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Awards Showcase Achievement Guide - Bronze   Road Map - Bronze
Total Awards: 2 (more» ...)
Rumble Roses XX Strategy Guide

Rumble Roses XX Strategy Guide
This Strategy Guide covers tips on strengths and weaknesses of each Rose and the best way to fight with them so that it will be easier to win matches and earn wins toward your Title Shot or reward money to cover all costume charges. Lastly, this guide also covers the 30 Lambdas. It will show you how to win matches in under 20 seconds with the Shooter 1 Method and how to have all costumes purchased with each Lambda within 2 hours each. This guide is nothing new, just a revamp of the prior two guides I made that needed some editing. As the game is 4 years old now I would hope all the work of re-mastering them wonít go in vain. Now letís begin.

Career Mode
Although there is hardly a story to this game it is more of a Career Mode as you take your selected Rose through an assortment of matches as you pursue the Singles Championship. Above is the Map Menu where youíll make choices as to what to do next. Throughout Career Mode you will pit your Rose against other Roses pursuing the same prize, the Singles Championship. Once you receive the Championship match at the Arena you must defeat the incumbent champion to beat the game and receive credits which counts as a play through.

Note: Before beginning Career Mode be sure to head to the Locker Room and from there go to Options and set your Match Rules like so:

Entrance: Off
Street Fight Length: 1 minute
Lethal Charge Speed: Fastest
H-Point Charge Speed: Fastest
Difficulty: Normal or Hard

This will speed up your progression in the game when you are going for the achievements. This makes it easier to save up specials to spam on your opponents, cuts off entrances so that way you get straight to the match, and lets you defeat opponents in street fights by time out if you are losing. As for difficulty you may want to start out as Normal to get a feel for the game. But by the time you are focused on buying costumes it needs to be on Hard so that you earn more reward money. Now on to Map Menu choices:

From here you can select whichever match type you wish to play in. Exhibition is a good place to go when you need to practice your moves or fight against a friend! Please note that you cannot win money in exhibition matches nor does defeating Roses here count towards the Title Match requirements.

Skyscraper Arena
This is one of the three main venues you may take your Rose to play matches at. This venue takes place on top of a skyscraper late at night and there are no entrances at this venue. There are no weapons at this stage, so if youíre ever in trouble you will be pretty much on your own. This is also one of the arenas that you have to play a match at in order to unlock each Roseís unique swimsuit.

Red Valley Arena
The Red Valley Arena is yet another one of the three main venues where you can play multiple match types, the other two being the Arena and Skyscraper venue. This venue takes place in the mountains and it appears to be a pit stop for bikers or truckers looking for some entertainment. You may also utilize weapons here if you need them. See the Arena for more info.

The Nexus for all wrestling matches, the Arena! This is where Championship Matches are held, but most importantly this is the most ideal place for any match type to be taken place. If you are ever in trouble you can always use weapons and there are no disqualifications in the world of Rumble Roses XX. See 'Weapons' for more info.

Locker Room
This is your resting area whenever you need a break from bumping heads. Here are the choices available to you at the Locker room:

Character Change: From here you can select a different Rose to play as.

Partner Change: If you wish to pair with a different partner in Tag matches this is the place to go. When highlighted, it will also tell you who your current partner is.

Photo Shoot: This is where you can take photos of your selected Rose or make it a two character photo shoot if you want. You are also able to choose what they wear and at what venue the shoot will take place.
Note: To unlock this mode, purchase the digital camera from The Shop.

Game Snapshot: Here is where you view the photos you have taken of your Roses, which can be saved on your HDD or a MU.

Customize: This is where you change the costumes and physique of your character. Under customize you are also able to change your characters entrance theme and put on their unique swimsuit.

Sound Test: Listen to background music and voice over action here.

Records: This is where your statistics are located. From total play time to the amount of times you used each character itís all here. You can also view your start ups here as well.

Options: This is where you can save your game which is very important since Rumble Roses XX has no auto-save feature. Go to Data Save and you can save your progress from there. But most importantly you can edit the Match Rules here to your liking. Be sure to put difficulty on Hard for maximum profits! Set entrances to off to save time, and Street Fight Length to 1 minute to save time when collecting money.

