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Summer Stars 2012
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Old 06-14-2012, 09:19 AM   #1
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Gamertag: PeaceSquid
Getting the 1000GS: what you need to know.

I can't be fussed doing a proper guide right now but here's some helpful hints.

I've put guides on specific achvs over at TA - [Link Removed]


A very easy 500GS, a tricky 900 or so and a challenging but very doable 1000.

It'll take you a few days of fairly heavy play. 10-15 hours maybe? Maybe less, not much more.

Do everything in career mode on NORMAL difficulty.

There are no multiplayer achvs and the only missable achv is to beat the 100m world record as the Jamaican team. Start the game as them or else you'll have to delete your save once you've beaten all the other achvs as world records are set all over any new careers you start.



When the game talks about perfect timing on achvs that isn't literal. There is a tiny margin of error. A good example is the high jump. It asks for 8 perfect steps which makes you think you need to perfectly join up the circular timing markers. You don't. You just need the blue flash to happen and that comes from getting close to perfection. Same applies to triple jump, javelin, hammer, swimming and other events.



By far the bitch of the bunch when it comes to maxing out the game.

To get the world record, you need to max out your skills in this event and then select the two 'master' routines. The world record is 79. The max possible score is 80. That doesn't allow much room for error.

Max out your score by getting a lot of perfectly timed jumps. There is an achievement for getting your first five jumps (the very first five where you are gaining height) perfectly timed. Press down on the left stick when you are at the very bottom of the jump - not when your feet touch the surface, but rather when your weight carries you to the lowest point and dips the surface. A blue flash will surround the trampoline when done right.

Nail your button combos as quick as possible.

The final problem is the landing. Use the left stick to get the feet indicators to the centre as quick as you can. It's not enough to simply end up there, you need to be there for a while and build up the bar around that indicator. It'll take 2-3 seconds of good placement to get you a perfect landing.

This world record is definitely doable but will take practice!

The 'ACROPHOBIA' achievement is easy. Go back to the first trampolining contest and don't use the left stick at all - just do your button combinations - until it's time to nail your final landing. Win and it's achievement unlocked.



To break records you need full skills and to win the one on one events (this gives you better gear).

Long Jump - the easiest one. Get good speed and try to perfect the take off. I start circling the right stick as soon as the speed locks so that I can get perfect posture right away.

Triple Jump - I've perfected this event I think but can only beat the world record by one centimeter. Top speed, three perfect jumps and a quick spin are good for 8.96m. Just enough.

High Jump - there is an achv for eight 'perfect' steps and posture. I've got over 2.50m which is way past the existing record so there's some margin for error here. DEFINITELY REQUIRES ALL THE SKILL BOOSTS.

Pole Vault - with the best performance I just about beat 6m15. This is a tough one. Look out for the height indicator between the uprights of the obstacle that helps you time your release at the end.



The second bitchiest of the bunch. The max score is 150 and the world record is 145. Matching the record isn't enough - you have to beat it so eleven bulls and four 9s is the minimum requirement.

50m is tough, 70m is a proper dick of an event.

Get all the boosts and the best gear for this one.

Start the event and if the wind isn't completely neutral, start again. If you get less than 49 on the first five, forget about it. Go again. This is tricky and frustrating but doable.



Winning these events is easy.

Perfect starts: a lot easier after you buy the skill boosts for them.
Tricks: worth doing for the adrenaline boosts but not essential.
Advanced tricks: the best one is the LB+Up trick. It's quick and easier to chain to another trick for the achievement.

Hold RT for top speed, don't tap!
__________________ - 1000 points, lovely.

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Old 06-16-2012, 08:49 PM   #2
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Are there any achievements that require kinect or can you get them all with a controller?
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Old 06-17-2012, 08:32 PM   #3
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Gamertag: PeaceSquid
Originally Posted by the1mattyp View Post
Are there any achievements that require kinect or can you get them all with a controller?

I did the full 1000 with no need for a Kinect.
__________________ - 1000 points, lovely.
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Old 06-17-2012, 08:40 PM   #4
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Gamertag: RedSolace

I haven't kinect and i've made 1000G with a controller.
If you're used to this kind of game and you have necessary skills, you should not have problem to have 1000G.
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Is there any sort of method to maxing out the speed in this game? I'm stuck on the world records for 100m (9.79s), Triple (17.5m), Long (8.81m), Pole (6.00m) and I have all the steps perfect except being able to build up any speed.

I was also stuck a full 10m under the Javelin record so I tried it on Kinect and I got it after my 2nd attempt, the others were too complicated/failed to register jumps, etc. Building up speed with the Kinect wasn't a problem.

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Old 08-12-2012, 06:00 PM   #6
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Thanks for the guide

But I don't understand how to get a couple of the achievements

Enjoy the Silence (Calm down the comentator) - what do you have to do?

Trick Cyclist - where's the best place to try for this? None of the jumps seem big enough!
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Enjoy the Silence (Calm down the comentator)--> go to the options menu, and speech volume = 0, cheevo pops.

Trick Cyclist - Some tricks have a faster animation, use those.
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