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Amazon XD
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Quick Tips for People Starting Out

Hey guys, I see an achievement guide and roadmap is already being worked on, so I'll just give you all tips to start with.

To get all the available character's special move achievements quickly, start the first level, use Papa Smurf first, and do this X attack 20 times. That's two achievements.

Now start the level for real, with a second controller on standby. Use Clumsy. Avoid all the enemies in the first level, and right before the exit arrow, press start on your second controller to unlock the achievement for playing through a level with a second person, and for not "Freeing any Animals".

Complete the first world using Clumsy. He's the quickest and his tumble ability will go quicker than walking. Tapping A and X quickly in succession will cause him to cover ground faster than just smashing the X button.

For EVERY boss, use Clumsy. He's invincible while using his tumble ability, making short work of all the achievements that require you to not get hit while fighting bosses. I got all of them on my first try so far.

After you beat the first boss (Possessed Frog), start using Brainy as your main character. Always check every single large wall for secret areas. Brainy makes it easy to reach these quickly with his high jump. With a pen and paper or document on your PC, keep track of the levels that you will need to get rid of grey blocks to reach coins, and then forget about them.

Also, ignore the dark blue blocks. Those disappear after beating the game.

Now, go back and use that list I mentioned early, using brainy on every level that you haven't marked as a grey block level. For the grey block levels, I always suggest using Gutsy. His punch is a forward momentum punch, that you can use in mid-air. Hefty is also good, as he can blow through the blocks long range.

The game shouldn't take you more than 3-4 hours if you just blaze through it and check the walls with Brainy. This is where most of the coins you will end up missing will be.

Also, always make your first priority to get True Blue. There is not tracking system, so you must remember which levels you obtained True Blue on. (it's not hard, just kill about 5 or so enemies, and then grab the vials they leave behind).

Everything else will come with normal game progression, really.

So long story short...

Use Clumsy on the first world and every single boss, and then Brainy for the rest of the game. Search every wall (and ceilings!) to try and find hidden areas with coins. Mark the levels as you go that will require breaking grey blocks to get coins. After completing the game, go back and use Gutsy to run through the levels and get your missing coins.

Enjoy! The game isn't too bad, and it's quick and a fun couch co-op game if you have children.

Update: DEFINITELY use Clumsy on Phoenix. It'll take you maybe two or three times to learn the pattern. Don't be afraid to tumble directly through fire. It'll save your ass.

Update 2: After beating the game, you unlock SMURFCHANGE mode, which lets you switch between all unlockable smurfs at any time. So use Clumsy when you want to clear through a level quickly, and Brainy to do most platforming late in the game.
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That is some really go info right there, I will be sure to use it when i start the game. So are you sure the game is only 3-4 hours long as the guide that is started is saying 8-10. I guess the guide is a WIP at the moment so maybe they are unsure at this stage.
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so once you finish the game once u can change between the smurfs in game and as you will pretty much need to do every level again because of the coins behind blue and grey blocks is there any point in making notes using brainy as to grey blocks may as well just do 2 run thrus and switch between which ever smurf as required to get missing coins, or is it that once u have the coin u can quit level and dont have to run to end.
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Your tips for using clumsy on the bosses really worked well! thanks! I just want to add that using brainy really helped me beat the polar bear. His a, and then a plus x really helped me maneuver those damn icicles lol
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Very useful tips thanks
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Thanks for these tips bud, made the boss fights extremely easy with the clumsy tip
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Just got this, so I will use this advice to get the boss fights done without any trouble.
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