Exit: Leave the Locker Room and return to Career Mode.

Street Fights
This is where the fight gets personal. Whenever the Roses canít settle their differences in the ring they take it outside, in a cage! This is one of your more ideal match types in Story Mode. These can be completed in a matter of 2 minutes depending on time limit. Most of your money grinding will be done here as it saves much more time and a lot of my strategy tips come from wrestling at this venue! Please make use of the fence trick here. Whip your opponent into the fence with button and once they hit it and are groggy attack them with . They will bounce off the fence allowing you to repeat your onslaught. Continue to press and the bounce animation will repeat until they are knocked out. Some Roses have different attacks so try mixing them up with directional pad if you have to.

Island Resort
Queens Matches are played here. Itís basically a match where the Roses take each other on in their swimwear and the loser must be humiliated. How must they be humiliated? Itís your choice! There are a variety of penalties to choose from but there are some that must be unlocked and purchased from The Shop. This venue takes place near shore on a beach and really does a nice job of lightening the mood of the match.You need to go here to unlock the Marine Gift swimsuits. It's also a good place to check for the Rose you need to defeat for your Title requirements

The Shop
This is where you purchase items with your hard earned reward money (RR). For a in-depth guide of everything you need to know about the shop visit the Shop FAQ by clicking HERE.

Go here to play online against opponents around the world via Xbox Live!

This is where you can view artwork purchased at the shop.

This game will give you a brief description of the controls for this game here. But for a more in depth Tutorial please go HERE.

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Awards Showcase Achievement Guide - Bronze   Road Map - Bronze
Total Awards: 2 (more» ...)
Wrestling Strategy Guide

Obtaining the Singles Championship should be relatively easy with each Rose, however sometimes knowing each one's strengths, weaknesses and advantages can also help out, not to mention the best and worst match-ups. Tips on how to win Street Fights are included here as well since that's the best match type for the 20 main Roses. There is also a weapon section to help you secure easy wins if you don't mind playing a little dirty. This Strategy Guide should help you understand each Rose's play style and give you ideas of how to win matches easier and help you get that title shot faster and snag that 332,000 in reward money to purchase all of that Roses costumes. So here you go:

Street Fights

Street Fights are probably the best way to gain a Title shot and gather cash as they are short if you put the time limit on 1 minute and can be easily won if you find a rhythm with the Rose you're using, the only worry after that is bad match-ups. Street Fights also make it easier for you to find the girl you need to face to get a title shot since its always a 1 on 1 match something that's not always guaranteed at most other venues except Island Resort. Anyways here are some easy to follow tips that will help you win Street Fights even on HARD difficulty.

1. Save your Specials. Use Round 1 as a chance to get some strikes and grapples in to get some Specials saved up. Then on Round 2 just spam them on the CPU with for a guaranteed win!

2. Use the fence trick to your advantage. Stun whip your opponent into the fence with ,they will hit the fence and become groggy. Walk up and stand right in front of them and attack them with and they will bounce off the fence, as they bounce off hit again then continue the onslaught as it will repeat the animation until the CPU KO's or counters.If the CPU counters just Stun whip them into the fence again and repeat until they KO.

3. Use launchers they net you very good damage. Launchers are when you uppercut your opponent high into the air. To do a launcher double tap towards your opponent then quickly hit to launch them into the air. After hitting a launcher you can capitalize with a Lethal juggle by pressing right before they hit the ground to knock the CPU across the stage! You can also juggle with combos by repeatedly pressing with correct timing. You can also hit to juggle them then right after for a two hit juggle.

4. If you're having trouble defeating your opponent try getting more damage on them than they have on you. Now just stay away from they by tapping and away from them and let the clock expire for an easy win.


There's nothing wrong with playing a little dirty especially if its legal! As I said there are no disqualifications in the world of Rumble Roses XX so anything goes. Located on each corner outside the ring is a weapon bin. Move toward a corner then press +directional toward it to pull out a weapon from your desired corner.

