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Death Tank
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Mrs Cliffton
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Death Tank Acheivement Guide

*Note all achievements except the kill leaderboard and ranks can be done in the "create a game" mode with a second controller. Its much easier this way. (and sorry I dont have the icons to go with the guide)

Missle Master

1) First sign in a guest to play with you on a second controller (if you dont have a second controller this method will not work sorry)
2) Select "create a game"
3) Set starting money to $2000 - 0 robots
4) Buy Missiles and Turbo/Jump Jets for each tank to make things go a little quicker
5) Shoot a missile almost straight into the air, just a bit crooked and the missile will land after a while (use a large amount of power so that the missle will be in the air for more than 2 seconds)
6) Drive the other tank into that exact spot, but make sure the missles have DIRECT hits on the tank. Glancing hits dont count as far as I have experienced.
7) Shoot three missiles into the air and get the achievement.
*Note thanks go to stonefry for this idea, his thread is here

Hard Shot
1) Create a game
2) Let your power reach full (green arrow) and try to hit the tank directly and it helps to aim in between the tank cannon and the treads. This one will come with luck and practice, its not too hard against a immobile tank.

*This is hard to do using two controllers by yourself but it is doable with practice. It may be eaiser for you if you play against bots and try to time your shot right before you die. Try what you think you will like and if its not working then swith methods. This wil come with time played if nothing else.

1) Ok so create a game, then you want to whittle your tanks down to low hp (2 direct hits each will be sufficient)
2) The third direct hit will kill you, so you want to essentially kill both tanks at almost the same time.
3) The most important part- you will want to shoot the guest tank's shot at your tank. (use Target Computer for both tanks, it helps alot)
4) Right before the shell hits your tank shoot your shot off, you sould die immediately after you shoot but your shell should still be on its way to the guest's tank.
5) If done right, the shot should kill the Guest's tank even though you are dead and net you the achievement.

*Ok this one will need two guests and if you dont have two extra controllers then this might take you a little while longer to gain

3 controllers method:
1) Create a game with two guests
2) Shoot each tank with a direct hit from your normal shell
3) Then drive them close together and fire a nuke at them and voila! should pop up nice and pretty.

If you dont have three controllers:
You will have to either be patient and just play online and go for the achievement during online or offline games, or.....

1) Create a game with one bot and one guest
2) Using jump jets fly your tank to a far side of the screen.
3) Damage the computer and guest tank (how and how much health is at your descretion)
4) Fly or turbo the guest tank by the pc's tanks and get ready to fire the nuke
5) Fire the nuke and hope it works out the way we intend. If it does then gj! If it doesnt you can try again.

The Vice
*One of the harder acheivements and will take alot of practice, or maybe not, but doing it in create a game will be alot faster than doing it online
1) Create a game
2) Have jump jets and tubo, also a nuke or deaths hand.
3) Fly over the guest tank and practice trying to control the spin of the jets to where you are upside down (this is the harderst part and may take a few tries)
4) Fire your chosen weapon to kill the tank and hope it works. (Note: the tank must die when you are upside down so factor this into your timing)
6) if that way isnt wrking for you sometimes if you try to drive over a rock it will flip you over backwards, do this and shoot the tank.
(I read somewhere that turing off the jump booster guide will help you spin more, not sure how to do this so try fooling aroung in the menus.)
*Use this thread here for more info (you couldnt have missed it lol)

The Dex
*There is only one way I have seen this done and its pretty simple in create a game
1) Create a game
2) Have your MIRVS charged and ready to fire.
3) You are going to want to use a TC so acticate it and make sure it is exaclty straight up and down
4) Now, you are going to want to fly directly over the enemy tank and shoot off the MIRV, if all of the missles hit the tank it should kill it in one shot.
5) When you fly you cant stop or you will just fall on top of the tank, it will take some practice to hover over the tank for a quick second, shoot, and then fly off. But with practice it wont be too hard (expecially if you did the vice before this acheivement.)

1) Easy, just get a TC, activate it, and score three direct hits in a row.
2) Bam acheivement for you.

*I found this easiest to do online on theme levels with jump jet while working towards my kills but you can also do it in create a game
1) Create a game and just practice jumping across the map. Should be easier after doing the dex.
2) On theme rounds online focus only on jumping since you get a free jump jet. It will come eventually.

Veteran, Elite, Maniac, and Tank Commander
These can be boosted with other people or just by playing player matches online (no it doesnt have to be ranked) These achievements can take awhile (Eeek Maniac ) but with friends over a period of time shouldnt be too bad. Use the forums to find boosting buddies.
*Note I don't believe that offline games count but I haven't tested it yet.

Thanks and enjoy! I hope that covered everything

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Good job man, but you'll need the achievement icons and description.

Let me know if you need space so you can drop it in this post.

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if you use the "create a game" feature, your kills count towards the "total kills" achievements...just tried it yesterday and unlocked the 50 kills achievement
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Maybe you should update this with a different strategy for getting the 5,000 kills. Create a game with 7 easy bots. Turn on double money and $2,000 to start. The challenging part is that the bots also get $2,000 and they WILL USE IT. Luckily you can always get a Death's Hand off first because they never load their weapons until they land. Just hit the LB as soon as the round starts and you will be able to shoot first. With so many tanks it is pretty easy to pull of 2-4 kills with a Death's Hand, then just buy more. The best strategy for the Death's Hands are to shoot targets that are close to you and shoot at a low angle. I haven't really figured out if having assists on helps or not. I think it's a wash.
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Ravage NZ
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All achievements can be done in any game mode, that includes you vs spare controller.

Revenge can also be done with shooting something very high in the air on your last shot before dying, and also with the armor that makes your tank explode on death, when right next to the tank that kills you.

Does anyone know what the requirements for Tank Commander are? Is it a certain number of kills?

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