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Ace Attorney 86
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Achievement Guide & Roadmap

Blood Knights

Greetings once again y'all. I have just very recently started trying my hand at achievement guides and roadmaps and hope this will not be too terrible or offend your eyes too badly. Very special thanks to K4rn4g for making an extremely complete Blood Coin Guide and allowing me to post it here. He has already done all the heavy lifting for you by making it. All criticism to this guide is welcome. I just hope it will help a few players out and it will be very small contribution to this fantastic community that I have enjoyed being a part of for years.

Blood Knights by Deck 13 is a linear hack and loot. I like to think of it as a poor man's Diablo or Torchlight with no open world or random equipment drops. You will earn exp, gold, and a steady stream of better gear as you play through the story. Deck 13 is German, so like their other games, the story gets pretty muddled in translation. I also don't think they hire any professional voice actors for their games and they just use whoever is hanging around their American office to handle the voicework. For instance there is a Succubus who looks like she is wearing little more than dental floss and is trying to seduce your male character, but she sounds like a bored middle school teacher delivering her lines. The voice acting and dialogue are so bad they're good.

Anywho, you get to pick from Alaysa (that's who Hooty McBoob is up there btw), who has ranged attacks with her dual crossbows and Jeremy, who is a melee fighter that uses swords. This game does have a local co-op mode. If you play by yourself you can change characters on the fly after you get past the first part of Chapter 1 by pressing Y. There is a few seconds of cool down time that must elapse before you can change characters again. If you are playing by yourself you’re going to want to use Alaysa 99% of the time (there are a few traps and damaged walls that are easier to destroy with Jeremy’s LT+X force pull thingy). The enemy A.I. is pretty awful and turn its back on you and walk away from you if you get to far away from a foe. While the enemy is walking away you can pump their back full of crossbow bolts. You will do very well by just steadily firing like a mofo while retreating, or using the high ground if you can.

At any rate, I enjoyed this game and think that it is worth $15. If you like this game check out Venetica which Deck 13 also made. It's like a poor man's Fable and also has a very campy story and voice acting. It is also pretty enjoyable and I bet you can pick it up real cheap used now.


= Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
= Offline: 12 (400)
= Online: 0
= Approximate amount of time to 400: 6 to 8 Hours +/-

= Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 and 1/3 (1 Story Playthrough making all Vampiric Decisions and collecting all Blood Coins then a playthorugh to the start of Chapter 4 making all Human Decisions)

= Number of missable achievements: Unfortunately most of the achievements are missable, there is no real level select and there is nothing like a "new game +" mode. Once you beat the game you have to start over with level 1 stats.

= Glitched achievements: Real Vampire and Still Human can be glitchy and not pop after making 3 decisions either way if you don't complete an unrelated side quest, thanks xDante1986 and achti!

= Does difficulty affect achievements: No, you can select normal or hard difficulty but everything is unlockable on normal

= Do cheat codes disable achievements: No cheat codes known at the moment

= Extra equipment needed: You’ll at least need an extra controller to knock out the co-op achievements. You can do these by yourself manning 2 controllers, but having a friend help you will make these much easier


Step 1: Get ready for your Real Vampire and Blood Coin Playthrough - Open up K4rn4g’s Excellent Blood Coin Guide and play the game with this by your side.

There is no level select in Blood Knights and there are some areas you cannot backtrack out of. K4rn4g has done a really great job on the guide and it you pay attention to it you will not have a problem. Also be sure to give Roya a pure vial in Chapter 2 or you will not be able to get all the blood coins. Also be sure to save at least 50,000 gold to buy these blood coins. Gold is not very useful in Blood Knights anyway as the gear you find in the field will usually be better than what you can purchase in stores. This will eventually earn you; Collection complete and Real Vampire at the end of the game.

Step 2: (Same Playthrough) Knock out the Co-Op Achievements on Chapter 1
Chapter 1 is pretty easy and serves as a tutorial so this is the best place to knock these co-op achievements out. This will net you
Ooops I did it again, No time to sleep!, and Team player.

