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Turning Point: Fall of Liberty
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Old 11-04-2010, 02:16 AM   #1
Bomber v4
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Road Map

-Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
-Offline (740)
-Online (260)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 30+ Hrs.
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements: 0 (Mission Select)
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No, see Introduction.
-Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes
-Glitchy achievements: Yes, see Introduction.
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed? No

Welcome to Turning Point: Fall of Liberty. There are 39 achievements worth 1000 and only 1 playthrough is need. The reason for only one playthrough is because you can replay the last level on Hard and Insane for the achievements. There are 3 glitchy achievements to be aware of. The first two are multiplayer achievements “Uberdork” and “Team Player” which unlock before the required amount of wins, which is a good thing. The other “Master Sniper” seems to unlock for most people on easy, though no matter what some people do, they cant seem to get it to unlock. There are also cheats that unlock after you beat the game once. Use these for replaying the last level on hard and Insane as they do not disable achievements.

Step 1: Normal Playthrough
This is where you will be getting a majority of the achievements. Just make your way through the campaign. Take note that you will need to sprint for 30 minutes throughout the campaign for the “Run!” achievement. I will list the achievements to watch out for.

Level 1 - When you see your first enemy walk up to him and press to grapple him, then press to throw him to his death unlocking “Gravity is a Harsh Mistress”. A little later on you will make your way to an outdoor lift, activate it and look right. You should see 4 paratroopers kill them to unlock “Sharpshooter”.

Level 2- During this level you will be trying to get the “Exploding Monkey” achievement. Keep tossing grenades over the barricades in hope that you kill 4 enemies with one grenade.

Level 5- On this level at some point you will come to a kitchen where a enemy is standing in front of a television. Walk up to him and press to grapple him and press to smash his head through unlocking “TV Repair”. Also on this level you will come to a room where an enemy is burning paper. Kill him and look next to him, you should see stacks of paper. There is a piece of paper you can pick up with , unlocking “Dolley Madison Award”.

Level 6- Right at the start of this level in front of you will be a sniper. Pick it up and start going for headshots with it to unlock “Master Sniper”. This achievement may or may not unlock the first time. To be safe make sure not to miss any shots. Later on you will come to a room, with a secret elevator in it. Take the elevator down and when you come out make a left and kill the enemies. Near where you killed the enemies will be a door open it and inside will be a Nazi sitting on the toilet. Grapple him with and dunk him, by pressing , unlocking “Swirley Time”.

Level 7-During this mission pick up and save as many rocket launchers as you can. At some point you will get to a part with an elevator. After you exit the elevator you will be on a bridge, and if you look to your right you should see two assault blimps. Take both of these blimps down to unlock “Oh, the Humanity!”.

Step 2: Hard/Insane
Now that you have beaten the game once its time to replay the last level on Hard and Insane. Go to the extras menu and activate the cheats Infinite Ammo, Infinite Grenades, and Double Health Regen. These will make the last level on Hard and Insane easier.

Step 3: Mop Up
By now you should have almost all the single-player achievements. The ones that you most likely will be missing are “Clingy”, “Dead-eye”, “Run!” and "Master Sniper”. Refer to the achievement guide below for more assistance.

Step 4: Multiplayer
This is where most of the time comes in. You will need 8 players for two achievements, “MVP” and “pwnt”. You need 4 people for “Team Player” and “World Tour”. All the other multiplayer achievements can be gained with just 2 players. You can find people to do these achievements with in the achievement Trading Thread.

By now, you should have pretty much everything done, except some multiplayer achievements. Just hang in there and 1000 will be yours!

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Nice job on the guide. I wasn't going to play this game but now I might.
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Nice roadmap dude
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This made burning through this game as easy as possible. Thanks.
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Good roadmap, they should add it to the guide.
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Originally Posted by McMan View Post
Good roadmap, they should add it to the guide.
Agreed. W/o knowing about the last level replay difficulty, I went through the whole game on my first playthrough this morning on Hard difficulty. Man, some of those sections in a level were a pain in my ass.

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