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Final Boss without dying strategy.

Here's a definitive strategy for beating the end-of-game boss without dying!

When you start, hide under the first pylon on the right until the third laser strike.
Once this has struck, hide under the furthest pylon on the right.
Rush up to hit the first button after the fourth laser strike.
Rush back down again and hide behind the furthest pylon to avoid the next laser strike.
Run over to the first pylon on the left (from the start position) and once the robot has moved up, hide behind the furthest pylon on the left.
After the laser strike, rush up to hit the second button.
Rush down all the way to the bottom left of the map to hide from the laser strike.
Run right and hide between the two left pylons in the centre (where you start).
Wait for the laser strike and then rush past the trap door and take a right.
Stand in the middle, press Right Bumper to turn, then tongue-attack the button between the two pylons.
Rush back to where you hid between the two left pylons and wait for the laser strike.
Run up to the top of the map, avoiding the robots, and press the final button!

Easy as pie!
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If that doesnt work

I used a differnt one I figured I would just post my stratagy if you cant do the other one.

Start off the same go to the right pylon and hide until first strike.

Next run up to the top middle button by dodging in between the guys (not to hard just be quick)

The lasers will strike again while your doing the next step so dont worry they for some reason wont hit you.

Dodge in and out through the middle guys and run to the left side and hit the button.

After you hit this button the lasers will be getting ready to strike.

After hitting that button dodge between the two guys that come at you and then go all the way to the left side and run down non stop. (the guy in this column should be above you)

When you get to the bottom the lasers will shoot again but wont hit you.

After that run through the start area and to the right side hide under the pylon on the far right.

Lasers will shoot again

Run up to the top right button hit it and make your way back down to the pylon closer to the middle.

Last but not least the lasers strike again.

Run to the middle area where the last button is turn one turn to the left and tongue it.

I would make a video if I could but if anyone needs tips otherwise or help just PM me on XBL gamertag : Iamtewin

Hope it helps.
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