Left Corner: Baseball Bat
Right Corner: Brass Knuckles
North Corner: Tickle Stick
South Corner: Boat Oar

These weapons can change the tide of the match very quickly and you can also use them to cheat your way to a championship victory. But remember that weapons are only available at the Arena and Red Valley venue so you may not be able to steal wins all the time but at least you can cheat championship matches which are exclusive to the Arena.There are also boat oars located on the left and right side of the ring at the Island Resort venue if you also wish to change the tides of the match there.

Weapons are not exclusive to bins some of the Roses come equipped with them at the start of a match! While some weapons are obviously more effective than others they definitely give you an advantage so here are the Roses that start matches with a weapon of their own.

Rowdy Reiko: Singapore Cane
Sgt. Clemets: Baton
Candy Cane: Electric Guitar
Great Khan: Torch
Mistress: Whip

Using Weapons
Normal Attack:
Running Attack: Run at opponent(), press
Weapon Grapple: or +

When using weapons you will notice that they get your special meter up really fast. Use this to your advantage and spam your Super or Lethal against them for a guaranteed win!Each Rose above has a weapon special also that can executed from nearly any position with ! Just get near your opponent and hit it is considered a Lethal for some reason when you use a weapon special and they rank up lots of humiliation which helps if you prefer to defeat your opponents with H-Moves.

Default Roses
Here I will give a rundown and some tricks you can use with each of the 10 Roses you start out with at the beginning of the game. Each has their own distinct advantage over one other which can give you that extra edge when facing them in a wrestling match. I will give their Strength and Weakness along with an overall character ranking. Just remember that if you unlock their Superstar version and use it that their move-set will be slightly different from their default version. To get the Superstar version of a Rose get her popularity up to 85(yellow zone) or higher then go to character change. At the Character Select menu select the Rose you wish to use in Superstar form and you will be given a choice between Normal or Superstar. Move left or right to select that costume, you can also choose a different color from here as well!

Reiko Hinomoto
Rundown: She is the protagonist in Rumble Roses XX and she is probably your best first pick when you’re still getting use to the controls. She has a few good setups and she seems to have no weaknesses or advantages over the other Roses either.

Strengths: Well Rounded

Weakness: No true advantages over anyone

Tips: Reiko's move-set is pretty solid but nothing flashy. Her move-set is made up of basic wrestling maneuvers like a Suplex, a DDT, and back-breakers. However if you're trying to win matches with her try Street Fights. Her Angel Dive works well in Street Fights and there are tons of set ups. Get your special up and stun whip your opponent into the concrete wall and you can hit her Lethal as they crumple to the ground with , Reiko will hop on top of the fence a perform a diving moonsault called the Angel Dive. You can also hit + for a DDT then quickly press as Reiko is getting up for an easy Angel Dive! This makes winning with Reiko much easier. Outside of Street Fights Reiko is pretty basic. Her Sunrise Suplex is not very strong so go with the Angel Dive in most cases by getting on top of the turnbuckle while your opponent is downed then hit . Reiko is easy to use and you shouldn't have much trouble winning matches with her.

Character Rank: B

Makoto Aihara
Rundown: Makoto Aihara is a judo fighter so her move-set is mostly made up of take-downs or side slams nothing special. Her real strength is her submissions and she has so many that its hard not get humiliated when facing her. But there's not much else to work with aside from submissions. Her specials are pretty weak also.

Strengths: Submission specialist, Great for H-moves.

Weakness: Low attack, Weak specials, Submission-only

Tips: There's not much to work with in Street Fights with Makoto since you can't use submissions there so it's in the ring where she is most lethal. Almost every other move in her repertoire makes humiliates your opponent. The best way to humiliate your opponent is to approach them and Hit + for a start up grab then hit + this will be your setup. While the CPU is on the ground hit + this will fill up their humiliation bar very fast. Capitalize with an H-Move () for the win.

Character Rank: D

Evil Rose
Rundown: Reiko Hinomoto's best friend, Evil Rose is the loud mouth of Rumble Roses XX. She is pretty freaky with the lion noises she likes to make but also but her game-play is pretty unique. Her move-set is probably a cross of Anesthesia and Reiko Hinomoto's with drivers and head planters that will have her opponents begging for mercy. She has some good setups to help you capitalize with her Monster Stomp or you can always use her Rolling Powerbomb which also deals decent damage.

