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Guide to boosting MOH:W's multiplayer

Despite the fact that it has been possible to do so since its launch, I have not read anything on XBA detailing how to boost MOH:W's multiplayer. Boosting in MOH:W has additionally become much easier recently, as less than 30 players are ever online at once. As such, the following is a guide for how to conduct an MOH:W boosting session. I will also provide some tips for how to efficiently go about getting your 20 kills with each of the game's 72 weapons, as well as detailing the fastest way to boost XP, once you or one of your session participants has reached a rank where weapons are not being unlocked quickly enough (this will eventually happen to everyone).

How to join the same multiplayer lobby:

1. Make sure that all session participants have purchased and downloaded the "Zero Dark Thirty" DLC and "Multiplayer Update" DLC. These are required to be able to join the majority of MOH:W's online lobbies.

Please note that the "Zero Dark Thirty" DLC is a separate download from the unlock code included with the Limited Edition of MOH:W. Therefore, if you have the Limited Edition of MOH:W, you will need to have downloaded three different items -- the Limited Edition unlock code, the "Zero Dark Thirty" DLC (which, in this case, must be downloaded from the game's main menu), and the "Multiplayer Update" DLC. If you do not have the Limited Edition of MOH:W, you only need to download the "Zero Dark Thirty" DLC and "Multiplayer Update" DLC.

2. Your boosting session should be for 4 people only. While this is because 4 players are needed to start a multiplayer match, you also want to keep the number of players in your lobby to a minimum so as to not attract any randoms, as randoms are able to (and will) join your game.

3. Invite the second participant to your Party in-game; have the third participant invite the fourth participant to their Party in-game. You can access the Party by pressing the "Select" button at the multiplayer menu and selecting "Open Party." Make sure that the other member of your Party "locks" their "slot" by selecting "Lock Your Slot" within the Party menu, or selecting their gamertag and then selecting "Lock." Now, when the leader of a Party leaves a lobby, their Party member will stay with them, and not have to be invited to the Party again.

4. Join an empty lobby, automatically bringing your Party member in with you. Communicate the number associated with the lobby (i.e. 126032) to the second Party leader. They should continue to refresh the "Server Browser" until the server you joined appears at the top of the list (since the servers with players in them appear at the top), and join it once it appears. If the server does not appear at the top of the second Party leader's "Server Browser," have them manually enter the number associated with the server into the "Browser Filter" (the box where a server number can be input is in the bottom right of the "Browser Filter").

5. All 4 session participants are now in a lobby together. When a random (inevitably) joins, you are free to "Quit" from the game whenever you wish; all kills and XP accrued are automatically saved to your Origin profile, even in the case of your system freezing.

How to efficiently boost kills for the "Jack of all Guns" achievement:

1. Following the above steps, join a Team Deathmatch lobby (while Combat Mission is also a good mode for this, I seem to encounter less randoms in TDM). Have all four players equip a weapon they wish to get 20 kills with.

2. Meet at a corner on the map--this can be the corner of a building, the corner of a section of rocks on a mountain formation, etc. The two players that will be killing first (one from each team) should position themselves on opposite sides of this corner, so that they cannot see each other. The two (non-killing) teammates will run to the point of the corner and be killed by the member of the opposite team that is killing at that time.

After dying, each team member will respawn ("Squad Spawn") on their team member that is killing at that time. If the opposite team member that is being killed spawns ahead of your own team member and "spots" you, preventing your team member from spawning, instruct that opposite team member to turn around so that they cannot see you; this will allow your team member to spawn. You should always try to have both (non-killing) team members killed synchronously, so that they both spawn at the same time, and so that neither team member inadvertently "spots" the opposite team member.

3. Get 20 kills with your selected weapon (always go for headshots, as they're worth an additional 50 XP). Once you have completed your 20 kills, swap spots with your team member so that they can get 20 kills, and so on. You should expect to complete 7-8 weapons for all 4 participants in a 3 hour session.

Around rank 50, you will begin running out of weapons to get 20 kills with. As such, you will need to just keep getting kills with weapons you have already gotten 20 kills with (not recommended), or doing something different.

How to boost XP once you have run out of weapons to get 20 kills with:

Join a Sector Control lobby. Have all four participants run to the middle flag, or "sector." One team will capture the flag; the other team with capture the flag, and so on. This is the same method of boosting XP from the first Medal of Honor.

You will earn around 3360 XP from captures in a single 15-minute Sector Control game, but you will also earn around 8 ribbons, each worth 500 XP, bringing all participants' total XP per 15-minute game to around 7500 XP.

A side note: the points you accrue from capturing these flags (i.e. not the ribbons) will count towards the "tours" for each of MOH:W's six multiplayer classes (Sniper, Assaulter, Demolitions, Heavy Gunner, Point Man, Spec Ops). As such, once you have completed a tour for one class, make sure to switch to the next class, so as to work towards the "Back in the Fight" achievement.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me. I hope this has been helpful!
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