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Dragons teeth assignments

User elementofprgress and NoctyrneSAGA from the Symthic forum have discovered the assignments for the new upcoming dlc Dragons Teeth. Be aware that these assignments can change on release.

Check them out below:

Big Splash
Unlocks the Unica 6 Revolver
Activate the floodgates on Waterfront
Get 5 kills while swimming

Lions and Tigers and Bears
Unlocks the Bulldog 762 Assault Rifle
While on foot as Assault, kill 10 Support enemies who are also on foot
While on foot as Assault, kill 10 Engineer enemies who are also on foot
While on foot as Assault, kill 10 Recon enemies who are also on foot

Not the Weakest Link
Unlocks the SIG MPX PDW
2 PDW Ribbons
Link 10 points in Chainlink
Follow 10 Squad Orders

The 'I' in Team
Unlocks the CS5 Sniper Rifle
2 Sniper Rifle Ribbons
10 Radio Beacon spawns
20 Spot Assists

Unlocks the Ballistic Shield
5 Savior Kills
20 Suppresion Assists
Destroy 3 explosives

Road Warrior
Unlocks the Road Warrior Dog Tag
10 Capture Point Attacker kills
10 Capture Point Defender kills
25 kills with shotguns

Remote Operator
Unlocks the Remote Control Dog Tag
Destroy a vehicle with the EOD Bot
Get 5 kills with the RAWR
Get 10 kills with the Mortar
Spot 20 targets with the MAV

Recoil Kinetics
Unlocks the Desert Eagle
Get 20 headshots with the Unica 6

Unlocks the Killjoy Dog Tag
Get 10 kills while under 30 health
Break 30 enemy links in Chainlink
Win a round of Chainlink with 50 or fewer tickets remaining

City Slicker
Unlocks the City Slicker Dog Tag
Play 10 hours of Dragon's Teeth
Get 100 kills on Dragon's Teeth maps

Unlocks Phantom weapon and vehicle camo
Get 200 LMG kills
Get 50 kills with explosives
Get 25 roadkills

Ballistic Shield / RAWR Descriptions:

The ballistic shield will protect you from small arms fire but can only take limited damage from vehicles, explosives and high caliber rounds before being rendered useless.

Remote Assisted Weaponized Robot. A small remotely controlled tracked vehicle equipped with an LMG and four grenade launchers.

I didn't do this I just found a website with it on credit goes to the 2 guys mentioned at the start
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Sigh...there goes my K/D even more
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Anyone wanna boost? Especially the 5 rawr kills. Trying to get this done as quick as possible
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killjoy assignment

Just wanted to see if anyone would be available to boost the assignment killjoy. There is a component of that assignment in which you have to win a chainlink match with 50 tickets or less...I was able to boost it with some friends on the xbox one but do not have anyone on the 360 that can do it with have to time it just right since the time is not much and that's what makes it tough. Anyone interested just send message to LORD VADER 727 and please include chainlink boosting!!! Thanks a bunch.....PLEASE make sure that if you are interested you have already done the requirements that will unlock the assignment in order to be able to get credit for it!!

EDIT: Got it done!!!! Thanks a bunch to all those who helped!!!

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Looking to get the Killjoy assignment done.
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Send a message via MSN to Roose91

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There is a 24 hour server running now that has been set up just for this assignment by a guy named wrog. just search "Killjoy" in the server browser. I'm in now, currently need 3 others. 1 team gets A B C the other E F G and then when the ticket count gets low enough the 2 teams fight for D and the allow the other team to win next round. Time limit has been increased to 30 mins so time is not an issue.
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im looking to boost 5 rawr kills and vehicle kill with the bot!

message me : Bird V3
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Hi Guys I'm looking to help people out if they can help me get the "Killjoy assignment"
Add me

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For those looking to boost you should but the system that you want to boost on. Also look here for other boosting needs in BF4.

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