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Culdcept SAGA
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Old 06-29-2008, 08:44 AM   #1
JC Elite
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The CPU cheats!

Ok I hadn't noticed this until tonight, but the CPU in this game cheats SO bad. It really didn't do it too bad the first several levels in the game, but I just go to this one where you fight that little annoying round, floating prick for like the 3rd time and he cheated so bad, I am still shocked it happened.

I was four spaces away from winning the game after beating on this idiot for like 2 hrs., and of course on my next roll I get a 2 which lands me on his 720 land. I still had enough magic to win the game if I just rolled ANYTHING but a 1 on the next roll. Well, guess what? Yea I rolled a 1 and landed on his 1920 land!!! CPU.

And this after he had just marched around the map avoiding ALL of my lands for two laps in a row. I owned pretty much every space on the map. In addition, I made it around for another lap pretty quickly and I beat him to the castle before he could win it and I ended up with 8900 magic when I needed 9000. So then he stolls in for the win after I kicked his ass for the whole game, but it cheats at the end and I wasted 2 hrs. of my life! It's absolutely ridiculous and I have never been this mad at a game since Dead Rising made me chuck my controller a couple years ago. Lol.

Anyone else here run into this kinda of problem with this game or did I just get really unlucky once and I shouldn't take the disc and chuck it off my balcony?
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