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Difficulty & Checkpoints

A boss fight will usually (not always) signal a checkpoint. This means you can die and retry from the boss right there without penalty (except for quests). This means your life is set back to the maximum and any items used during the unsuccessful boss fight from before is returned to you.

Easy Difficulty / Enemies die with a few hits,e ven if your character is just starting out.

Normal Difficulty / Enemies are at standard strength, but Level 100 characters will find this considerably easy.

Hard Difficulty / Enemies are geared to Level 100 and maximum status play. Extra zombies spawn to attack you during boss fights.

Violent Difficulty / Enemies are rigged to kill you in as few hits as possible. This is known as the TamSoft cheese factor. Like hard, zombies appear during boss fights.

Berserk Difficulty / Unique mode. Enemies only drop red orbs; Aya and Saki instantly go to blood lust and cannot recover from that mode. Use red orbs to refill your frenzied characters' vitality during this state. Enemies otherwise similar to violent difficulty.

Exploiting the checkpoints are key to winning on Hard, Violent and Berserk modes. Hard should only be hard if you didn't bother to maximize your stats, but chances are you may need a few items for some grueling stages.
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You copy and pasted from the IGN guide. Someone has already linked the guide in this forum.
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