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Left 4 Dead
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Old 01-11-2010, 11:35 AM   #61
Nubz McPwnzr
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Doing "the littlest genocide" like this is a great idea, I did it while sleeping using the safe house door and a boomer barfing on me. The boomer is really finicky when doing it like that but I didn't need to play through any of the chapters to do it.
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Old 01-11-2010, 04:13 PM   #62
XI AlphaMale IX
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Finally got this to work... sorta. Couple differences though:

1. Went ahead and rubberbanded the melee button. Zombies were getting to me otherwise.

2. Left 3 AI alive until after restarting the generator. Wipe-fested them while they were in the truck with the Tank, then moved the Tank underneath me.

Still not getting quite as many kills as I'd like and I think I'm taking too much damage, but it's still going, so I'm not complaining. I'm probably doing something wrong, but if it gets me Genocidist, I don't care.
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Old 01-14-2010, 05:29 PM   #63
Professor Pie
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Amazing little glitch there. Originally I was just climbing to the top and shooting them with pistols but I didn't know there was a spot where they couldn't get you. Only need Zombie Genocidest now so this'll work like a charm. Cheers.
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Old 08-11-2012, 12:52 PM   #64
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As of August 11th, 2012, this glitch still works. You can expect to get at least 4k or more kills an hour; it's well worth it.
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Old 06-24-2014, 08:57 PM   #65
l Zleek l
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Originally Posted by SirLugash View Post
Hi there.

This trick is really great but because I had some trouble first doing it, I just want to add some info which could make this process easier.

1. Ok, starting in versus mode, do not touch the second controller at first! Do not spawn as a special infected.
2. Make your way to the truck depot, kill all the zombies in there afterwards your teammates (could take a while cause they heal themselves).
Once done so, get to the generator and start it but don't climb up yet.
3. Kill the horde of zombies, let your 2nd controller spawn as tank and move him to the generator to avoid losing control.
4. Now, the failing generator is a time based event, so wait near the tank till the generator goes out and simply restart it.
Because the first tank is still alive, there will be no zombies for now, so heal yourself, get a medipack and ammo.
5. Now climb up the generator. Cause there are no zombies troubling you, you have as much time as you need to get to the perfect position on the generator. The position you want to reach is where you you can see the two bottom spotlights while looking straight forward.
I don't know whether this is the perfect position, but this was the highest point I could get on. Turn around and make sure that the pole and this little black stripe are in line as shown in the pictures in post #1.
6. Now that you are on the top, kill the tank with your pistols.
Once done so, the usual events of the finale will continue, meaning:
The second horde is coming and your second controller will become the second tank. Notice that you will first spawn as a special infected. This shouldn't be a problem as you will be a Boomer. Once you spawn as a tank, the AI will take over the Boomer so kill him as soon as you can.
Place the tank closely to the generator again, kill the zombie horde and afterwards the second tank.
7. Now, directly follows the part that usually comes when you restart the generator: Infinite zombie hordes and the third tank.
Notice that you will first spawn as a Hunter and shortly after that as Tank so you won't have the time to get the Hunter into position to kill him.
But this shouldn't be a problem cause you can slap him to death as Tank.
8. The third tank will stand the rest of the time closely to the generator to avoid losing control of him while your main profile will get the kills for the dying zombies.

This method should be easier as you will not get disturbed by zombie hordes as you try to climb up the generator.

Additional hint:
I don't know whether I still was too low but on the position I described the zombies were still able to hit me (quite often).
To almost avoid that I prefer that you rubber-band the left trigger to constantly melee zombies that would get too high (in all the time that has passed while I was writing in forums the game was running and up to now I haven't been hit by any zombie).
The melee frequency will be pretty low but thats enough to avoid getting hit.
Use a wired controller or a play & kit for your main profile if you want to keep meleeing all the time.
Please notice: If you decide to do the constant melee attacks disconnect / turn off your second controller before rubber-banding the left trigger, otherwise the notification ("please reconnect controller") will make the meleeing stop so you would have to take off the rubber-band, press LT and place the rubber-band again.

I have to say this method has worked the best. It gives you unlimited time to get up on the pole to the perfect spot. I did this and went from 20k to 41k in about 5-6 hours of being afk. Another 2 hours or so and I think I'll have my last achievement!

Also, sorry if this looks like I'm bringing up a dead thread, but it also lets people know the method still works even today
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