Strengths: Wild mysterious character, Unpredictable

Weaknesses: Poor Movement Speed

Tips: In a Street Fight Evil Rose has the same setup for her Monster Stop as Reiko has for her Angel Dive. Whip your opponent into the concrete wall with then as they fall to the ground hit for Monster Stomp. In the ring Evil Rose is not totally helpless if you approach your opponent and hit + for a grapple start up, then hit + this will net you some nice humiliation against the CPU.You wont have to repeat this move too much to get a chance to hit her H-Move for an easy win. Other than that her Rolling Powerbomb is a good finish or you can use Monster Stomp which is done to a downed opponent when your on the turnbuckle. If you're looking for more moves that give humiliation here are more but these moves are from her Superstar version only:

Deadly Piledriver: (Front Grapple)+ then +
Arm Bite: (Front Grapple) + then +

Character Rank: B

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Awards Showcase Achievement Guide - Bronze   Road Map - Bronze
Total Awards: 2 (more» ...)
Rundown: Benikage the ninja is very fun to use. Her movements are Shinobi-like, she's quick, agile, and good at humiliating, also her specials are entertaining to look at. She also turns into a wooden log when she counters you so look out!There's only one tragic flaw she has, she has the worst defense in the game. Benikage won't last very long in a Street Fight against foes like Aigle or Dixie Clemets. Her speed makes up for her low defense so if you're outmatched then just flee! But seriously Benikage can get knocked out within 10 seconds of a Street Fight if you're not careful.

Strengths: Fastest Rose in the game, pretty good humiliation also.

Weakness: Worst defense in the game, can be KO'd very easily, stay away from Dixie and Aigle in Street Fights if you can.

Tips: Benikage is about as good at humiliating as Makoto. In the ring you can start up a grab with + then hit + for a slap and kick combo. Just doing that move twice completely humiliates your opponent which lets you hit H-Moves. Other than that you also have her Secret Technique Lethal which is where she summons a frog and it eats your opponent. A good setup for this move is a front grapple + then + again this leaves them groggy, hit for this interesting move that also humiliates your opponents. If you have trouble defeating Aigle and Dixie in Street Fights try using the tips I gave for Street Fights for assistance. Her running grapples seem to work pretty well against them as well.

Character Rank: C

Rundown: Aigle is a Mongolian wrestler and if you know anything about Mongolians they are tough. Aigle is the toughest Rose in the game next to Dixie Clemets and she has a distinct advantage over all the other Roses in Street Fights. Aigle is a powerhouse in and out of the ring so no matter where you face her she'll be throwing you around. Sadly other than power and toughness there's not much else she has to bring to the table.

Strengths: Toughest in the game, can take lots of damage in Street Fights without being knocked out.

Weakness: Limited move-set

Tips: With her power and toughness I suggest you just head into Street Fight and knock some heads. There really is no worry as she's hard to KO anyway. Only Dixie will give you a run for your money and even then they're pretty much equal. Her Killer, White Doe, is not really strong so you may wanna go for her Lethal instead in most cases which is done when the opponent is running towards you. If you need a good way to cheese with her in the ring you can start the match off by running then tackling your opponent with . Then when in front of their legs hit + for a stomp that gives humiliation, keep hitting + for easy humiliation then capitalize with her lethal for wins.

Character Rank: B

Dixie Clemets
Rundown: Next to Aigle, Dixie is the toughest and most dominant Rose in the game. If only she were not so slow she would be the best Rose in the game easy if she can avoid Spencer's infinite. Like Aigle Dixie is very good in Street Fights because her vitality hardly goes down even after a Killer is hit on her. Her Dixie Buster submission is a very good Lethal that is done near the legs of a downed opponent and her Superstar version is even nastier. Go with her submission Lethal instead of Texas Driver in the ring.

Strengths: Powerful, Good dominant game, great in Street Fights

Weakness: Slow

Tips: Since she is so dominant in Street Fights you might as well play them for the most part to grant you some easy wins. Spam her Texas Driver(Killer) when you're winning since it takes a while to execute, it will kill enough time on the clock to simply win by timeout. In the ring you should use her Dixie Buster its a great submission and delivers a tap out pretty easily.It can be done at the legs of a downed opponent.

