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taxi pack help

i got the move from jamjars in the dinoworld but when i try to do what he says i cant get it to work...not that i understand anyways. english please? what do i press to get it to work?
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Taxi Pack:
Hold down RT to crouch and then flick the right analog stick to the left. Keeping the RT held down will make Banjo walk around holding his pack out infront of him. When like this press X to put things into the backpack. Letting go of RT will put the pack back on Banjo's back.

If something is in the backpack, hold down RT and flick the analog stick to the left again and Banjo will pull out the object and put it down where he is standing.


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thanks bro, i was wondering this last night and it was drivin me crazy. stupid jamjars never said how to use it : (

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Max Torque
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Yeah, that bugged me too. But, if you push "interact" at the same Jamjars silo door after he's already given you the move, he'll tell you very specifically how to do it, with no singing or music.
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