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American Wasteland
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help with grind tricks on skate park sign in santa monica

alright this is driving me nuts and ive looked everywhere and still cant figure out how to do it. ill give u a description of the mission from 2 different guides first off so u know what im talking about.

F Show up 'The Man'
The guy wants you to take down the Skate Park sign so that the Man can see that he ain't the man. Ollie and then grind on the Skate Park Sign. He'll call out tricks as you grind. If you do enough, the sign will fall. The sign is sort of wavy so it will be hard to jump to change your grind. Try to wait until you can see a spot to jump to to change your grind. If you get off of the thing in a place that will be too tough to get back to the kicker, it will return you to the beginning point. Sometimes it's easier to just jump into the water and be returned automatically to the beginning than skate back there and have to line up the ollie. It is also good to wait for certain tricks of the same type to pile up and then get rid of them all at once. The nose bluntslide is a good example of this.

Hungry Hungry Hippie
Meet up with the hippie dude at the bottom of the downroad ramp. You'll have to do various types of grinds on the skate park sign as he calls them out. Jump off the kicker to get on the sign, perform a trick or two and then jump off right before the end of the sign in order to give yourself enough space for a clean landing. Then just skate away from the ramp so it'll bring you back to the beginning, lined up perfectly with the kicker.

alright hopefully you know what im talking about, its in santa monica near the pier. anyways yeah he gives u all those tricks to do before the time is up or if they fill up the screen to fast. my problem is i cant figure out how to do 2 of those tricks. they are:

up + y nosegrind (i was able to do this ONCE, and then out of like 50 tries never again, no clue as to how i did it either)

down + y S-something (the rest of the name cuts off on my screen partially, so i cant read it)

anyways i try to do those moves and im having zero luck with those two, i can do all the other tricks no problem. i have no idea if im doing something wrong or what but could someone please, please tell me what i need to do for those? any advice would be incredibly appriciated, thanks

edit - no idea how........but i managed to do that somehow, i guess it has to do with button timing?? i went through the entire rest of the game and then came back to it before i beat it finally, glad its done though

edit 2 - and can someone tell me if i have to beat all 94 missions to get the 100% achievement? i'd like to skip some of those guys that u have to recruit for the video if possible, although i definately need this so called 'hippie guy' because the guide says u need all the skate park pieces. i didnt see any mention about getting all missions completed, it just said i had to finish story mode. so could someone clarify what u need to do?

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Complete Story Mode-Perfectionist-50G

You must "Complete All Paths in Story Mode" To do this is fairly easy, since your Hall of Meat Path, doesn't count towards it. So Simply beat all street and vert challenges through the career. But if your like me and love this game this much, I completed everything and then some. The hardest achievement i found was doing all the Hall of Meat Challenges, I recommend you sit down for at least 10-15 min and learn/practice the "Crazy Legs Glitch"
It will save you tons of time on the Hall of Meat Path since while using it you should average about 2 HoM goals a glitch. Do not use this in online though. A while back they updated skate. 2 and you cannot do any glitch while in an online party, or you will be auto booted. Kinda sucks cause the game itself is fairly glitchy. I had to stop playing HoM Online cause of the game itself glitching, resulting in me being booted for no reason.
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