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Bully: Scholarship Edition
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Daredevil 1994
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Arrow 100% - Whatever you need to know!

Alright. I see a lot of people having problem to get the 100% Progress. They are right and wrong. They are right because the 100% Checklists are Spreaded in the Net are Different and they are wrong because they don't think logically. Rockstar has put the Errands in this game, to help people 100% it in different ways, in case someone has stucked.

The things you need to do, to get to 100% Progress, are the following:

- Collect At Least 330 Clothing Items (From Student Store, Worn In, Final Cut, Acquaberry And The Souvenir Tent At The Carnival)
- Side-Task Boxing (Can Be Found There Where The Preppies Are - Starts Every Day At 4P.M.) Not the boxing matches you have to do to get the boat house. Extra ones.
- Complete All Paper Route Levels (Five Levels Of 7/10/14/20 and 24 Customers)
- Ride All 3 Carnival Rides (The Big Squid, Big Canyon Railway, 'Round the World)
- Win At All 4 Carnival Games At Least Once (Strike Out, High Striker, Splish Splash, The Shooting Range)
- Beat Penalty Shots Once (At A Basketball Court Next To The School Gym)
- Beat Keep Ups Once (Next To The Football Field, Near The Nerds' Place)
- Get The Highest Score In Consumo, Nut Shots and Monkey Fling Arcade Games (All Can Be Found In The Souvenir Tent At The Carnival)
- Buy 100 Sodas (At A Yum Yum Store To Avoid The Drinking Scene - Unlocks Free Sodas)
- Smash All Pumpkins From Halloween (If You Miss Them On Halloween, They're In The Basement Of The Main School Building)
- Travel 100 Km On A Bike (Simple)
- Fail Any Five Classes (Unlocks Dunce Hat)
- Win All Go-Kart Races (Five At The Carnival, Two In Old Bullworth Vale And 1 In Blue Skies Industrial Park)
- Beat Up The Hidden Secret Pirate (He's On The Last Island In The Sea, Between The School And Old Bullworth Vale - Unlocks A Hat)
- Complete All 14 Bike Races - (7 At Old Bullworth Vale, 4 At Bullworth Town, 2 At New Converty And 1 At School When You Finish All The Others)
- Complete All 6 Levels Of Lawn Mowing - (3 At A Park In Old Bullworth Vale and 3 At A House In Old Bullworth Vale)
- Complete All 5 Levels Of All Classes (Check The "Class Answers" Sticky Thread Here In This Forum)
- Smash All Tombstones From Halloween (If You Miss Them On Halloween, They're In A Warehouse In Blue Skies Industrial Park)
- Rubber Bands (Complete The Geography Class And They Will Show Up In The Map)
- G&G Cards (Complete The Geography Class And They Will Show Up In The Map)
- Gnomes (Complete The Geography Class And They Will Show Up In The Map)
- Drink 500 Sodas (At A Yum Yum Store To Avoid Drinking Scene. It Will Be Out Of Stock Every 100 Sodas, Get Out And In The Yum Yum Market To Get More - Unlocks A Hat)
- Take All Yearbook Photos (Easy To Do)
- Pull 20 fire alarms (Self-Explainatory)

NOTE: If you have done Everything on the List and you don't have 100%, you're just wrong. Start doing everything on the list AGAIN, to make sure you have done them all. Not just think you have done them, but check that you have done them!

After you're done with that list you will sure have some Percentage left. Start doing Errands till you get to 100%. There is NO WAY you can't get to 100% while you have done all these above + the Errands. And make sure you do the Errand with the Teddy Bear at the beach of Old Bullworth Vale, because it gives 0.5%.

I would also like to tell you, that the Prison Outfit, the Gold Suit, the Nutcracker Outfit, and all that kind of stuff including Dodgeball, are not required to get to 100%.

As for people asking if they can repeat a class if they fail, "Yes! You Can!". Everything that is missed can be done in Chapter VI (aka Endless Summer). Whatever can't be done there (e.g. The Big Prank) doesn't count towards the Percentage.

And when it goes to glitches, just try whatever you think is right, these are glitches, they are unexpectable. However I can still tell you that if you don't get the Achievement, "Teachers Pet", just start a new game and get it.
*{( Also, if you are stuck at about 97%, try redoing Lawn Mowing House 3. )}*

I have maid my self quite clear i think. To get some help for any further question, just visit this page (

*{( )}*
Check this website if you are stuck on a mission. It's for the PS2 but it's kinda the same. One video for each Mission. If you still got a hard time completing a mission, feel free to ask!

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