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Batman: Arkham Origins
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What's the best way to get points?

I just started the dlc and I'm struggling to get 3 medals in the combat maps. I go for high combos and good variation of moves but seem to miss the 3 medal mark. Any tips

Guess I was just rusty, I did all the normal combat rooms but I guess I need to unlock the extreme ones with batman to be able to do them with Bruce. I started the dlc 1st. I just remember there being a cheap bat swarm in the other games to get your score up. Couldn't find something similar with Bruce Wayne.

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He does have a 'sort-of' bat swarm, if you bit the batswarm buttons (X+A) he'll thrown shurikens. The trouble is he will only throw them in the direction he is facing and it's not guaranteed to hit that many enemies.

Before hitting X+A try to make sure Bruce is looking in the direction where most enemies are, it can be a bit tricky to naildown, but with a bit of practise you should be able to make it work for you.

Another trick is to build up your multiplier and just use special combo takedowns (Y+B). The only thing you have to worry about it getting hit when you're building it up (which takes about 3 critical strikes) It can be quite effective because your combo counter is going up as the enemies are going down. You may not get a massive score, but you'll definitely be able to get enough to hit the 3 stars on each combat room.

Best of luck.
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Old 02-02-2014, 04:46 PM   #3
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Build up a large combo and use the ultra stun (B+B+B) on the last enemy and then do a ground takedown (RT+Y). The ground takedown is 75 points, if you have a 40 combo that is 3000 points for 1 enemy, as apposed to a simple strike (X) 25 points with a 40 combo is 1000 points.
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I found myself in trouble too, any other tips?

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