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Hitman: Blood Money
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Easy or Fast Pro Silent assassins

post here for easy or fast methods of getting silent assassin on pro mode. Help others get the 5 Pro SA achievement with as little grief as possible.

I will assume familiarity with level so instruction can be brief and quickly understood

Till Death Do Us Part - Fast and Easy
Equipment - Standard

1. Enter the burn out house to take the drunkards clothes and invite.
2. Run into the house, go right of the stairs and watch the priest enter the kitchen, stand by the door where the 'private' sign is.
3. The groom will walk out, give it a second and walk in making sure the groom doesn't see you and shut the door. poison the cake.
4. Now get quickly to the point outside where Pappy leaves the house. Do this by exiting the kitchen running straight across to the restroom and out the window, run left then left around the corner, wait by the door for Pappy to show up.
5. Pappy will walk out on his way to the graves, shut the door and take him out however you please (I simply pushed him down the little stairs).
6. Get out the way you came, get your suit back and wait by the exit point. Once the groom eats some cake and dies, press A and escape. Easy as that!

House of Cards - Easy, but a lot of waiting
Equipment - Standard

1. Go into elevator on the left and climb hatch unseen. Wait for target to enter and strangle him once the elevator starts moving.
2. Leave the briefcase but take his key card. Go back to the lobby to repeat process in the other elevator, only this time you will take the targets outfit as well as keycard.
3. You will be on 7th floor, exit the elevator and go to the room in the top right of the map take the DNA briefcase and head to the 8th floor.
4. Leave DNA briefcase in the life and head towards the room in the top left of the map. When you get to the fork in path there will be a fire alarm, activate it and tun to the room, three guards should run past you, once in the room, redial the sheik, you should see an image of him answering his phone.
5. RUN RUN RUN. back to the same elevator and head to the lobby (poor health and safety, these elevators don't shut down with a fire alarm), the quicker the easier the last kill will be. Pick up the DNA briefcase, and head to where the sheik is, let the guards scan you for and go to the double doors at the back.
6. TRICKY BIT. go through the doors unseen, I usually go in and let the guard see me let him run forwards a little and then I go back a few seconds later he will turn to go back to his post, then i sneak through the doors unseen.
7. Run up the stairs till you meet the target, kill him however you like.
8. Return to elevators for your suit and the payment brief case. Exit the level through the door left of the casino entrance, watch out for the camera. Escape!

Share your methods, I'll put some more here soon.
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The missions to get fast silent assassin are Til Death do us Apart, A new life, and House of Cards (depending on skill, I'm skilled so it was fast)

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Originally Posted by Nicholas x View Post
SA on all but fairground. im a beast
Ditto. To be honest, once you figure out a method that gets Silent Assassin consistently, it's pretty easy. The only ones I wouldn't say can be done quickly are House of Cards and Dance with the Devil. Too much waiting involved. And that's just with the method I use of slashing everybody's throats (yes, even the sheik and the rival assassin bartender). I'm sure that someone else with a more sensible method could find a quick way of dealing with those missions (and my ways are still relatively easy; it's all about planning and patience).
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House of Cards was dissapointingly easy. It was one of the last missions too. Kill one guy in the elevator, then the other in the opposite eleavtor. Pick up all keycards and stuff. Take your sniper case to floor 8(? might be 7) and pull the fire alarm outside the door with 2 guards. They leave their post and you can enter the room with the keycard. Once there, unpack the sniper on the balcony and aim towards the middle of the buildings. Down on ground level there is a set of double doors. The Shiek comes strolling out with no one around. Snipe his face off, pack the rifle, and leave normally out the exit. It takes 10 mins tops and most of that is waiting around. Pretty retard proof strategy. I may not be the best explaining it but there are plenty of youtube vids using this method. This game was hard as shit to 100%. Glad it's over. Very fun game though.
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To add to those three, I would recommend a vintage year and curtains down. I've done both of those on SA with no problems all the way through expert so far. Only problem on vintage year was accidentally blowing up a touring civilian, but I just waited until they were a little bit down the stairs before blowing up the thing that drops on the first guy.
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