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Dynasty Warriors: Gundam
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Gamertag: McAngus
Pick Judau as your Character

Story Mode - Pick Judau who pilots ZZ Gundam. It has every strength going for it.

+ Long Sabre takes out a high number of enemies
+ Enable Wide Radius Skill to make it even more devastating
+ SP Level 3 includes two laser blasts, one missile strike and a hack n slash flurry
+ Can take out most fields in seconds and the SP gauge fills super fast at level 3.
+ You can use ZZ Gundam on all other character missions
+ Very high defence stats means you will almost never die

In comparison, the guide states using Kamille. I tried this and died all the time. Here is why:

- Very short Sabre which can only take out one enemy at a time
- Weak special which barely hits a few enemies while firing inaccurate rockets
- Low Defence always leaves you vulnerable
- You can't use other mechs if you are playing other characters story. Just his own.

I've already 1000G Gundam 3 which was actually an easier game than this. But if you use Judau over Kamille. This becomes extremely easy. I even tried Char very, very briefly but I didn't like any of the other characters. Anyway I'm still playing. Already got 450G from 10 hours. I'll update this post if I find more tips.

EDIT - This is for Official Mode (Story Mode only)

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Join Date: Mar 2013
Posts: 78

Gamertag: McAngus
Original Mode - Pick Heero as your character.

Here are some tips to complete this quickly. I finished the whole game in 43 hours.

. Farm to get Pilot level 30, SP level 3 and the skill 'Hyper SP Attack'. This SP attack doubles the strength and is very important.

. Also minor equipment upgrades make huge difference. When I upgraded from +70 bonus to +90. Enemies went down in seconds. Apparently playing on hard mode, which I didn't do can get you better equipment upgrades early on.

. Farm everything on Heero's stage 2 'Iceberga'. You can get around 600-800 kills and take down some easy officers. Do this on easy but for equipment upgrades, try hard difficulty.

. Skill upgrades can be gotten quickly by dying on a level quickly. Do this over and over again at Pilot level 30 to speed up the process. Domo stage 5 is a great place, put it on hard to speed this up.

. Use Heero as player 2 for completing other people's campaigns. I recommend unlocking and adding the 'Air Assault' ability to make it easy to fly around big maps.

. 100k kill achievement is actually very easy. Last character you want to use is Kamille. Use him as 1 player and play stage 1 on Story mode. Take the first 3 fields then fly to the bottom left hand corner map. You will be able to farm 3000 kills easily.

Although to begin with it might be 1200. You will get the hang of it very quickly. I recommend putting 'Leadership' on Kamille so allies don't die quickly. The longer they survive the more you can farm. Check Quattro's health from time to time by flying by him. Interim save if you need. This will only take you around 3-5 hours of grinding. Put some music on while you do it.
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