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Velvet Assassin
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EASIEST Way To Beat The Game on AGENT

I love Swagger's guide, but I just could NOT get through the last part of the last chapter on Agent behind the tree. SO I came up with another way.

FIRST go to the game controls and increase the brightness so in that pitch dark you can see the guys more easily. I put it on five or six I think and it made it a LOT easier.

Second, you have to have close to full health.

You start by luring as many guys after the cut scene of things burning up down the street as possible. I usually just ran up the street fired a few shots, got them to follow me, then ran upstairs in that building.

Then I'd pick off the guys coming down the road one by one or shoot the guy with the flamethrower so his tank would explode and take them out with him.

But, after a time, they stop coming until you go start the last batch by going through the gates.

BEFORE You do that there is ammo everywhere. If you go forward a little bit and to the right you will see a stone fence, go through it to the left, around the corner and you'll see some ammo. TAKE it.

Some other bodies will have health and ammo on them as well. Get what you need.

SO after that final batch comes and you have to go up the road, I always died on the hardest setting. I was able to get through it on the easier settings, but this one was TOO hard for me.

So I decided to mix things up a bit.

I go through the gate on the far right -- if you're facing in. I ignore all the bullets and health packs and, as soon as I'm at the first box (or crate or whatever that red thing is on the ground) I run as fast as I can out the center gate and to the left to hide in the shadows.

THEN you'll see one guy with a flamethrower running up the street. Hide in the shadows and kill him quick. THEN start running down the street. Another flamethrower guy will be coming at you. FIRE and kill him. Then run back to that house, get on the second floor, crouch and wait for the people to come down the street. There will be waves.

You kill one wave, go raid the bodies for ammo, then shoot up the street so they will start coming down the street again. After three or four times, the game ends and you've WON!

I found this to be a LOT easier. YOU might have to do it a few times going through the gate and making it back to the house, but you should be able to do this with patience!

SO try it out and let me know if it works for you. I have all the achievements now except beat the game under 5 hours and 200 silent kills. BUT I will probably play the game again in a few months and go for those!
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I haven't played this game on Agent yet, but I used this strategy on Normal and it worked like a charm. The last battle gave me trouble on Normal, so whenever I decide to play on Agent, I'll be using this method no doubt!

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I hope you're able to do it as easily as I did it
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Well, I feel a combo of Swaggers and your method is the best and works every time, as I was struggling with your method to descend the street the second time.

1) Run up, full ammo, full health, and hide next to the left shed. Fire once at a guy, and hide crouched in the dark in front of the locked door. Don't hide in the back, or the flamethrower guy will burn you behind the house, somehow. Just kill the 5 guys that come here, then do an ammo run when the music stops, and go for the health in the first house, downstairs.

2) Then run up and do Swaggers' method. Go through the right entrance in the wall running, quickly tap A to get the health pack and the ammo and hide behind the tree, then do what he does.
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