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Old 04-18-2009, 02:45 PM   #1
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Legendry Help

IM stuck in golden hills and any tips would be helpful
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I haven't got that far yet but I wonder if you can help me. I'm stuck on the heavens peak underground. Right at the very beginning where, after getting your brown minions by using your blues to save them after they drown, you come up against a million zombies (ok maybe not a million) but there's loads. How are you meant to get passed this bit?!

So far I've tried taking the whole group across the pipe, as the browns can't go in the water, I then make two guard markers. One for the 5 blues and one for the 15 browns. I then try to send the browns in to kill a few zombies and the blues go to save any browns that die. This tactic just isn't working though as my browns get pummeled straight away. HELP!

Well after a few more attempts I've managed to do it. Initially when you get lots of zombies coming at you all at once you need to kill as many as possible with your fireball spell. Then your browns can manage with the few that are left and you just need to draw a few in at a time for your browns to deal with.

Hopefully I'll reach golden hills now and be able to help at a later date!
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Death Metal Jim
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i posted this on the xbox forums and figured i'd post it here as well for anyone looking for advice on Legendary.

to me the hardest part in legendary was killing Melvin Underbelly, it's almost essential to keep your minions alive at least until he starts rolling around, it takes dozens of hits with your axe to kill him and afterward you'll need to take a break from it

Evernight can be a real annoyance looking for those root nodes but Oberon himself is actually very easy. Just run by everything and destroy the roots as soon as you can, then move on to the next.

Heaven's Peak is very easy, i had no problems with any of the Succubus or Sir William. I'd avoid getting the Durium Smelter as it really doesn't help much and you should save all you minions for when you get the Arcanium Smelter.

Golden Hills only has two annoying things, the Flamethrowers and the Dwarfs with the exploding arrows, the Flamethrowers are easy as long as you position your reds in front of them and hit them from behind. Unfortunately even with an Arcanium Mace it'll take about 10 hits to kill it, if you're using your regular Axe be prepared to hit it about 35-40 times. Goldo is pretty easy as long as you stay away from the flamethrower and just keep jabbing

The Ruborian Desert is extremely simple but very time consuming. Just take your time killing those Sandworms as they'll kill you immediately even if you have the Arcanium Armor i believe.

When fighting Kahn, for some reason my greens just stopped jumping on him when he was at half health, so i used my reds to eventually take him down, be prepared to lose about 200-300 greens fighting Kahn and protecting Spree

The Wizard is just as simple on Legendary, just make sure you have alot of greens and browns. Have them go in for the kill when he's casting his forcefield and it's color is the same color as your minion type.
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Old 03-04-2010, 01:52 PM   #4
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My advise is: Upgrade your armor to auto refill health!
With an upgraded armor every difficulty can be turned into being just time consuming.
Like the Zombie parts. Kill a few Zombies, go into the water, heal, come back and kill more Zombies. I know with the first armor healing takes forever but if u r completely stuck on a part and see no way this could come in as an option.
You could pass the Durium but it makes William much easier but probably that decrease in difficulty isn't worth the time you need to farm for its full upgrade.
Anyway whenever u have problems with something just sit back to heal or just farm for a mass of missions.
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take your time dont rush
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Where is the best place to grind for each type of life force? The guides on here only cover the normal difficulty so they're irrelevant.

I've been grinding for brown life force at Heaven's Peak town camp outside the city, getting 30-40 each time. I don't know where to grind for red, green and blue so I'm trying the dungeon to fight the various Beatles. I mainly need brown and green for upgrading my equipment.
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Hit and run attacks are also very helpful. Lure enemies out in small groups (or better yet one at a time) from the main pack.

Left trigger target using browns when possible, then charge attack with right trigger, only letting them attack for a few seconds before recalling the whole squad by holding down b.

Putting your units on a guard marker from time to time and scouting forward can also be very helpful when it comes to avoiding ambushes. Every enemy has a weak spot (intentional or glitched due to poor a.i) just experiment and learn the patterns.

Don't forget to force saves/checkpoints by traveling back to your tower and the returning to your progress point. A few minuets backtracking is infinitely better then loosing an hour because the developers decided on an unreasonable checkpoint system.
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