty is fun and not too hard. Just be conservative and smart. Make good use of strafing and power-ups. There are multiple waves per level and if you lose a life you get to start on the wave you died on. Health and Pac-Berry Pies (1-ups) spawn regularly in the middle of each maze. The shield power ups are also very useful.

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Thanks for the guide dude, I have had this sitting here from gamefly for over a week. Will give it a spin soon

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Np man, hope it goes nice and smooth for you. I enjoy these platformers that make good Gamefly rentals. I gave it a 3 more because of the time involved and I can see a lot of people having to do the last level of Pacerchini Unlimited a few times. I'll be submitting this for approval once the requisite month after the game's release has elapsed. If I am doing anything wrong in regards to posting a guide/getting it approved I apologize for the ignorance on my part, I'm new at this.

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I found the easiest way to grind the extra lives for me (~20 lives in 15 minutes) was:

In the school house facing the zucchini mini game machine, turn left, walk into the cafeteria, chomp the three vending machines in front of you (sometimes they will give a pie), grab the floating pie that always spawns, and then turn around and go back to the zucchini machine, chomp blue bin on the way back. Press B then A and choose to start the mini game (choose to pay token so it actually starts). As soon as the mini game starts, quit out and do it again.
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This Achievement Guide and Roadmap has been reviewed by Guide Team Staff member TemporalWizard and has been published as the Official Achievement Guide and Roadmap! The link to the Official Guide is here:

Official Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures Achievement Guide and Roadmap

Please post any updates within the Update: Guides & Roadmaps thread.
Also, please check the Award Tracking: Guides & Roadmaps forum to make sure we are up to date.
You may request for those to be edited/updated within that forum as well.

We look forward to your future submissions!
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May I please offer a tip on Heavy Metal?

Just go to Flurry Of Activity, grab the Metal Pac pellet, then kill the 14-16 ghosts you see at the start. Then exit out of the level, go back in, and do it again and again until the achievement unlocks. You do not need to complete the level or even reach a checkpoint to count. Rinse, wash, repeat.
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I've just started playing this game and it's abundantly clear that most of the game doesn't even need to be traversed. Is there any point to collecting pellets, eyes, and the metallic goo?

While the game mentions that pellets are required to continue, I think a normal playthrough of levels will advance you regardless. The metallic goo is supposed to add extra health after a certain amount, but I'm on world two with thirteen goo balls. I don't even know what the eyes are for.

If these collectibles are non-essential to the game, why even bother worrying about them when trying to go for the 1000? Just looking to shorten my run a little bit.

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Absolutely darkenednight. You can speedrun most of the levels. I got the fruit, then redid it again for the coin since my memory would remember the level design.

The yellow dots are unnecessary to go out of your way for. Just bang the vending machines between every level until you get 50 lives achievement and you will get enough yellow dots this way.
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