Character Rank: B+

Candy Cane
Rundown: The Rockstar of Rumble Roses is ready to knock some heads but her major issue is her weakness. Not only are her basic moves weak but so are her killers. She is also the 2nd weakest in terms of defense in the game. But does that mean that Candy Cane sucks? Nope. Her Guitar weapon she carries into the Arena and Red Valley makes her yet another Rose to complete rather easily as well! And despite her Specials being weak she has a great Lethal as a Superstar that's done with opponent's back toward you while they are in the corner.

Strengths: Guitar Weapon,

Weakness: Weak moves, Low defense

Tips: Go to the Arena and Red Valley! Candy Cane will bring a electric guitar with her. Hit the CPU 2 or 3 times to get your special up then hit to leap into the air and knock your opponent in the head with the guitar, this does a lot of damage try repeating a few more times before pinning your opponent for an easy win. Her guitar lethal can be hit from just about anywhere even if your opponent is on the ground just walk near them and hit to do it again. Candy Cane also has a a very effective cartwheel attack that can be executed by pressing + . If you're her Superstar version try whipping your opponent into the corner with back facing out to do her Skateboard Lethal which ends matches rather quickly as well.

Character Rank: C

Miss Spencer
Rundown: Arguably the best Rose in the game because of her Atomic drop infinite from behind. So nothing else really matters about her then other than the fact that she's Candy Cane's teacher.

Strengths: Atomic Drop infinite

Weakness: Cheap

Tips: All you need to know about her move-set is that she has an infinite from behind that you can repeat over and over and the best part is that it cannot be reversed so once it's in it's in. You can simply press + when behind your opponent to hit an atomic drop on her then once you do press + again then repeat. If you want an easy setup press + in front of your opponent to slap them to give you a setup then press + as their back is facing you, just keep hitting + until you think they're ready for the 3 count. After a while they will be humiliated you can choose to use an H-move here or simply continue to use atomic drops. Spencer's Lethal, the Tri-Color Suplex hold, is also done from behind if you would like to finish the CPU off with that after 8 or 9 atomic drops.

Character Rank: A

Rundown: Anesthesia is Lady X's assistant and in the ring she is the best Submission specialist in the entire game.

Strengths: Good Humiliation

Weakness: Not very powerful

Tips: Use her Lethal called the Flatliner it does pretty good damage in Street Fights.If you need a setup, simply Stun whip the CPU into the fence and they will be stunned. Walk up in front of them and hit LB for the Flatliner. Her Killer move is also useful here since it takes so long to execute, try using it to kill time so that you can win by timeout if you're losing. In the ring you may have some issues securing a pin as most of her moves are submissions. So try getting your opponents humiliation all the way up and then use an H-Move for the finish with or try spamming her Flatliner Lethal which is done in front of a dizzy opponent it shouldn't take too many of those to get a 3 count.

Character Rank: B

Rundown: Aisha is the purest striker in the game and she also has a Killer submission to boot that's worth mentioning. But basically she may be one of the top 3 best Roses in the game because of her Superstar version Lethal so once you learn it you can pretty much clear house with her and move on the next Rose just like you did with Spencer.

Strengths: Strong Lethal

Weakness: Because she is such a great striker she lacks greatly in other aspects of her gameplay.

Tips: Simply get her to 85 popularity or higher then switch to her Superstar costume. Use her Lethal which is done in front of a groggy opponent for instant pins, the CPU will never kick out of the pin, plain and simple. Use this Lethal in Street Fights also to get a significant boost if you're losing.

Character Rank: A

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Awards Showcase Achievement Guide - Bronze   Road Map - Bronze
Total Awards: 2 (more» ...)
Alter Ego Roses

Rowdy Reiko
Rundown: A good girl gone bad indeed. Reiko Hinomoto has joined a biker gang called the "Road Warriors" and has dubbed her self 'Queen Cobra'. She also denies being called Reiko claiming she killed her. Rowdy Reiko is a heel so feel free to use her Cane that she brings with her to the ring since it fits her persona to play dirty! Her move-set is much different now it appears her moves are a little more painful looking and cheap like eye rakes, illegal shots, and drivers.

