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Kenneth Stokes
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Exclamation Massive Rant

Throughout this year I have face many perils dealing with the aspects of this game and the decisions of the gaming developers. And perhaps I, as well as a cross-section of you, may agree with a few of them.

I have quarreled with many questions revolving around DLC, their release date, and their general content. Questions surrounding the first DLC such as why did we get an arena as our first? Why didn't they go all out with the art gallery within it by allowing us to buy paintings and sculptures of artifacts in Rapture as well? Why did it take so long to release? Why were some of the ribbons so ridiculous and why, if I missed a challenge within the wave, did I have to restart from the beginning. Believe it or not, such frustrations did not bother me too much, as--like a good gamer should--I put my faith in the brand that gave me Bioshock 1 and that amazing DLC in Bioshock 2 (Minerva's Den).

Upon reading the news that the next DLC will be set in Rapture and that the same DLC will be split in two, I began to question life and the existence of God entirely. Why would I want DLC that is set on the basis of a game in which I have been playing for the past 5 years? Perhaps if Bioshock made a game a decade from now, I could then see how the reference would have been heart-warming. But it wasn't. So I said to myself: "Well, if it takes THIS long to release, it must be worthy both in story and quality!", and--like a good gamer--I waited.

I played the DLC. I noticed that the game play was somewhat different and I had moderate fun with the new weapons and gear. I enjoyed the Sander Cohen bit and enjoyed fighting the final boss. And, like Infinite, it came to an abruptly rushed ending, making little to no sense. The plot wasn't really a plot as much as a simple sequence of events. I finished the DLC saying, "Why couldn't they do this, but in Infinite? Why not stay in Infinite to have Booker or some other character look for their lost son, only to find that he had been turned into some kind of Handyman or Boy(Boys?) of Silence? Where's telekinesis and the other things I saw in the trailers that made me want to buy this game?". Believe it or not, this, although unsettled me, did not truly make me angry.

What made me angry is this. I, an hour ago, decided to replay this DLC on my French account, as I am studying French and I enjoy Booker's and Elizabeth's voices much more in French. Get this... For some reason the sub-titles are in French, but the actual dialog is not. THAT pissed me off. YOU CAN'T JUST DO THAT! You can't have Clash of the Clouds and the main game be in French, but then, after many months, NOT make a multi-language DLC! NO! NO! You can't! I don't care--that's not cool! C'est le seul aspect que je mets mon âme et le cœur à l'intérieur et pensais être un coussin pour la déception. Je me suis trompé! Ils ont violé cette opportunité loin de moi et m'a laissé dans le caniveau! Ils m'ont violée; pris mon innosence!

Based on the way part one ended, part two better take place in Infinite or I will write a stern letter to the developers voicing my dissatisfaction!
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both parts are set in rapture, it's called burial at sea
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You wrote ALL THAT basically just to conclude that you hate the DLC because it doesn't have French voice overs?

Wow....just wow.
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Best twist ever. Better than Infinite. This guy should make BioShock 3.

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General Valtiel
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Originally Posted by Kenneth Stokes View Post
C'est le seul aspect que je mets mon âme et le cœur à l'intérieur et pensais être un coussin pour la déception. Je me suis trompé! Ils ont violé cette opportunité loin de moi et m'a laissé dans le caniveau! Ils m'ont violée; pris mon innosence!
Well, you still got progress to do in French !
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I was just happy to spend some more time in Rapture. even if it was just a small amount.
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bioshock rant french dlc

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