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Devil May Cry 4
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Item Location Guide

I'm well aware that the Gamespot guide mentions items but I felt compelled to do this for myself as, with me having beaten the game almost 3 times through by now, I don't need to look at the guide except for items I might forget.

Every item is avaliable to pick up again in the first 4 difficulties
, in case you didn't know that so it's very helpful in getting your items maxed so you don't have to pay for them all. Obviously that rule doesn't apply to blue orb fragments though. Here are the locations I have so far, including a couple I found not in the guide, if anyone has any more to add feel free. I suppose I'll throw in the blue orbs, secret missions, and combat adjudicator's too for those who would want that, all of them are included. I see no reason to include story related items that are needed to progress.

Note: Some items are available when you revisit a level with Dante as well as a mission in the same location with Nero, in which case I will put them in the mission most convenient to reach them in.

For a secret missions' guide see this thread or Gamespot's secret mission guide here.

* = not in Gamespot guide

Mission 1
Mission 2
Gold Orb #1 (Storehouse): Jump up the wall on the steps at the bottom.
Vital Star S #1 (Cathedral): Use the Grip to reach it in one of the cells.
Blue Orb Fragment #1 (Terrace/Business District): Secret Mission 01, can't miss it, on a pillar directly in your path (Nero only).
Blue Orb Fragment #2 (Residential District): Follow the red orbs on the rooftop ledges.
Blue Orb Fragment #3 (First Mining Area): Combat Adjudicator 1 - B rank needed, easy to spot in the corner when you grip up.
Mission 3
Blue Orb Fragment #4 (Second Mining Area): At the very top of the shaft, it will take some tricky gripping to get to the top, Air Hike is recommended and remember that the lower you grip, the higher you will go (not accessible as Dante).
Vital Star S #2 (Second Mining Area): In an alcove in the passageway outside on your left side.
Vital Star S #3 (Foris Falls): In the air above the pillar by the bridge end, wall hike off the top.
Holy Water #1 (Grand Hall): Near the switch to deactivate the barrier on balcony, move to the left of it to see a red orb trail up, wall hike up and grip at the top
Blue Orb Fragment #5 (Grand Hall): Directly south of the switch mentioned above, through a mirror on the right hand side.
Mission 4
Blue Orb Fragment #6 (Dining Room): Secret Mission 02, use the gyro blade to smash the fire launcher and there it is (only Nero can complete it as it involves using the Buster).
Mission 5
Blue Orb Fragment #7 (Soldier's Graveyard): Secret Mission 03, underneath the stairs to the next area. You will have to return when you have the Hold ability later in the game as well as maybe Table Hopper and Enemy Step but trust me when I say that you want to use Nero for this mission (available to Dante on Mission 14 but not recommended).
Blue Orb Fragment #8 (Master's Chamber): Secret Mission 10, behind the mirror above the fireplace (only Nero can complete it as it involves moving gyro blades).
*Holy Water #2 (Spiral Well): underneath the small protruding head of the second ledge.
Vital Star S #4 (Spiral Well): Snatch-able in the cell on the third ledge.
*Vital Star S #5 (Grand Hall): In the access way to the Underground Laboratory, by the door in a cell on the left.
Mission 6
Blue Orb Fragment #9 (Underground Laboratory): Before you jump down, walk around to the other side of the room, easy to spot in the opening cut scene.
*? (Game Room): Note: I have gotten a Vital Star S and Vital Star M in chests from landing on a blue spot here before so you can use the dice trick to try and get them. If anyone knows of other items you can get in the game room please let me know.
Blue Orb Fragment #10 (Foris Falls): Off of the edge of the balcony near the door to the next area, you will need Air Hike and at least Snatch 2 to reach it (Avaliable as Dante, Mission 16).
Blue Orb Fragment #11 (Angel Creation): Secret Mission 04, near the beginning of the room, behind the green cylinder on the left side (avaliable to Dante in Mission 16).
Mission 7
*Vital Star M #1 (Forest Entrance): In the hollowed out log at the beginning of the level, jump up through a hole to get it. **Thanks to Adram**