Strengths: Cane weapon

Weakness: Still well rounded, but no distinct advantages over anyone.

Tips: Use her Cane weapon while at the Arena or Red Valley. It only takes a few hits to get her special up. Afterward spam her weapon lethal with . Every time you hit it you will have another Lethal stored! Just walk up to your downed opponent and hit again. If you have not noticed Weapon Lethals can be used just about in any predicament as long as your near your opponent it can be done.After 3 Lethals head to the top rope and hit her Fallen Angel for the win. In Street Fights Use her Fallen Angel Extreme Lethal there also. It can be spammed if you use it every time your opponent falls to the ground. Try throwing them into the concrete wall with .

Character Rank: B+

Black Belt Demon
Rundown: Makoto is back however there's something...different about her. She has clearly been possessed and now she wishes to kill Reiko and Aigle her two best friends and greatest rivals! Although she is now pure evil her play style has not changed much. Her move-set once again is mostly take-downs and submissions.

Strengths: Still a submission specialist, good for humiliation

Weakness: Weak Move-set and Specials

Tips: Once again you will be making use of her submissions here. At the start of the match press + then after the tie up hit + to slap your opponent which will leave their back facing you. Hit + to trip them. Use this combination of moves to get the CPU humiliated pretty easily. Capitalize with her H-Move () for the a tap out. Remember if playing on HARD(which you should be) it may take more than one H-Move attempt to get the tap out in some cases.

Character Rank: C-

Noble Rose
Rundown: Evil Rose has been unmasked to unveil Noble Rose her Face version. Noble Rose is much more classy than Evil Rose and has a lot more style than her Heel counterpart. Not really much else to say about her move-set now as it seems to still be inspired by her Evil Rose move-set just a little less agile. I'm not really sure there are any tricks to winning matches easily with her steadily.

Strengths: Pretty well rounded, no distinct weakness, nice aerial expert

Weakness: Lacks submission maneuvers

Tips: Her diving Lethal, Noble Phantasm is always a classy finish. Her Crimson Harley Killer does moderate damage but I wouldn't go with it much in the ring but feel free to spam it in Street Fights. Be sure to use her diving Lethal in the ring whenever you can. To set it up, whip your opponent into the turnbuckle with +toward a corner then run towards them with .When you get close press to drop them down unto the mat and position yourself on the top rope.Hit for the finisher.Here are some humiliation moves.

Northern Lights Driver(Front Grapple) + then +
Double Underhook Facebuster(Front Grapple) + then +

Character Rank: B-

Rundown: She calls herself "Judgment" and now she is the true self of Benikage. She seems to have lost her evil intent as now she aims for justice. Once again, lowest defense in the game but her speed makes up for this. Use it to your advantage.

Strengths: Good Speed, Fun to use, Interesting move-set

Weakness: Low defense

Tips: Set up for her Lethal is + then + this will leave your opponent groggy granting you to hit your Lethal which is done in front of a dizzy opponent. Her running grapple is one of her best moves and it gets her specials up fast and does good damage. Just run with then press +. It's a good move to use in Street Fights as well.

Character Rank: C-

Great Khan
Rundown: Aigle figured that walking the path of a Noble Warrior was a bit too difficult for her taste. So instead of returning home to possibly be made a laughing stock, she became Great Khan and plans to rule the world. Great Khan still retains her defense and good muscle power also. She brings with her a flaming torch to the ring that's not as handy as it looks.

Strengths: Still a pretty good powerhouse, Tough

Weakness: Uninspiring move-set, torch weapon is not very effective

Tips: As tough as she still is you might as well hit up nothing but Street Fights when you're trying to collect money. She's so tough that you will have to screw up a whole lot just to lose 1 round. Try throwing white powder in your opponent's face (+) in Street Fights to set her up for a Lethal, the Imperial Driver. If your in the ring I don't recommend using her weapon. It's very awkward and her attacks miss with it and if they do hit then it usually gets countered. Unless you have some specials saved up and it's lying nearby and you want to sneak in a quick weapon lethal go on ahead but not using it will save you from loads of frustration.