Step 3: (Same Playthrough) Finish the rest of the game & mop up
Now you’ll be keeping a few things on your mind as you play through the story; killing enemies with explosive barrels, pushing enemies off cliffs, sucking lots of blood, protecting Royas when she is collecting blood, and always siding with the vampires when you're given a choice.

Step 4: Start a new game and play up to where you help Royas at the Start of Chapter 4
Don't worry, it only takes a little bit longer than an hour to get as far as you need to get the final remaining achievement, Still Human.


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Ace Attorney 86
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Achievement Guide

Burn them down! - 30
Kill 10 enemies with an explosive barrel

This will come early in the game, you can get it as early as Chapter 2. The game is pretty generous with explosive barrels and lots of unaware enemies will be hanging out right next to them. Use Alaysa and her flame arrows to ‘splode them from a distance. Just to clarify you don't have to kill them all with the same barrel, this is a cumulative achievement.

Let them fly - 20
Kill 10 enemies by pushing them into a pit

Like Suck It, this one will probably come later in the game for you. The best way to go about doing this one is to use Alaysa’s push attack (LT+X) when there is a ledge nearby. The game physics will be working against you on this one as enemies will sometimes stick to floors or randomly teleport to a strange spot when you throw them. Work on this one whenever you can. Some good locations for grinding it are;

-The ledges near the end of Chapter 1
-The cliffs near the start of Chapter 2
-There's a nice ledge above a pit of green slime in Chapter 6

Team player - 40
Play through any act with a coop partner

This will unlock after you kill the human knights and escape the temple if you choose to do this on Chapter 1.

No time to sleep! - 30
Revive your coop partner 10 times

A good place to grind this is in the room where you are taught how to suck blood in Chapter 1. Kill all the enemies except for one crossbowman. Leave Jeremy out in the open to be shot while Alaysa takes cover. When Jeremy dies have Alaysa run out and give him some blood. Repeat this 9 more times. It usually costs HP to give blood and revive your partner, but you can also give blood for free if you are very low on HP.

Ooops I did it again - 20
Kill your coop partner with an explosive barrel twice

You can only really die after Jeremy is turned into a vampire during the fight with Noor midway through the level. Before that Bartholomew will just revive you with his healing spell if you run out of HP. After Jeremy has been turned, have him stand by an explosive barrel and have Alaysa shoot the barrel with a flame arrow. Repeat this once more.

Suck it - 30
Suck 1000 litres of blood

Damn you metric system, my old arch nemesis! We meet again! Make sure you suck blood from any impaled human solider you see even if you are at full health. Even if you drink every solider dry, you’re still going to have to drink a good bit from enemies to get to 1,000 litres. When you’ve killed all but one enemy in a fight, be sure to suck their blood as they will be easy pickings with no other enemies to worry about. This popped for me in Chapter 6. You can check out how exactly how much you suck on the leaderboards. The leaderboards say that I really suck, but people tell me that all the time anyway.

Collection complete - 50
All Blood Coins collected

You'll get this no prob if you follow the Blood Coin guide.

A former ally - 30
Kill one of your former friends
Story related and cannot be missed!

This will pop right before the end of Chapter One when you kill your first human knight.

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Ace Attorney 86
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Roya stayed unharmed collecting the vampire blood

This encounter happens close to the start of Chapter 4 after you agree to help Roya collect the blood of the defeated vampire generals. Use Alaysa and spam her standard attack (RB), regular grenades (RT) - don't worry these won't hurt Roya - flame arrow (LB), and most importantly the new repel move (X) you recently learned. Having Alaysa's shot speed upgraded to 170% and bolt damage to max really helps here too, thanks Bauhaumaut! Those are the best upgrades to invest your points in anyway. You can hold all the winged beasties at bay with ease this way. Just button mash like a mad man. With a bit of luck you will kill them all when there is still 30 seconds left to go and you can just wait around doing nothing.

Another bit of good news is this achievement will pop if you can pull it off on the corpse of the first vampire general. You do not have to be perfect on both bodies that Roya needs your help with. The 2nd encounter is harder to be perfect on.

