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The Genious of Tetsuya Mizuguchi

After reading an enlightening interview with Tetsuya Mizuguchi on his work on games such as REZ and his thoughts on the industry in general that I found linked from, I did a bit of a trawl on the rest of the site and found a number of interesting articles and interviews with the man that I thought I list here.
-An interview with Gamasutra that is fairly recent and focuses on REZ a fair bit.
I think most dramatic and thematic games exist, and it's really hard. This is for an example: it's really hard to cry if you play a game. You can cry when you watch movies. I have, and everyone has that kind of experience. This is an emotional movement, very strong. But we can't cry when we play a game. This is a different catharsis. This is a physical reason. This is like a basic instinct. I think the game is designed as an experience. It's designed as a catharsis experience.
You have some accomplishments all the time, but accomplishment is a very strong keyword. It's a very strong factor of the game. I think in our 40 year history, we may [continually] redesign this, maybe. But in the last five years, you can get the resolution. This kind of resolution makes you have a very effective emotional possibility, with music, effects, hi-def movie effects. I think there can be growing, growing, and growing. There's some games coming in that class.
- A very cool discussion between Tetsuya Mizuguchi and Masaya Matsuura (the man behind Parappa the Rapper) on the industry, music, and their own games. These are the legends that invented the genre and this article is a must read.
Mizuguchi: ...What is music? Music has many elements, so how can we cut and separate and remake the parts in the process of game design? So then, game designers have to know what is fun, what is the essence of music?
Matsuura: Essence of music, I don't know. I really don't understand the essence of music. I've been composing music for thirty years, and I still don't understand what music is. But I'm still looking for the certain shape of my music. Anybody who can define the existence of music, I really respect.
Mizuguchi: Yeah, I agree with you. Music is like a universe -- many, many elements. Lyrics, chords, rhythm, beats, playing, listening. Emotionally, you feel something. When I was 11 years old, I listened to my first Beatles music. I couldn't understand English, but I felt emotion or something, sort of... I want to love somebody! It's the power of music, of chords... very physical things, very emotional things. Not logic -- I don't know, maybe logic. If I understand the lyrics, and it's a new chemistry. Music, we have a long history with music, but new music is coming still. I don't know why. It's a universe. Amazing.
- Here's a rundown from Kotaku themselves on his on-stage speech at DICE. Touches on some basics to do with Art vs Commerce, be nice to have a full transcript but couldn't find one
It does get across the how and why of his interest in music and gaming and how it led to REZ (in brief anyway).
The game, once known as K-Project was not just inspired by the paintings of Wassily Kandinsky, a Russian painter who had experience with the condition known as synesthesia. It was also partially inspired by Mizuguchi's early fascination with the Sensorama, a multi-modal device that promised an experience combining wide vision, motion color, stereo sounds, aromas, wind, and vibrations. "Wow," Mizuguchi said, questioning "What is this? What's happening inside?"
Lastly, here's a qoute on how Tetsuya Mizuguchi himself likes to use the extra vibrating controllers. Give it a swing if you got the equipment, it's wild
The next thing I knew I was being handed three different controllers: one was placed behind my back, one on the floor under my feet and the third in my hands to control the game. This, I was told, was "the Miz way" to play. As it turned out, the Miz way was the way to go.
They fired up the game, I chose my level and as soon as it started I could feel the first pulses of vibration at the small of my back, at my feet and in my hands. As the level progressed the vibration became more intense and the controllers did not always vibrate in tandem, sometimes they ping-ponged back and forth creating a unique sensation.
P.S. Someone needs to convince this guy to bring a next-gen sequel of Space Channel 5 to the 360, or at least do Hi-def ports of the first two in 5.1
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How about Space Channel 5 for XBLA?

OT: 1st Post. Hello all!
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As long as its given the full Dolby Digital treatment, I could go some Space Channel portage.
But unlike REZ which is a stand-alone one time event, Space Channel is story and character based which means more sequels are entirely possible as long as they still got the means to pump out fresh tunes.
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I'd love to see a port of the Space Channel5 games come to XB360. I don't think it would work on Live Arcade, with how much space they are likely to consume. But as a disc, and at a good price, why not? They could do a lot more than with the PS2 combo disc, which was really just a straight port. If they did the level of smoothing and sound improvement that they did with Rez HD, it would be amazing. As long as they keep the original Japanese audio tracks on there as selectable. With the amount of space on a DVD, there's no excuse.

Or like you said, they could always do a sequel. XB360 is like the true successor to Dreamcast in a lot of ways. A console feeling and experience that none of Sony's systems have been able to achieve. Mizuguchi and the others seem to see it this way as well. So in that, finally making a sequel would make perfect sense right now. We can dream, I guess.

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