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Shaaady Souljah
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This is a new feature on the forums. The staff are going around tidying the clutter and making sure x360a is the one stop shop for all your 360 needs.

The FAQ threads are where we need your help! What do you think are the most commonly asked questions about this game? Which threads keep popping up? What things do you wish you had been told when you first got this game?

Post in this thread and I'll edit the top post

Thanks for your help...

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This game is fairly simple to understand in terms of achievements. You can gain 23 achievements, (24 including 'Completed game on Cherokee difficulty' achievement) by merely playing through the game. 3 are from playing the mini-games in the bar at the very start of the game. The rest are merely online stat achievements.

Q. I can't see the Cherokee difficulty, where is it?
A. You need to complete the game once to unlock the Cherokee difficulty.

Q. I can't find anywhere to play Blackjack/Draw Poker/Runeman

A. All these 3 mini-games can only be played in the bar you enter at the very start of the game. Get the 3 associated achievements before proceeding with the game.
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That's not true about the poker/card achievements. The machines can be found in other levels as well.

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Originally Posted by ThirdeYe View Post
That's not true about the poker/card achievements. The machines can be found in other levels as well.
Yeah sorry that's true. Also might want to mention that you can respawn instantly online by pressing the fire button after you die.
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Q. How to use the shuttlecraft?
A. Be cautious, spam the shooting attack as you have infinite ammo. The craft itself is actually pretty good at ramming and insta-gibbing weaker enemies if you get the chance. The tractor beam can be used to hold enemies in place while you shoot them. In many sections, especially on Cherokee, it's preferable to speed past enemies rather than shooting every last one. If you get the warning message that the craft is about to destruct, get to one of the docking platforms IMMEDIATELY - when the craft blows you'll die, even if you're at rest on the ground. Dying while in a shuttle is also one of the few things that will make you restart the checkpoint rather than just respawning after the Spirit Realm minigame.

Q. I'm lost!
A. Yeah, the level design is often confusing and the signposting is terrible, and even though the game is mostly very linear it's easy to get lost. If there's some obstacle in your way the answer is usually to get a keycode or press a button somewhere. Don't forget to use Spirit Form to check for clues of how to proceed. If you see those rolling green balls, you can be sure that there's a mesh to be blown up - roll the ball nearby then shoot the ball to explode it. Just interact with EVERYTHING and the path will eventually become clear.

Q. How to kill Jen?
A. Circle-strafe, use powerful weapons but don't explode yourself, and when the purple regenerators appear destroy them.

Q. Those damn ghost kids!?
A. Just shoot them lots. You're better off not using Spirit Form as it makes you immobile.

Q. When to use Spirit Form?
A. It's mostly really obvious, and you should see a sunburst icon. 90% of the time you'll use Spirit Form to get through forcefields and press buttons remotely. There are also a few secret ammo stashes that are only visible in Spirit Form. Lastly, you'll need to use Spirit Form to damage the second to last boss, the Sphere.

Q. What to do in the Spirit Realm when I die?
A. Nothing, if you just want to get back into the game. Shoot red birds for health and blue ones for spirit. After a while you'll get pulled into the centre, but you can resist this by running away.

Q. How to win the damn arcade games?
A. Use the Poker Machine in Level 6 to get guaranteed wins. For Blackjack, bet your max each time, save after every win and reload if you lose. Runeman is fiddly but simple enough.

Q. How to fight the Keepers?
A. On Cherokee, prepare to die a lot, honestly. The Leech Gun is your best friend, as there should be plentiful Leech points as soon as you start encountering them. Favour the lightning or beam types. Rockets also work. Later on, the Keepers will be shielded, but unshield briefly before they throw objects at you. Wait for the opportunity, shoot, and strafe like crazy. Try to take them on one-by-one and use Spirit Form to scout ahead and weaken them.

Q. How to fight those spider enemies?
A. They're immune to rockets and grenades, so switch to the Leech Gun, Autocannon (bullets only) or even the Acid Thrower.

Q. What about the end boss?
A. A piece of cake, even on Cherokee, when you know what to do. Press the buttons to launch bombs into the air, and when the woman gets near, shoot them to strip her shields. You then have a short opportunity to shoot her directly - use rockets or Leech Gun.

Q. Any Easter Eggs?
At one point Tommy walks into a dark area and he quips "So dark, I'm totally Doomed", a reference to Doom 3's controversial dark environments. Just use the lighter to see.

In the confusing maze section where you chase yourself, you might come to a mirror with a chest-height bar. Crawl under the bar and it opens up a small secret area, where one of the horrible wall-vaginas talks like it's a mouth... creepy...

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