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Fungalshambler's achievement guide

First I would like to note that there are other achievement guides in the forums, but it seemed like they didn't give a perfect description on how to get some of the tougher achievements, so I'll do my best to describe how to get them VERY EASILY!!!

-Note: This is my very first attempt at making an achievement guide, so give me a break if somethings are a bit off. I also don't know how to add pics, but hopefully I'll go into enough depth to help those who seriously need the HELP!!!

Let's start out with the single player ones:

VETERAN: (15G) Play 100 games (single player). I would first go for this achievement. It'll make searching for your monkey friend easier (you won't have to keep scrolling back to find him). The way you finish a match REALLY FAST is go into single player, classic chess, single game, rated, then choose your opponent. Once chosen, hit this combo: start, exit game, X to resign, A, A, A (now saving) Match completed in 1 sec. Now even speedy gonzallez would say that's fast

Now that we're at a low rank, we don't need to scroll to get to that damned dirty ape: Stanley (level 1 ELO BOT)

APPRENTICE: (5G) Win 1 game...against Stanley you have to be dumber than an ape to lose to him.

(10G) Capture all your opponent's pieces in Classic Chess (single player). Just play ELO BOT 1 (Stanley the monkey), and make sure to collect every piece before checkmating, VERY EASY!!!

(20G) Win 1 game (single player) in less than 5 minutes (personal time). Beat 1 game against Stanley in less than 5 minutes, if you don't get this on the first try, you'll surely get it when beating Stanley the remaining 19 tries when attempting for the Master Achievement.

(25G) Win 20 games (single player). If you can beat Stanley once, you can surely beat him again.

(20) Complete 30 puzzles. Do chess puzzles, and select HUNG PIECE. This is very easy, if you know how pieces move in chess, this achievement shouldn't take more than 5-10 minutes.

(25) Defeat a chess personality with an ELO rating of 1000 or more. Now go into single player, classic chess, single game, CHOOSE PRACTICE, select any bot 1000 or greater (I chose LUCY ELO 1006). Now hit LB, and select HINT. From here just keep doing the hint, until LUCY is checkmated. Easy Achievement!!!

Now for those annoying multiplayer achievements:
I would like to note that I'm not that good at chess, and I boosted the achievements with 2 people. Here's the fastest way I found out how to WIN A MATCH: It takes no more than 5 secs, it's a 2 move checkmate.
1.) account that wants the achievements should be black and should be searching for the match, while the account that's going to be aiding the other account should be host and be the color white. Now once the aiding account hosts a "classic match" have the achievement account search for "classic match" and the other variables any. Once the two join up, follow these directions exactly for a two move checkmate. (There are quadrants on chess board on horizontal and vertical axis's labeled by numbers and letters, you'll see them on outter edges of board).
Losing account white (W):
Achievement receiving account black (B):
-these are movements of the pieces for the 2 move CHECKMATE
(W): pawn G2-G4
(B): pawn E7-E6
(W): Pawn F2-F3
(B): Queen C8-H4

*NOTE: if someone random joins your game, DON'T TOUCH ANY PIECES and QUIT!!! You won't lose any rank, and you won't affect the random person who joins your account either. Wait about 10-20 secs, then try to re-host. If you move just 1 piece, it'll consider it a total loss and you'll lose rank, so be sure NOT TO TOUCH ANY PIECES BEFORE QUITTING!!!

APPRENTICE: 5G) Win 1 game (single player). Follow steps above 5 sec achievement

RISING STAR: (15G) Win online against a higher ranked player. This will be very easy if you follow steps above with two players boostig with one another.

JACK OF ALL TRADES: (15G) Win 1 online game in all chess variants. Follow steps above for all the following game types (classic chess, dark chess, and extinction chess. For progressive chess and losing chess, you'll have to use a different strategy. Fool around in those two game types, and you'll figure it out how to play them. If the other person is cooperating, you'll surely win when you need too.

(10G) Play 20 online games. Follow steps above, you should get this in a matter of minutes. (approx 5 secs/match when my friend and I boosted it).

PRO PLAYER: (25G) Win 10 ranked online games. Follow steps above, you should get this in a matter of minutes. (approx 5 secs/match when my friend and I boosted it).

GLORIOUS: (15G) Achieve an online rating of 1200 in any type of chess. This one is terrible. It's the "seriously..." for chess. It tooke me 233 wins, and my friend 185 wins. Even with the 2-move checkmate move, it's very time consuming. Well regardless, follow my original strategy for the 2-move checkmate, and you should get this achievement eventually. The ELO system is a true skill type rating system. Meaning if you're expected to win you don't get many points added to your ELO rating. if you're expected to lose and you lose, you don't get minused that many points as well. The best way to level up REALLY FAST, is to face someone with a much higher level then your own, and keep CHECKMATING him/her for a good bit of time. After achievement is unlocked, you can then lose a lot of times to give that player back their rank, or even increase theirs to give them the glorious achievement as well.

*NOTE: you might need another account to help you out on this one. My friend and I boosted me to 1149 ELO, and I stopped getting points. He used another account to boost his rank back up, and then and only then could we finish my 1200 ELO.

Well I'm ending it here. If you have any suggestions please tell me, for it's my first achievement guide. If it's helpful to anyone it's also nice to here acknowledgement once in a while .
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