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big red marino
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During my recent battle to obtain 100%

First off, I purchased the “Family Hits” addition. I did not accept any updates from XBOX LIVE. I know there are a ton of posts about the 100% achieve not popping. I had no trouble with it popping. Although there were a couple of glitches that I did hit, but I will talk about them in later in this post.

I hit the 100% achievement on this game last night. I have minor experience with LEGO games (just did my 1000GS on Indiana Jones). I still have about 13 undefeated's left, including all of the flying ones. So far it has taken me less than 30 hours to get to this point. I think it can be done quicker. The walkthrough that is linked in the ROADMAP is terrific. My biggest pain was spending money on items that I did not need at first.

I know the roadmap says there is a minimum playthrough of 3 times, but it is actually 4 to get a 1000 on this game, although the flying undefeated’s can take multiples attempts depending on your skill. You have to play through all 18 levels once in STORY MODE, which opens the FREE PLAY MODE for that level. FREE PLAY MODE must be done to collect the KITS and RED BRICKS as you need special characters to get to them. The worst part about FREE PLAY MODE is that you must complete the level to save the KITS and RED BRICKS that you found. Indiana Jones lets you stop and save whenever you want. You then must play through the whole series again in SUPER STORY MODE, which is a waste and I am unsure why it is included, but again you need those GOLD bricks from completing that MODE. The SUPER STORY MODE is a mode in which you CANNOT choose which character you want to use and you play through the entire 6 chapters of an EPISODE in one sitting. You do not need to complete each EPSIODE in an hour to get the GOLD brick, although I was close on all of them. However, you do need to get a 100,000 studs during the entire EPISODE to get the GOLD Brick. This is easy to do. Finally, you have to go through all 18 levels again to get the UNDEFEATED'S. You cannot have any of your EXTRAS on during your attempts at the UNDEFEATED'S. As the guide says the GHOST OBI character works the best for the non-flying levels. I have yet to try the RUBBER BAND method that is mentioned in the forums for the flying levels. Although I can see how this would work great. Once you stop holding down that X button on your controller when flying you life can end in an instant.

Be careful what you spend your money on. I would go in the following order:

After the third level of Episode IV - purchase Greedo (Thermal Detonators) and a Jawa (crawl into small spaces). Then make yourself a custom character with a red lightsaber and a stormtrooper helmet. This gives you Dark Force Capabilities and Stormtrooper access abilities. Though sometimes the game will package a stormtrooper in with your cast. You will have unlocked OBI by this time so you can do double jumps. This now gives you everything you need to gain access for KITS and RED BRICKS during FREE PLAY MODE. Just make sure you choose your custom character when you go to free play mode, the game will choose all the other characters that you need. The stormtrooper helmet might not be immediately available to add to your custom character right after the third level. But it should be after the 5th level. The only other thing you may purchase would be a TIE-FIGHTER to use in FREE PLAY MODE. Although, I am pretty sure you get one for free after completing the first flying mission in EPISODE IV.

My strategy is to play through the STORY mode and then immediately the FREE PLAY mode, that way the level is fresh in my mind. So once I obtained those characters I started this method.

Hold off on spending any other money until you find the RED BRICKS that allows you to buy the multipliers. You should have the X2 available to buy (2,000,000 studs) towards the end of Episode IV. The X4 (6,000,000 studs) should be available to buy towards the beginning of Episode V. You can turn them on in the EXTRAS section when you pause the game - during STORY MODE and FREE PLAY MODE ONLY and it will not effect the achievements. You will see what MULTIPLIER you have on as it is posted on the left side of your screen below your hearts. The quicker you have those multipliers the easier it is to get more of the little STUDS (the money in the game). Once they are applied you gain studs like crazy. Since I was spending money like drunken sailor in the beginning I could barely afford the X2 and that was towards the end of EPISODE V. I then realized what I was doing and could not afford the X4 multiplier until I had all the gold bricks, so I had to wait at the SPIGOT (built after having all 99 GOLD bricks) for some time.

I have read through just about every THREAD on the first few pages of this game’s FORUM. It sounded as if people were having a lot of problems. Here are some things that DID GLITCH on me.

Darth Vader Fight – FREE PLAY MODE:
In the second to the last level of EPISODE V where you fight Darth Vader you will come to a room with a cage in the left corner. On the right will be the hatch you enter with your JAWA or other small hatch entering guy. Once inside the cage it will not let you leave. What I did was wait until I was done fighting Darth – he then leaves the room. I then entered the cage and grabbed the KIT. Since it would not let me leave I activated a second controller and had him leave the room. My player stuck in the cage was automatically with me when I entered the next room. I then paused with the second controller and chose DROP OUT.

At the end of the level right that comes right after the Speeder level, during EPISODE VI, you will make your way into the power station that controls shield generator for the Death Star. When you go to get the red brick you have to slide a box to the left and then push it forward away from you. This piece does not pull it self into the correct position once it is near, like they do in Indiana Jones. So make sure that it is lined up correctly to slide right in. If you are too far to the left you cannot slide it back the other way once you start pushing it away from you. Very frustrating.

Final mission DEATH STAR II – STORY and FREE play.
This pertains to the last level in the game. As you may have read in the forum turn off the VIBRATION and set the BLOOM FILTERING to zero before you finish the level. The game will freeze if you do not. The problem is that it seems the BLOOM FILTERING can effect the game in other ways. When I set it to ZERO I noticed that I could not destroy a specific main gun on every single freighter in the exact same location. So I would say do not adjust these settings until you are about to drop the torpedo into the core, right before you make you escape.

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I've heard of the Vader Fight, but never experienced it... Never had problems with the other two though, and I think I have the Family Hits version.

You're correct about it being technically 4 playthroughs, and on top of all that, I would recommend getting Boba Fett because he's bounty hunter + hover character.

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Don Manolo
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I would recommend to save all your money to get that 2x multiplier to get that true jedi easier on some levels. I seemed to miss a lot of things . I wish I read this a couple days earlier since I just restarted my superstory in episode VI because I didn't make it in time.
I also had the last level glitch on me several times : during the undefeated achievement and while doing the superstory..

Thanks to the_b1ues for the sig!

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IXI Icetray IXI
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Agreed, I wish I knew this info earlier i probally would have had 1000 on this already. Anyway whoever has just started this game. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!! IT'S THE KEY TO 100%
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