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Achievement Guide

Hey guys, I'm not submitting this to the official site yet. The reason being, I want others to help out with it. I am NOT good at this game haha, and if anyone has anything to add at all, please feel free. I'll leave this here for about a week or two so I can gather as many tips and pointers as I can from you guys. Thanks in advance.

Clear "Base"
Clear one round of Challenge Mode "Base".
You must get through 12 skins in "Base" on challenge mode. Not easy, but then again most of the achievements for this game aren't. Pay attention to your block queue and use special blocks wisely. "If at first you don't succeed... try again."

Play Challenge Mode "Base" and score 20,000 points.
Go to challenge mode and play Base level. 20,000 points don't come easy, so keep practicing. There are in game hints from the menu that are really helpful. Remember, with all Lumines achievements, nothing comes too easy... its all about practicing and getting used to the game.

Time Attack 60sec. : 30 blocks
Play Time Attack Mode 60sec. and erase 30 blocks.
See "Time attack 600sec. : 300 blocks"

Time Attack 180sec. : 90 blocks
Play Time Attack Mode 180sec. and erase 90 blocks.
See "Time attack 600sec. : 300 blocks"

Time Attack 300sec. : 150 blocks
Play Time Attack Mode 300sec. and erase 150 blocks.
See "Time attack 600sec. : 300 blocks"

Time Attack 600sec. : 300 blocks
Play Time Attack Mode 600sec. and erase 300 blocks.
Time attack mode is pretty difficult, but the ratio of blocks to seconds should leave you enough room to get these achievements. Be cautious of upcoming blocks, and try not to let your screen fill up too much. Special blocks are a big help.

Time Attack 60sec. : 70 blocks
Play Time Attack Mode 60sec. and erase 70 blocks.
See "Time attack 600sec. : 600 blocks"

Time Attack 180sec. : 200 blocks
Play Time Attack Mode 180sec. and erase 200 blocks.
See "Time attack 600sec. : 600 blocks"

Time Attack 300sec. : 300 blocks
Play Time Attack Mode 300sec. and erase 300 blocks.
See "Time attack 600sec. : 600 blocks"

Time Attack 600sec. : 600 blocks
Play Time Attack Mode 600sec. and erase 600 blocks.
These Time Attack mode achievements are not for beginner or intermediate players at all. Practice makes perfect. The ratio of blocks to seconds for these achievements make them extremely difficult to obtain. Don't break any controllers over these, they really are as hard as they look. Remember, you can only get better at this game, good luck.

Half Million
Play Challenge Mode and score 500,000 points.
Like I've mentioned before, check out the in game hints, practice, and don't give up. You can only get better. This is a very difficult achievement. Also, you can check out videos of others playing this game for some pointers. Utilize your special blocks, and keep an eye on upcoming blocks. Think quick, and be precise. Good luck!

Single Lap Quarter Million
Play a Single Lap of the Skin Edit Mode and score 250,000 points.
Easier to attempt this after unlocking the "Clear Base" achievement. Add all the skins you've unlocked from challenge mode to the window in Skin Edit mode so youcan play on them. You'll get this achievement when you hit 250,000 points.

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To get the 20k achievement really easy start base mode, quit and start again until the first block you get is a single colour when it is deleated you get a 10k bonus for deleting all blocks. You probably wont get this twice in a row but if you carefully place the following blocks you get an extra 1k for every single colour bonus. If you do this right you should have over 15k in the first level. Easy :-)

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Talking 250K easy to get in skin edit mode

Hej you guys maybe you already try this but if you have problems with the skin changing everytime like me but still if you want this achievement just do it the simple way

Put just 1 skin in de skin box and choose endless mode. I know the achievement says that you have to play single lap but the funny part is you dont So just play endless mode on one skin the bar wont go fast and the blocks stay slow too so then just go for the 250K. It may take a while but it works. When you have the 250K just build your screen full and then voila pling the achievement Good luck

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Finally got all the achievements last night. The only ones that gave me any trouble were the damn 70 blocks in 60 secs, 200 blocks in 180 sec, and so on. I was on fire with those, I mean I had to clear a block of 12 squares 3 times in a row or more while keeping up the momentum with at least 7 blocks erased per sweep. When I say 12 squares, thats what the multiplier was at. I had filled up a good 1/3 of the screen with one color.

The one tip I can possibly give is that with the first 4 or 5 blocks, try and arrange them to get at least a 6 block multiplier. After you clear that, the other color falls right in place for another big multiplier. If you play your cards right and keep up your momentum, then it should be a matter of practice before you get them. The only thing that clicked with me that allowed me to get over the required amount was figuring out what to do with the block that has the 2 colors all adjacent to each other (pictured below with my crappy ascii skillz). Once you figure out a place for those guys, you have it made.

Thats the problem with this game though, you can't just tell someone how to play, they have to figure it out. It is almost impossible to explain to some one "you gotta make the largest square/rectangle as fast as you can before that line sweeps the screen." They'll just look at you and scratch their heads.

|x|_| <- I hate these damn blocks!

If you need tips on how to set up blocks for big multipliers, go to the tips and puzzle mode (at least the very limited selection they give). Both will help to gain a certain strategy to get tons of blocks erased
\\// ||)) //\\ \\//
//\\ ||)) \\// //\\

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i'm gonna try this looks like a good tip.
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Getting 200/200 required me to unlearn every single bad habit I had playing. I'd play right-to-left, instead of trying to just stay ahead of the line. For the biggest trick was to find a rhythm that would allow me to stay ahead of the line constantly. Turns out it was simple as me just dropping a three blocks left-center-right across the board. If I deviated from that, I would have to play catch-up in a hurry.

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Jesus Christ, I'm so close to 200 now. I somehow went on a mad-fire run and got the 200 block, 300 block, and 600 block ones. I need the 500,000!!!

EDIT: I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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