Character Rank: B

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Awards Showcase Achievement Guide - Bronze   Road Map - Bronze
Total Awards: 2 (more» ...)
Sgt. Clemets
Rundown Once Dixie Clemets began fighting dirty her fans began to boo her. So she decided to become a cop but instead ended up becoming a crooked cop. She is still number 1 in defense in the game. She also brings a baton with her to the ring.

Strengths: Great defense, Powerhouse, Baton Weapon

Weakness: Has trouble keeping up with faster moving Roses like Yasha.

Tips: Take her to the Street Fight venue and win most of your matches there. She is so dominant with her good defense that it will be pretty difficult to KO her anyway. In the ring feel free to use her weapon baton lethal, it gives good humiliation and ends the match quickly.

Character Rank: B

Rundown: Miss Spencer was able to talk Candy Cane into going back to school and take a break from the whole 'band thing'. With her return to school she also joined the cheer-leading squad. You will have issues using Becky. She has low defense, and low attack power. Most of her moves do next to no damage. Get ready to lose...a lot.

Strengths: None

Weakness: Low defense, weak moves, avoid Aigle and Dixie in Street Fights.

Tips: Although weak, if you take your time with Becky and counter a lot then you can get by with her. However if you don't care to get good with her then cheat! There's no other choice. Use the Street Fight tips I gave above like the fence trick and the clock expiration trick. And if you have any specials, just keep spamming them. They may be weak but every bit of damage counts. If in the ring grab weapons and swing away! Fight dirty, you don't have much of a choice here. Her Lethal is a running move if you are having trouble figuring out it's stipulation. I strongly recommend you switch to her Superstar version once you reach 85 popularity or higher, that way her moves will be a little more stronger.

Character Rank: D

Rundown: Miss Spencer is now in her dominatrix gimmick and she has a clown slave named Sebastian that accompanies her. Mistress no longer retains the atomic drop infinite this time around so you will be forced to use her whip instead.

Strengths: Whip weapon

Weakness: Not much of a submission user

Tips: She still has an atomic drop from behind which is + but no infinite this time which means you have to fight legit, well not really. For a decent alternative to her infinite press + to slap your opponent then press + at their back during a Street Fight. Repeat this to get them humiliated.She also brings a whip with her to the ring so be sure to whip away with it and hit that Lethal when you get a chance.

Character Rank: B

Rundown: This is simply Anesthesia when she is operating. After the experiment of Lady X went wrong she became Dr.Anesthesia in hopes of repairing her and getting revenge on all the Roses that defeated her.

Strengths: Good humiliating, submission user

Weakness: Could use more aerials

Tips: Use her Bear hug. It is done to an opponent that is running towards you. So whip them into the ropes and wait for them to come back. When they get close press any +. This gives lots of humiliation and allows you to get your H-Move in easily.

Character Rank: C

Sista A
Rundown: Aisha's music career took a tragic downfall so she decided to go to her next passion, dancing. As Sista A she only wishes to dance on stage during the Rumble Roses tournament. Sista A still has the best Lethal in the game but it can only be used in her Superstar version. Be sure to make use of it.

Strengths: Very dominant offensively in Street Fights, good Lethal

Weakness: literally has no suplexes, lacks greatly outside of Striking

Tips: Can do a lot of damage with Sista A. She has a good humiliation method you can use by spamming + at the legs for easy Humiliation and Specials.To set this up Press + then +(Works for both Normal and Superstar) During Street Fights you can walk up to your opponent and press + for a good combo that will get your special up fast. + works well also.

Use + for gut punches which will leave the CPU open for a Lethal(Superstar only). If you have no special quite yet use + afterward for more damage, you should also get a special after hitting this.

In the ring as Superstar use + then + for a good Lethal Setup.

Character Rank: A

NOTICE: If you prefer NOT to use the Roses and learn their fighting style to succeed enough to nab 332,000RR you can always pair each Rose up with a Lambda(Shooter 1 move-set) and simply play nothing but tag matches. Just tag the Lambda in and use the Shooter combo method then tag your Rose back in and pin your opponent to make money grinding easier. There are more details in the section below.

