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Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare
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Top Boy Chunk
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Achievement Guide & Roadmap

Garden Variety Pack

Number of achievements:10

Difficulty: 5/10
Time to 250G: 8+ Hours
Online Achievements: 10 250G
Offline Achievements: 0
Glitchy Achievements: None
Unobtainable Achievements: None
Step 1:Gnome bomb Mode
So first off just play through Gnome bomb mode normally, by going through this you should be going for The last second, Garden Gnomer, Defuse the situation, Drop that Gnome, Running of the Gnomes and Gnome bomber.

Step 2:Gardens & Graveyard Mode.
On this mode you can get the achievements Legionnaire of Doom, Ahoy Matey, Hole in One and Heave Ho. Will only take a couple games especially if your playing on the map 'Cactus Canyon'.

Step 3:Garden Ops
The Heave Ho achievement should be the last one you'll be needing, just play on Garden ops mode and you should be able to get this achievement after a few attempts, much quicker than trying to get this one on Gardens and Graveyard mode!

Hole in One - 50G
Push the Golf-Bomb into the hole in Cactus Canyon
Simply play on Gardens & Graveyards mode and wait for the Cactus Canyon map and win the game, you don't have to personally push the golf ball over at the end as long as you win you'll get the achievement.

Ahoy Matey - 10G
Summon a Barrel Pirate and map pirate zombie in Gardens & Graveyards.
Again Play on Gardens & Graveyards mode and summon them two zombies when on zombies team. This can be obtained in any map. Please note you can get these zombies from any pack you buy.

Legionnaire of Doom - 10G
Grow a Doom-Shroom, bamboo shoot, fire peashooter and Ice peashooter.
Either on garden ops or Gardens & Graveyards mode and plant those 4 plants. Note this can be done on any map, and does not have to be done in one game. These plants can be obtained from any pack.

Gnome Bomber - 10G
Pick up Gnome Bomb
As the description states just play Gnome bomb and pick up the bomb. The bomb symbol on your screen while playing tells you where the bomb is.

Running of the Gnomes - 25G
Plant 5 Gnome Bombs
Again play Gnome bomb mode, don't need the press any button to pick it up just walk over it, again for planting the bomb no button needed just walk into the A,B or C zone and it will plant. Play as either peashooter or engineer and use your boost to help you get the Gnome bomb first. Please note you cant use any of your abilities when you have the bomb.

Drop that Gnome - 20G
Vanquish 10 enemies while they are carrying a Gnome Bomb
On Gnome Bomb mode just kill the bomb carrier 10 times. Again play as engineer or peashooter, use the speed boost so you can quickly track down the bomb carrier and vanquish them.

Defuse the Situation - 25G
Defuse 3 Gnome Bombs
Play Gnome Bomb mode and defuse the bomb. Either play as scientist or Sunflower. When the enemy team plant the bomb throw down the healing ability and hold down B and start to defuse. Takes about 7 seconds to defuse the bomb. Also as the scientist throw down sticky bomb to help you, could save you a few precious seconds!

Garden Gnomer - 25G
Be on the winning team for 15 matches of Gnome Bomb
Simply win Gnome Bomb 15 times, shouldn't be too hard just keep playing and you'll get there. Good team is that 2 Peashooters and sunflower run round together, sunflower constantly heal the 2 peashooters and run round together planting bombs and defending. Zombie tactic is good to play as engineers and all stars. My view there quite aggressive team, engineer throw down the concussion and both players just shoot till your hearts content!

The Last Second
Defuse a Gnome Bomb with less than 3 seconds remaining.
On Gnome bomb mode play as either Sunflower or Scientist to help with healing yourself while defusing the bomb. Start to defuse the bomb just after 10 seconds remaining and pray to god you don't die. Does get hectic when the bomb is planted so be prepared! Throw down your healing stations and try to defuse. Best of luck as this one is the hardest achievement to obtain.

Heave Ho - 50G
Vanquish 500 pirate Zombies
Play mostly Garden Ops mode and play on either 'Port Scallwag or Sharkbite Shores'. These 2 maps have pirate zombies as the standard zombies to attack. Each wave has averagely about 15+ zombies so play on your own and difficulty on easy. Also on some waves it has a tombstone arriving, instead of taking down the tonbstones leave them and loads of pirate zombies will spawn. I prefer to play as Peashooter as when you throw down the bean bomb the zombies get attracted to it so can take down alot of zombies in one go. Not hard but tedious so keep going and you'll get it!

Im kinda a big deal...

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Top Boy Chunk
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This is my first guide so any help/tips/feedback is welcome.
Im kinda a big deal...
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Eski Boi
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Thanks for the guide.

and i love free DLC

Wake me, when you need me..
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Why oh WHYYYY did they have to put in that "The Last Second" achievement?? Man it sucks.
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Originally Posted by Zacry072 View Post
Why oh WHYYYY did they have to put in that "The Last Second" achievement?? Man it sucks.
Yeah, it's really pissing me off
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Top Boy Chunk
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Gotta tip, play it late at night and your more likely to play 1v1 this mode dies down quickly. Message the guy and hopefully they'll help you.

That's for the "last second" achievement
Im kinda a big deal...

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A few other tips for that evil achievement "The Last Second".

It takes 7 seconds to defuse the bomb.. so you can start at :10 secs remaining at the earliest.. and I'd say :08 secs at the latest. I only say that as I started once at :07 or close to it and it still blew up in my face. So you have a :02 sec window to get this done.. while not getting killed, and while not having a teammate do it before you. There's a lot of random variables that make this achievement extremely difficult.

A couple places that are easier than others:
1) on sharkbite shores, while on the zombie side there's a tombstone next to a fence in a corner.. you can defuse the bomb through the fence
2) port scallywag: on the plant team, the middle garden there's a tree directly behind it.. you can stand between the tree and the garden (this is where I got mine done)
3) it's the trailer park zone (i forget the name): on the plant team, the middle station again which is in the corner of the hedges near a house. you can stand on top of the hedge behind the garden (this is untested: stand behind the hedge and defuse it through the wall)

otherwise it's just random dumb luck getting this achievement.. use the cactus to put down walls to block incoming shots while you defuse.. or the All-star and the tackling dummies

also, OP, you should open up the guide in firefox and add the achievement tiles to your descriptions
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x SNAKE5 x
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Great guide, thanks a lot, I agree with the comment regarding the cheevo icons, it would make it more swish

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