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The LEGO Movie Videogame
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Old 03-02-2014, 08:25 PM   #1
Evo Kazz
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Best Lego Game?

I have played every single Lego Game except the Rock Band one, am a fan of them and love playing them, but this one is amazing, I have not seen the movie yet, but the overall levels, slight mechanic additions etc, are awesome, I think this is my fave Lego game of all time, so much so I bought the XB1 version as well, anyone else loving this as much as me?

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What constitutes as the "best Lego game"? Is it story, gameplay, graphics, theme? I really think itís one that you most enjoyed playing. I too have played everyone except for Lego Rock Band, but I would say that Star Wars: The Complete Saga is still my all-time favorite. I really enjoyed this one as well (I also have yet to see the movie), but I also enjoyed Batman, Batman 2 and Lord of the Rings, all for different reasons. I think itís a combination of theme, story and gameplay as all are subtly different.

I liked Lego Movie because of its simplicity. It was a nice change to go back to basics, plus the story I found humorous. One of the charms of the Lego games is that they are humorous, but the three other games that had voice acting just didnít do it for me (even though Lord of the Rings was taken from the movies themselves). I know that LotR arenít humorous movies, but Batman 2 and Marvel seemed like they were trying too hard. Lego Movie had that funny dialogue already which made it translate to the game seamlessly. But, Iíve played it once through; I wonít play it again on another console just for the gamerscore. My whoring days are over, plus I know exactly what needs to be done, so where is the fun in that?

It was very straight forward and didnít deviate much like the later games as far as finding everything necessary for 100%, which I appreciated. For ĎfamilyĒ games, I do think theyíre a little too complicated for your average gamer. Every day, you see posts from players who have only played one or two Lego games with questions that seem so simple to answer since weíve played every single game, but for them, itís like a game-breaking problem. We just need to be patient and try not to discourage others, but itís hard when the same thread comes up in every Lego forumÖ ďdo cheats disable achievements?Ē Ugh.

As time has gone on, the games have evolved more in terms of gameplay, but not necessarily all for the better (Iím looking at you, Star Wars III: The Clone Wars, grrr). Some people who have only played a few games say that Lego games havenít changed at all. But they have. While they still have the same basic gameplay mechanics and formula, they are different now than when they were first released. Theyíve added more expansive hub worlds, fetch quests (LotR, Marvel), instruction builds (Lego Movie, The Hobbit) and events and races (Marvel) to make the gameplay fresh and enjoyable.

While Iíve enjoyed playing all the Lego games, there were some I just did for gamerscore. Potter 1 and 2 are perfect examples. They sat on my shelf for at least two years before I played them, mainly because I have no knowledge or interest in the Harry Potter universe. Indy 1 & 2 and Pirates were very generic and vanilla. Marvel (which is the final one I am playing now) Iím finding rather boring, but Iím sure itíll pick up. And the previously mentioned Star Wars III: The Clone Wars... I think that everyone can agree that it was the most tedious of all Lego games because of those unnecessary ground and space battles. Other than the super stories of Star Wars: The Complete Saga, those are probably an example of the worst grinding in any Lego game. Completely unfun.

Sorry for the long read. It's an interesting topic asking what the best Lego game, or any game in a series, is, since no one's opinion is really wrong. I was just offering my opinion, and I guess I got away from the topic slightly.
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Old 03-16-2014, 09:50 PM   #3
onnabugeisha x
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i too have played all lego games except for lego rock band (i see a trend forming here lol) and while my favourite game is batman, this one is a close second. like bLaKgRaVy said; its simple in its approach plus the graphics are vibrant and the story is amusing. i haven't run into any problems with this lego game like i've experienced in others: bad controls (marvel... please don't get me started on trying to fly), camera views and glitches/freezes. i haven't tired of this franchise and i can't wait for lego hobbit!
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Old 07-29-2014, 04:30 PM   #4
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i think its one of the best. i like all lego games for various reasons.

but i think its the best because it isnt overloaded with stuff, i like how there is 5 instruction pages (minikits) per level instead of 10, and 70 gold bricks in total, instead of 250.

i would get bored doing simple activies over and over again, like hit 7 things before time runs out or kill 20 enemies...

Thanks for the sig Gackt

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Jack Frost
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I just don't "get" LEGO Rock Band, so it's the only I haven't bothered with as well.

In addition to being a good game, The LEGO Movie Videogame is also great tie-in to the actual film. Because it's a pretty faithful adaptation, it's the first LEGO game I've decided to keep in my collection. I loved the movie and I'm glad it is well-represented in the game. The ending is completely different from the movie, too. So you can play the whole game and still see the movie without too many spoilers.

I have to throw another nod to Star Wars: The Complete Saga being my favorite of the series, but LEGO Movie is pretty high up there, too. The only one I've truly disliked was LEGO Indy 2. That is a very bad LEGO game...
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