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Samurai Warriors 2 Empires
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Old 06-28-2014, 01:08 AM   #1
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Osaka Aachievement

I've spent 10 hours trying to unlock this achievement due the messy and confusing guide and advice people give here.

Here are the essential parts to unlocking the final stage step by step:
  • Firstly after starting a new game, choose Battle of Sekigahara 1600 and at the character select screen, edit Yukimara Sanada out of the Saneda clan by removing him and pressing ok at the bottom of screen. Now put him in Toyotomi, there is an empty space already there for him.
  • Now choose Tokugawa, playing with Toyotomi is too risky and time consuming. You will have to play endless defend and help ally battles. Also you have to depend on random cpu to generate attacking Owaki which is key location to triggering secret stage.
  • Use short alliances to begin with incase Toyotomi takes over other territories. Make sure Toyotomi and Sanada stay at their original locations. Otherwise revert to an earlier save to stop it. If they take over a territory but they are not in it, invade it and take it over.
  • Use revolt to attack any squares which are not showing up in invade (allies may occupy these) in order to get close to Owaki. You must gain access to Owaki to get this achievement. It's directly right of Toyotomi.
  • Once in Owaki, leave Tokugawa there and start using another powerful general to take over the other lands. Once all other territories are taking over, bar any unnecessary unattackable ally territories which are out of the way. Double check troop levels are all at max. Now save. I finished attacking at 1605. I was using tactics such as Neutral Start and a level 2 formation every time. Also a level 10 horse (any will do).
  • Now just keep pressing proceed, proceed until you get to 1614 Winter. Now at Spring 1615, the special stage will activate, asking if you want to play. Complete it. It's very easy and then save after the cutscene when you save your horse and it asks to update save permanently.
Last tip - Taking over all accessible enemies territories is the fastest way to get this achievement as it stops anyone attacking you ever again as you fast forward from 1605 to 1615.

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Very nice advice and not sure I have this achievement yet
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Old 06-28-2014, 07:48 AM   #3
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You're very welcome. It only took me 1 hour and 30 minutes using the strategy above. You might do it even quicker. Just get Tokugawa to Owaki and leave him there.

The other methods of using Toyotomi was too time consuming, wasting hours on end, only to fail and have to restart again and again. Randomly CPU generated battles stop most getting this achievement. One more time, Owaki is the key to this achievement. Use Tokugawa and get him there.

Lastly I would have completed the game in 12 hours but this pushed my more to like 20-22 as I figured it out.

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Gamertag: McAngus
Combat tips:

  • Press Up on the D pad, beginning of a level to turn troops to auto attack. This will force them to take over territories as quickly as possible. If you choose defend, they will do nothing but stand still.
  • Always use a horse, select him in the pre-battle screen, it's above tactics and formations. It's top option.
  • Neutral Start is much faster than Equal Start.
  • Check conditions, most of the time you can just run to the opposing base and kill the opposing Lord or General. If it won't let you, grab the nearest base connected to the enemie's main base then he should appear.

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