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Alien Hominid HD
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Old 05-01-2009, 09:22 PM   #1
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Perfect Fight Tips and Tricks

Here is what I did to unlock the Perfect Fight with the 2nd controller glitch patched:

I started the level with only 1 controller. I headed to the far right side and faced left. When the boss came out, I started flinging nades at him. I actually started a tad early so most of them landed on him when he appeared. I stayed on the far right side and faced RIGHT. I held down the x button to charge my shot. When fully charged, I faced left and fired. I immediately faced right again. If he started walking towards me (he stays on the bottom until he throws the grenade that makes the floor burn) I would jump onto the platform above me still facing right. He would turn around. When he turned around, I would press down and hit 'A' so I would drop to the floor again. Once he climbed up to the top platform, I went up to and avoided the gun shots. Jump the first one and duck the 2nd, continue until floor is clear. I kept at this and was able to move onto the next stage without losing a guy. This doesn't always work, but once I got this pattern down, I was able to move on to the 2nd stage without losing any lives. The 2nd stage is easy, so I will move onto the 3rd stage. This is where I died a lot. Just keep firing at him and using the jump and shoot trick to cause damage to him and jumping over him. Doing this usually causes him to not slice you and he simply moves to the other side. Rinse and repeat until the 2 helicopters come out. I lasted until both were destroyed and then I died. IF YOU MAKE IT TO THIS FINAL PART and die - press start on another controller and beat the boss. Achievement unlocked for me on 2 accounts with this method. Neb86 also posted it worked for him. He actually gave me the idea to try this. Even though th game is now patched, by doing this I was able to successfully get the achievement. Good luck!
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did you die as in get a game over?? then you let it game over you or did you kill him before the 10 seconds went up for game over
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