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Arrow Achievement Guide

Chain Gang 15 Score a 3x chain in Action Mode, Timed Mode or Custom Playlist Mode

Chain Master 15 Score a 5x chain in Action Mode, Timed Mode or Custom Playlist Mode

Unchained Melody 20 Score a 7x Chain in Action Mode, Timed Mode or Custom Playlist Mode

Use bombs, slo-mo, and the scroll option efficiently. A good strategy is to let the blocks stack up fairly high and prep the blocks for chains. Then start off the chain with a bomb and readjust the blocks as needed to continue building up the multiplier. Using the slow motion helps a lot when your having a hard time continuing the chain.

Chain Monster 20 Score a 24x chain in Action Mode, Timed Mode or Custom Playlist Mode

Getting a 24x chain is very difficult in this game. Practicing setting up chains is a good way to get used to creating longer chains. Again; bombs and slo-mo are very useful tools. Looking at the recorded plays of the top players on the leaderboard helps a lot as well. The top players get unbelievable chains such as 50x.

A very useful link by a different user:

Self Restraint 15 Get to speed level 7 only making 3 of a kinds and no chains

Only get 3 of a kinds and watch the falling blocks and the one right underneath it. I suggest getting this achievement in the very beggining as chains would not come naturally when you have just started playing this game. Stay calm and be observant.

Pack Rat 15 Unlock all 11 in-game themes

Save up points and buy each theme at the poker smash store. 2,053,000 points is needed to unlock all 11 themes. (thanks to d3r1v3d and Otisbum)

Score of the Gods 30 Score 1,000,000 points

Score one million points in one action mode playthrough. As you progress through the match, later challenges will give you 200,000 points. Although you can get more points for the later challenges, it also becomes much faster. This is usually where one can hit the red "game over" line. Using bombs when confused or stuck stops the movement of the blocks and provides openings so you can continue on with the game.

Champ 15 Win 1st place in a player match or ranked match

There are very few people playing multiplayer and many of them are very good. If you can't do it or find anyone, ask a friend or a x360a users.

The Thinker 10 Unlock all puzzle groups

The puzzles are in groups/sets. The ones locked are in chains. If you progress through the puzzle mode you will unlock the sets.

Challenge Hand 10 Make a challenge hand in Action Mode, Timed Mode or Custom Playlist Mode

Very easy and straight forward. Do the thing that the challenge table on the side tells you to do, and BLIP: you get the achievement.

All Hands 20 Make every possible hand in Action Mode, Timed Mode or Custom Playlist Mode

Do all the possible hands to destroy the blocks.
These are the list of hands you need to get: 3 of a kind, 4 of a kind, 5 of a kind, full house, straight, flush, six flush, seven flush, eight flush, nine flush, and straight flush(you can see this in your results after a game of action mode.)

Triple Smash 15 Make three chains at the same time in Action Mode, Timed Mode or Custom Playlist Mode

You need to setup your lines so you can plant three bombs to get a chain for each bomb at the same time, and you get a triple smash. For example a setup would be like this:

JQK J=Jack K=King Q=Queen B=Bomb

Remember the bombs have to explode almost at the same time. So quickly lay out your bombs, and watch the fireworks go off.

If you don't understand, the how to play in the game well explain what a triple smash is.

Any questions, fire away. Any tips or mistakes you notice, tell me. I'll try updating when I have time. Thanks and enjoy the game!

There's also another strategy guide that's under construction right now by Otisbum. Check it out here:

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