No deluge this time. - 50
Blood Seal returned
Story related and cannot be missed!

You get this for beating The Paladin of Rome and the creature that the Blood Seal summons at the end of Chapter 7 and finishing the game. These guys are nothing special and are easily defeated by the tried and true strategy of having Alaysa running backwards in circles while firing her crossbows.

Real Vampire - 30

3 vampiric decisions made

There are only 4 "decisions" that count towards this achievement that you get to make in the whole game. I tried to "do the right thing" for each choice on my first playthrough and thus ended up being wishy-washy to both factions and did not get either achievement. Let this be a lesson to you....never help anyone. At any rate there are not enough decisions in the game to get both achievements in one playthrough. There are times when can chose whether or not to help someone or if you want to be nice or a jerk to a NPC that do not count as these "decisions". Examples of these that I know do not count to your achievement total are what you do with the trapped soldiers on the beach at the end of Chapter 2 and helping with the torch lighting side quest in the town. MAKE SURE YOU DO THE TORCH LIGHTING QUEST WHEN BLOOD FOX IS CAPTURED IN THE TOWN SQUARE NO MATTER WHAT FACTION YOU ARE TRYING TO PLEASE AS IT MAY CAUSE GLITCHES IF YOU DON'T. Here are the decisions that count:

1. At the end of Chapter 3, arriving in town after defeating Blood Fox - Let Blood Fox burn at the stake (Human) or save Blood Fox (Vampire)

Rewards: If you let Blood Fox die then Sonia, the barmaid of the Roasted Vampire Inn, will sell special items to you later in the game. If you save Blood Fox, Sonia will refuse to help you but Royas will sell you special items instead. Make sure you also complete the torch lighting quest before you leave town.

2. Chapter 4 after leaving town for the first time - Return the Holy Relic to Bartholomew (Human) or agree to give it to the former priest working with the Vampires (Vampire)

Rewards: Either choice will give you a ring from whoever you give the Holy Relic to.

3. Chapter 4, Start of Trial of Noah - Give Roya the dirty vial (Human) or the pure vial for collecting blood from defeated Vampire Generals (Vampire)

Rewards: If you help Roya she will have 5 Blood Coins for sale. !!!WARNING!!! YOU CANNOT GET THESE BLOOD COINS IF YOU GIVE HER THE DIRTY VIAL

Also please note that if you've made all vampiric decisions for the whole game, sometimes the Real Vampire achievement won't pop until after you help Roya a second time with...

4. Anytime after helping Roya, go back to her house, you can also do this via the purple portal in the center of town - Refuse to help Roya put flying critter eggs in the town water supply (Human) or agree to help Roya (Vampire)

Reward: Roya will give you a ring if you help her.

Still Human - 30
3 human decisions made

Make sure to complete the torch lighting quest in town, choose to let Blood Fox burn at the stake, give the Holy Relic to Bartholomew, and give Roya the dirty vial when she asks for your help. The achievement will pop after you give Roya the vial.

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I let burn fox and said it to her, evidence is burned center of village, I get holy relic and give it to bart..and I give roya Dirty vial (pure is one which sitting on the table) but no achievement popped up

EDIT: Even alyssa told me that Im pure human because I give roya poisoned flask and let blood fox died
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Ace Attorney 86
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Sorry to hear that, True Vampire was glitchy for me too. I think there's 1 or 2 more human decisions you can make after that; refusing to help Roya put flyting critters in the water supply and also I found "Sonia's Ring" once in a barrel in town but she did not accept it and I was never given a quest to find it for her.

Only thing I can think of is to clear your cache if you played the demo before buying the full game and to save the game often in different files. I updated the road map and gave you a shout out. Hope you'll be lucky in getting it to pop for you.

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Ace Attorney 86
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Also make sure to do the torch-lighting quest no matter what faction you are playing for. People on the Deck 13 forum say this can cause glitches to the human or vampiric decision achievements if it's not completed.

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