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lXl Will lXl
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Originally Posted by Darkil View Post
I'm sorry if I missed this but how do you do one of the "special flights"?
They are usually in the lobby's by the flyer bases, or near the entrance of the missions. I want to say they are all casts, but Ive only really ever paid attention to that on Parum.
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So I hit 90 and got my DF 2 achievement today... Did it with a very weird group but we got it done...

DF 2 Group

4 L90s [LOL yah L90s]

2 Beast ForteFighters
1 Cast ForteGunner [Me]
1 ? ForteTecher

The regular mission was pretty simple enough even though the monsters are L155-L165 but with the Techer and Fighters I was able to just snipe away with no issues and since we had a techer I didn't have to use any x-mates... I think throughout the whole regular mission 1 of the fighters used 1 Scapedoll...

DF Form #1

This is your basic flying DF so it was just a regular fight with him but it was WAY longer than usual probably 10-15 min. worth of fighting... I think I used like 5 Photon Charges and got off 2 SUVs... 2 More scape dolls used by the fighters

DF Form #2

So now the REAL fight... The board your fighting on is a CIRCLE so all I did was run basically 90 degrees from where DF was and just shot those bullets non stop... As this was just a random group we didn't really plan much for this boss but we all had 10 scape dolls to start with and some of us had Moon Atomizers [I had 10 of the reg. and 10 of the X]...

DF Form #2 stands/lays at the edge of the circle and that is where the fighters are able to hit him. He sometimes rotates around the circle and sends his tail directly opposite him and sweeps towards his head or away from his head so standing 90 degrees away from him I was pretty much safe for those attacks. Once in awhile he would do a 270 degree sweep with his tail so its a 50 / 50 shot if I get hit by this attack. Luckily with a techer in the group with buffs I would only die from this attack 33% of the time [but if i survived i would have severely low HP and need a heal or needed to use an x-mate]...

DF Form #2 also has a NUKE/Meteor Attack that hits the entire board and that attack KILLED EVERYONE in our party but luckily this only happened once and it was when 3 outta 4 of us had scapedolls... He also has a TARGETED Bomb attack that hits [with buffs/debuffs from Techer] for about 1500 but it attacks 3 times so your not healed or don't use a x-mate fast enough you'll die...

As for fighting him his ELEMENT changes based on what he was attacked with last when he is about to change forms. He seems to change forms after he does his sweep attack [the 270 degree attack] 3 times so based on this we would all try to hit him with LIGHT right before he is about to change because our fighters had better DARK weaps than anything else... It worked most of the time till the battle started to drag on and we all started getting low on Photon Charges and Scape Dolls...

One of our fighters lost all their scape dolls first and our techer would res/heal asap. Then the other 3 of us started getting low and when the techer used up all the scape dolls our situation started to look grim. So at this point in the battle we all tried to split up so nothing would take us ALL out at the same time. As long as the techer was alive he could res/heal any of us. If the techer fell I had 10 Atomizers and 10 Atomizer Xs on hand. [By the end of the battle I was down to 5 Xs and 6 Regulars]

So after a 10 min. or so fight [Ya DF Form #1 took us longer since I was the only one with range weapons], after bleeding all my photon charges and 2 riles and 1/2 a Laser cannon [I was doing only about 350-500 damage a shot depending on the element of DF], after 10 used scape dolls, 20 used dimates, 15 used trimates, 4 used stars, and countless X button presses DF Form #2 fell to our little ragtag group of L90s...
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Oh and for reference after I lost all my scape dolls I was only res'd by the techer twice. I was fairly safe from my little shooting spot... I overused the Res Atomizers even tho the techer could have res'd some of fighters, but since I was closer and didn't want the techer to run ACROSS the map OVER the danger zone I just used the Res Atomizers... And for future Gunners who go to the battle stay on the edge of the circle at ALL times lol.

And if your going with a low lvl group conserve your photon charges for DF #2 fight OR bring EXTRA rifles/weapons... I only brought long range weapons [2x Rifles / 2x Laser Cannons]
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