Holy Water #3
(Windswept Valley): Before jumping down, on a ledge to the north.
Blue Orb Fragment #12 (Ruined Valley): suspended above a platform near the end of the gauntlet, Air Hike required.
Blue Orb Fragment #13 (Lapis River): Secret Mission 05, on a tree in the southwest corner (only Nero can complete it as it involves using the grip).
Blue Orb Fragment #14 (Forgotten Ruins): Combat Adjudicator 2 - A rank needed. Can't miss it, near the beginning of the screen.
Mission 8
Blue Orb Fragment #15 (Ancient Training Ground): At the beginning of the level, in the seed at the top of the tunnel.
Blue Orb Fragment #16 (Lost Woods): At the beginning of this maze, take a left to find yourself in a section with enemies, the blue orb is in the air above in the area, Air Hike to get it.
Mission 9
Devil Star S #1 (Grand Hall): In the northwest corner.
Blue Orb Fragment #17 (Grand Hall): Combat Adjudicator 3 - S rank needed. In the northeast corner.
Blue Orb Fragment #18 (The Gauntlet): After the second gauntlet rises, go out of the end that does not lead to the time warp, you'll land the platform that has it.
Mission 10
Blue Orb Fragment #19 (Security Corridor): Secret Mission 06, at the end of the hall on the right (available to Dante in Mission 12 but much easier with Nero's Hold ability).
Mission 11
Blue Orb Fragment #20 (Advent Chamber): Combat Adjudicator 4 - SSS rank needed, on the side of the room opposite from which you enter, at the bottom floor, devil trigger and automatic will help.
*Devil Star S #2 (Upper Level): On the floor of the second segment of grip points.
Mission 12
Blue Orb Fragment #21 (Meeting Room): Secret Mission 07, opposite the deity statue, I'd recommend coming back when you have Pandora and using the flying mode to make it easy as pie (available as Nero in Mission 10 but not recommended).
Blue Orb Fragment #22 (Meeting Room): After you take the lift down, it's located on the second ring above, use Wall Hike and Trickster Lv3's special to reach it (available as Nero in Mission 10 but slightly harder to reach).
Golden Orb #2 (Experiment Disposal): At the bottom of the room.
Blue Orb Fragment #23 (Gauntlet): Combat Adjudicator 5 - B rank needed, before exiting the level make sure to go all the way back to the first Gauntlet room through the Key Chamber room to reach this combat adjudicator at the bottom of the room.
Mission 13
Blue Orb Fragment #24 (Ruined Church): Combat Adjudicator 6 - A rank needed, through the glass windows, behind the seeds.
Mission 14
Blue Orb Fragment
#25 (Forest Entrance): Secret Mission 08, in between the pillars by the hollow log, I'll just say for this mission patience is everything (only Dante can complete this as his Royal Guard style's Block is needed).
Mission 15
Blue Orb Fragment #26 (Foris Falls): Combat Adjudicator 7 - SS rank needed, at the beginning of the level on the left side, can't miss it.
Blue Orb Fragment #27 (Library): Secret Mission 09, at the bottom of the stairs to the left of the door. I highly recommend using Air Hike and Trickster Lv3 to dodge, Pandora's gatling gun to build up the disaster gauge and Air Hiking up and using Gunslinger Lv3's special with Pandora for the Argument battle missiles every time you fill up the disaster gauge to half so you can use the missile barrage special. Rinse and Repeat (Dante only).
Golden Orb #3 (Soldier's Graveyard): You'll need to destroy the statue in the middle of the graveyards and have Lv3 Trickster and Air Hike to reach it by jumping to the central ledge and then to the left one (only Dante can reach it).
Mission 16
*Blue Orb Fragment #28 (Underground Laboratory): Combat Adjudicator 8 - S rank needed, at the bottom of the shaft, can't miss it.
Blue Orb Fragment #29 (Fortuna Castle Gate): Secret Mission 11, it's on a high ledge in the westernmost point in the area. You'll need a moderately full disaster gauge with Pandora because you'll have to fly to it from the top of the stairs nearby. Also you'll need the Hatred and Revenge upgrades for Pandora to complete the mission (Dante only).
*Blue Orb Fragment #30 (Second Mining Area): This hard to reach orb is in the large cavern, on the same level as the exit to the smaller cavern to the north, directly south of it. You'll need Trickster Lv3 and Air Hike to reach it (it's next to impossible to reach it as Nero in Mission 3). See this link for pictures.
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