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thought i'd let everyone know

i was dedicated online, very dedicated (700 hours) and i still know people with more then 700 (upwards of 10,000 hours on all chars.). and seeing as there are still roughly only 130k, thats with secondary profiles and the common player, do roughly 50k online, and 13 million XBL'ers thats about .25-1% of the community has played it online seriously... and seeing as how any PSU-er more then likely uses PSO-world forums instead of these i'd say .002% of PSU'ers have an X360A acc.

so let me break it down. the achievements(online) can be boosted and done in under 5 hours (if you know what your doing) or 20-30 hours of playing with a friend and having fun. to anyone considering getting it, get it, it's much like WoW, but way more fun, and it's very indepth, i think the reason i love it so much is the friends you make on it, unlike CoD4/MW2 you will ALMOST NEVER meet a douchebag, and people are easily willing to help out. it's a very underrated game, considering IGN gave it like a 4, when if you played online, and enjoyed it, it's a solid 10/10. one a 3 MMORPG's on the 360 (PSU, FF11, Secret World(the latter has yet to be released)). just wanted everyone to get an indepth look in. just thought i'd make this cuss it has soooo many memories to me =*)
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You can do some of the online achievements that fast, but the final one that was released today, requires you to be lvl90 min. In which is going to take you alot more than 30 hours. Depending on how you play your going to need the better part of a month or 2 just to be strong enough to get into the mission. And thats if your only playing PSU.
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