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Post GOAT Boosting Guide

After a lot of experimenting, I have a method for getting GOAT with consistent results. I call this - 'The Trial Account Boosting Method'. Before reading any further, know that this is only for hardcore completists and takes a considerable amount of time and coordination. This is just to prove that it can be done without having to beg random higher ranking players to let you boost off of them(yeah right). You would need the following:
  • either a dedicated friend or another xbox 360 setup/copy of TT. Definitely easier to just borrow a friends setup to do this. But done together you get 2 people to GOAT
  • Seven+ 48hr free xbox live gold trials. Dig through your(or friends) game boxes, or as last resort there is always ebay which has them for about a buck each, codes sent to you within a few hours in email
  • a memory unit to shuffle the accounts around if using dual setup. Gamertag recovery would be used in the buddy system
  • your gamertag which hopefully has zero games played or at least less than 50. Anything over 100 games played, expect an uphill battle, multiply the efforts described below
  • patience by the truckload
  1. The most important part of the boost is to NEVER your personal gamertag until the very end. Any games played incremented, any losses, are detrimental to getting top rank. You will use the trial accounts to build a ladder of sorts to boost against once you have them lined all the way to the top.
  2. Create the first 2 boost accounts on your dashboard and sign them up for xbl using the trial codes. For simplicity of the guide, lets name them Boost01 and Boost02. Fire up TT and play Boost02 against Boost01 never losing until you get to rank 25. This should take between 30-50 games, I don't recall the exact amount. Use Exhibition, 7 point, 5 points per serve settings. Each game lasts 2 minutes 15 seconds menu to menu. Use Liu Ping for the shortest victory/loss cutscene. Easy to quickplay into your sessions since there is hardly anyone playing. Ok forget about Boost01 account that has all the losses, it's useless now.
  3. Create Boost03 and Boost04 accounts and sign them up for xbl. Use Boost03 winning against Boost02 until it's at rank 30(about 25 games). Notice that Boost02 rank will drop a few, but due to the small number of games on Boost03 you can vault past it to 30.
  4. Use Boost04 winning against Boost03 until it's at rank 35. I think you can see the pattern for the rest of the trial accounts. You will see the ranks drop more as you get into the 40s. Spread the load across the lower ranking tags, but make sure to be even with the top tag by about 12 games played for the advancing tag. Don't stop until you get a trial account all the way to 50.
  5. Now use your intended gamertag to boost up the ranks in the same manner, minding the rank drop. Enjoy the GOAT on your gamercard.
Rank rise/drop observations:
  • it will be tempting to just forfeit out of games for the losing tag. I believe this method doesn't gain as much rank, and also drops rank for the forfeiting tag more so than playing through the short game. Feel free to experiment and compare but the time saved is neglegible.
  • obviously the buddy system will have 2 accounts reducing ranks of the trials so more may be needed
  • Most of the methodology revolves around the number of games played
  • For the first 10 games the rank rises quickly. This also means the tags you boost against don't drop as much, with fewer losses to a lower ranking tag
  • Once the ranks are even, the rank advancement slows, but so does the rank drop on the tag being boosted against, due to the losses being to a higher ranking tag
  • After 15 games played the rank advancement slows, after 25 it slows much more
  • After 30 games against the same tag, rank increase will stall. Trueskill detects excessive duplicate wins and stops crediting you any further rank off that tag. This is why alternating wins/losses between just 2 accounts doesn't work, ranking up eventually hits a dead end.
  • Tags with fewer than 25-30 games played will drop rank faster. Playing them to 30 games will 'cement' them in place more than if they have fewer games played
  • If your tag has over 50 games played, it will take longer to gain rank
  • If your tag has over 100 games played, it will be an uphill battle. Rank advancement is much slower, rank drop is much faster. This means more boost accounts, many more games played. It is possible, I did it. You can always get more accounts to GOAT for boosting against, just make sure you always have an account sitting at no less than 45 so you can get the new one to 50. For reference I needed 3 accounts just to get from 44 to 50, so only 2 rank increase per account, being over 200 games played by this time
  • all games/ranks figures in this guide are close estimates based on experience recollection, don't expect it to be exact.
Time estimate:
Figure an average of 25 games per account. Each game takes 2 minutes and 15 seconds menu-to-menu. That's an hour per account, meaning 7 hours for the trial accounts and another hour for your intended gamertag. Add an hour for each additional gamertag getting to GOAT. Add some time to create and upgrade all the accounts. This is for the best case scenario, with zero games played on the intended gamertag and dual 360 setup. Add a couple hours coordination time if done with a buddy. This may sound like a lot but keep in mind it's guaranteed. There are a ton of people that will never get goat because trueskill is screwed up, even though they did pretty good back in the day when there were people still online playing this. At the time of this writing, there are only about 100 people with 1k in this game on MGC.
If this guide helped you get GOAT, please post. Also post any comments/suggestions/questions, however there is no need to message me on xbl. I have a subscription to this thread.
[Edit: Nevermind about posting here if you got GOAT - you will get spammed with people begging you to boost them. Sending me a quick thanks over XBL is cool though.]

Lastly, please don't message me to help you boost in the game. The steps are spelled out above for anyone dedicated enough to get it done.
[Edit: I no longer even have the game]

Don't use this thread to find boosting partners, use the Achievement Trading Thread and just reference the 'The Trial Account Boosting Method' for GOAT.

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