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* New Ooze* is glitched. ( not for everyone )

No matter what I do, I can't collect 50/50 canisters. It always says 49/50 collected. And I can't delete my file and restart because it's saved on XBL...There's NOTHING I can do...I'm not sure what causes this glitch but make sure you get everything in one run. ( no mission replays )

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Cross-posting this from the Unachievable Achievement Thread, just in case you're not checking there too:

This is a long shot as this guide was created for another game (Army of Two: The 40th Day), but you might consider following the steps below--naturally you'll have to adapt them a bit but the basic idea is the same. From the way you've described it, I'd say the reason that these glitches occur is identical: like Zombie Wranglers, The 40th Day saves some stats to your gamer profile, and if anything should happen to corrupt them, there's no way to reset them. With The 40th Day, you could prevent the game from loading your profile properly and force a reset with the following steps. It's worth a try! Of course, you'll have to start all over again if it does succeed in wiping your save, but it might be the only option...

Originally Posted by JeanRob View Post
***Note: Please make sure you have all of the other "obtainable" achievements before you do this.

This was tested on a 360 Elite, with a 256MB MU and 2GB USB thumb drive. I did not have a HDD connected on my 360. (Not sure if that makes a difference but I figured I might mention it.) (This also works on n XBox 360 Slim with a 250GB HDD, thanks to Son of Kyuss for testing.)

Now these following steps will walk you through how to reset your stats for this game that are tied into your XBOX 360 Profile. This will not affect any of your other games, so no worries.

1.)Move your current profile onto your USB thumb drive. Along with your saves and DLC for this game. (Again, not sure if this makes a difference but I'm letting you know exactly what I did.)

2.)Clear your system cache. (Please google how to do this, if you don't know how.)

3.)Load up Army of Two 40th Day, as the EA logo appears, remove the USB thumb drive from your XBOX. You'll now see a message saying to reinsert the memory device, ignore this.

4.)Now start a new solo campaign, just before you select a new save to start the game (which in my case was on my MU) reinsert the thumb drive. Make sure to hit the Home button to check to see if your profile has reloaded.

5.)Now start the game. If everything worked accordingly, when your in your new game press start, and check your statistics everything should read 0. If it doesn't you did something wrong.

6.)If the above step worked, reconnect to XBOX Live and download the update for the game.
*** It's being reported that some are having issues with this step. If there are any issues, back out to the dashboard, then reload the game and accept the update.

7.)Now select your USB thumb drive with your saves, as your save device. Start the campaign, select a completed save, and replay the DLC to unlock any previously glitched achievements.
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Gamertag: oopsifelldown
I'll try it and let you know! Thank you sooo much for replying.

EDIT : I just ordered myself a Sandisk Cruzer Fit 32gb USB flash drive on sale for 26.95$. I've honestly never used a flash drive or any third party software on my Xbox so i might not be able to do this right, but once it comes in the mail i'll try it. I have over 400 games and files saved on my gamertag, I hope i don't do anything wrong lol.

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Gamertag: oopsifelldown
I don't think it's going to work, I tried it and when I pull out my USB it tells me right away to sign into a profile, I don't think you can play the game without it.
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