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Question Security Center Help

The Security Room is the first room on your right at the hub, coming out of the workshop.

--- Part 1 ---

The first of the three levels has you aligning lasers to get both the green and blue terminals lit. Start out by going up the elevator (single terminal) and head left. Keep a box with you to pound the scouts, either before or after you taze them. Rotate the prism so that each door at the far end is opened, one at a time of course. Go in those rooms and activate the green and blue lasers. Grab a box and go across to the room to the right of the elevator (facing the panel).

Take care of the scouts and rotate the Red laser to open the door on the far side. Fall down off the ledge or take the elevator to where the blue laser is coming in. Knock over the boxes and it should hit the prism at the bottom of the room. Rotate that prism so that the blue laser is pointing straight up. Go back up the elevator and rotate the top prism so that it points straight down. The blue and green lasers should now be at both top and bottom openings. Go back to the main puzzle room, have a box ready.

Take out the fliers and smack them with a box. Use the terminals, starting with the ones closest to the far side of the room to rotate the blue laser into the receptacle on the wall on the left. Back up one set of terminals and rotate the green laser until it shoots behind you to the prism on the ceiling. Back up once again, to the set of terminals closest to the elevator control and rotate it until you are free to exit.

Use your collected Upgradium to return to the workshop and buy the plasma cannon.

--- Part 2 ---

Go to the right after you start and you'll see several enemies coming out at you that can take a bit of damage. Fire your plasma cannons at the group in semi-auto while staying on the ramp. Pick up the red laser and carry it back up the ramp and into the room on the left of the beginning. Use it to take out the robots, then back up to the beginning and place it on the ground so that it shines into the right receptacle. Holt RT and back away from it. It should stay put. Go into the elbow room on the left and move a reflective box out to the central room with the red laser. Go into the room on the left, climb the ramp and turn on the gold laser. It will shoot into the hallway you came from, and it will kill you so be careful to avoid or jump over it on the right side. Grab a box and place it at a 45 degree angle so the laser shoots down the main hallway-ish, towards the red laser. Avoid the beam and go back into the main room. Reposition the box out here and point the yellow laser into the receptacle on the left. When both are lit, the exit will open.

--- PART 3 ---

I hated this one. The NOED sucks and does decent damage to you pretty quick. After taking the elevator down, run around the room and collect the four orange Upgradium, shooting the scouts and avoiding the NOED as you do so. Go back into the elevator room and use your arms to pick up the laser. Roll back into the main room and use the laser like a lightsaber to chop the NOED down. Drop the laser as soon as he hits the ground and position yourself to fire some plasma shots into his open mouth. He won't like it, and he flies up to break the red laser. Hopefully, at this point, you have about half your health left. Know that there are only two wrenches in this level. One is near the central prism and the other is behind the laser emitter.

Go back behind the elevator to where you picked up the red laser. Grab a reflective box as square as you can and roll back out to the main room. Pick a side, left or right of the laser and wait for the green laser to come up to the middle. If you're holding the box right, you'll be shielded from the NOED's blasts and the green laser. Reflect it into the NOED, and as soon as it goes down this time, back out of the laser, drop the box, and shoot its mouth with more plasma.

Now you've pissed it off. One more time. This was a bit easier for me when I kept the central prism between myself and the NOED. Its eye laser nuked itself, and I rolled over, 180 degrees around it to fire the final shot off and beat the security center.

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Thanks dude
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