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Fight Night Champion
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I finally beat this prick after a week of grueling torment. I used the same outline previously posted, it just took a LOT of trial and error to get the timing right, also I used a lot of jabs.

Rounds 1 & 2: Run, of course. But if you're having the same trouble I was keeping this guy from trying to butt rape you, use the jab. Any time he closed distance or was setting up to cut the ring off, I threw 3-4 jabs in his face. Most times he'll cover up, and sometimes back away. Either way you have just enough time to reroute yourself to avoid his attacks and maintain distance. Sometimes I'd even get some nice counter punches.

Rounds 3 - 5: 75 power shots to the body, avoid being butt raped. So these are the trickiest three rounds in the set. Using the jab strategy still helps, but he'll usually start getting brave around the middle/end of a round and start walking through jabs. If this happens, weave or sidestep and throw some body shots. Of course, you also have to maintain your body shots for the sake of the 75. So what I did was I'd throw a couple jabs to get him covering up, step in and throw 4-5 body hooks then back away. Notice I said throw, not land. You can't get too greedy or he'll floor you.

Using this method I was able to accumulate 40+ body shots by the end of round 3. You're going to get tired regardless, so you might as well get them out of the way asap. I did my best to pace myself through rounds 4 and 5 since I did have over half the shots required. I think I did another 20 in 4 and the rest in 5.

I was originally trying to spread out my knockdowns but really just save them for rounds 3-5. If you can clear all three rounds without taking all your knockdowns in the process then kudos. But it's easier to stay away from him in rounds 1,2,6, & 7 than it is in these rounds. Also, use low blows/head butts if you're afraid you're going to go down. The ref will stop the fight after about 2 clean low blows, and he'll stop the fight twice before disqualifying you. I rarely wasted time clinching, as he almost always just pushes me away and then smashes me.

Also, keep alternating your direction. Forget what anyone says about following the ring in one direction or another. I have no idea how that worked for anyone with how brutal Isaac Frost is about cutting off the ring. What I would do is keep dashing one way to draw him toward me, then dash the opposite way when he stepped in, allowing me to slip past him.

Rounds 6 & 7: Cut and run. (and cover your cut). The primary idea is to keep Frost from targeting the cut above your right eye. But just because you got your 75 body shots doesn't mean he's going to hit any softer or move any slower, yet. So you will likely need to continue jabbing away at him and occasionally attacking his body to convince him to back off. In retrospect I can't really decide if these two rounds are worse than 3-5.

By this point you'll have likely used all your knockdowns (generally 3-4) and your illegal blows, so it really becomes all about survival. The good news is you get checkpoints at rounds 3,6, and 8 so you'll only have to jump back to 6 until this works for you.

You're going to be tired, so you're going to be moving a lot slower, so you'll need to take extra special care to avoid being hit and kissing the canvas. Like others here, I suggest only blocking when you have to in any round, as it allows for more movement and can really help in rounds 6 & 7 because if you leave your gloves down you can bait Frost to throw more head shots, and thus not only block your face before the punch lands but also you'll be able to run a good counter game. It is possible to stun him with head shots, which really comes in handy in any round as you can either use that time to regain some distance, or you can use it to lay in more body shots. Just be careful, as he can clinch fast.

He gets especially wild towards the final 30 seconds of either of these rounds and will start to press hard, so beware.

Round 8: F*** that s*** up! At this point Frost is tired and after your pep talk from Gus you start the rounds back at 80% stamina. Also, Frost's steroids wear out and he becomes human again. So you can really take it to him now. No extra caution is needed, just be aware that he can still hurt you, just not as ridiculously easy as before. I just went in and threw a flurry of combination hooks and uppercuts to the body/head until I got the knockdown and finished in the 8th. If you feel you'd rather carry it to term, you have a total of 12 rounds with this guy. Chances are you won't carry it that far. As I said I dropped him in the 8th, within the first minute.

Hope the added tips help anyone else looking to do this.

It's still not worth the 10G or the two boxers it unlocks.
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Originally Posted by Drucifer82 View Post

It's still not worth the 10G or the two boxers it unlocks.
It's if you want the achievement for beating the entire roster on Fight Now mode

Stay trigger happy <3

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This fight is seriously one of, if not the, worst final "boss" battles of any game I've ever played.
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I found this method on youtube on some random comment. The sliders are glitched in this fight. The reason it is so hard is frost takes over the player sliders you have been using the whole game. Therefore all you have to do is put all the sliders player AND cpu all to ZERO. Everything to ZERO. This makes him slow like a turtle and powerless. You can run away from him easily. I got the 75 punches in under a minute. Even if he does hit you, you're stamina bar and health barely drop since he is so weak. I had him knocked down and beat in Round 9. Glad to finish off this idiot.
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