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Awards Showcase Achievement Guide - Bronze   Road Map - Bronze
Total Awards: 2 (more» ...)
Lambda Strategy Guide

The 30 Lambdas
Now that you have won the Singles Title with all of the 20 Roses now all you have to do is purchase all costumes with all 30 Lambda Edits which will cost 341,000 credits each. This is the easiest but extremely repetitive part. Lambda is the 11th letter of the Greek alphabet. In the system of Greek numerals Lambda has a value of 30 so in the Rumble Roses universe Lambda is the eleventh wrestler with 29 alternates for a total of 30. Each Lambda is basically a Create-a-Wrestler which you can basically customize to your liking from a template. To select a Lambda go to character select and check the far left column, they can be selected here. Once selected you get to choose which Lambda of the 30 by moving left or right and also the color of their costume. You can fiddle around with the Lambdas whenever you wish! You don't necessarily have to wait until you have won the belt and bought all costumes with the other 20 Roses to do this as some people use the Lambdas to help grind money for the 20 Roses in tag matches.

Easy Money(RR) with Lambdas
First make Lambda Edit 1ís tag partner Lambda Edit 2. Then make Lambda Edit 2ís partner Edit 3. Do this all the way up to partnering up Edit 29 with Edit 30. To partner up go to Locker Room and use the 'Change Partner" option.

Partnering should be like so:

Edit 1 with Edit 2
Edit 2 with Edit 3
Edit 3 with Edit 4Ö.and so on up to
Edit 29 with Edit 30

The reason for this is because when you win a tag match not only do you earn extra money, but your partner will earn RR as well! Using this trick can literally cut your total play time in half once youíre finished with the achievements in this game!

Tag Teaming it!
Simply put, the more Tag Matches you win the faster you will get all the costumes unlocked. Having trouble finding tag matches? Tag matches typically appear at the Arena, Skyscraper, and Red Valley venues. Sometimes they wonít appear. At times, you may even get Singles, Handicap, and Royal Matches. Simply go to the locker room and change your character. Pick the same character you already were and this will reset the matches. Or alternatively play a quick Street Fight for an easy 2200RR but you only get that much on HARD difficulty. After the Street Fight all matches will be reset.

Tag matches are good because they give you and your partner RR at the same time. You also earn more RR for tag matches than you do for Singles matches. But to maximize your profits MAKE SURE that YOU( the one who started the tag match off in the ring) secures the winning pin or else your money will be split in half.

Example: 3060RR is awarded to each teammate after winning a tag match(On HARD)
BUT if your partner makes the winning pin, 1500RR will be awarded to each teammate instead.

So bear in mind all these things that come into play when playing Tag matches. But in the end its tag matches that earn you more RR and save you A LOT of time.

Lambda Move-sets
There are plenty of Lambda Move-Sets to choose from with 30 in total:

If you are looking for a Miss Spencer move-set to atomic drop your opponents to death choose WRESTLING 9(Thanks to Ssrn53 for finding it), although I found this one to be the most effective:

(Best Move-set)Shooter 1 Technique
From the character select screen go to the left column and access a Lambda. Go to the Locker Room and then go to CUSTOMIZE. Then under Profile go to TECHNIQUE and press A. Cycle through the move sets until you see: SHOOTER 1. Pick SHOOTER 1. And also change your ability to STRIKE. Do this for all 30 Lambdas or just wait until you start playing with them to do it its up to you. All other facets for the Lambdas do not matter do whatever you like with the rest!

How to do Shooter 1 Technique
1. When the match starts approach opponent and press + (grapple start up)
2. While in the grapple press + (gut punches)
3. While they are groggy walk up to them and press + and your Lambda will do Aisha's Lethal Move, an 8 hit punch rush combo.
4. Once they fall to the ground pin your opponent with button and they will never kick out. No KILLERS or LETHALS needed.

This trick works on HARD difficulty also so you will be making maximum profits with this trick at a fast rate! You can also use it very well in Tag matches also but instead, this is how you would do it in a Tag match.

Tag Version of Shooter 1 Technique
1. When the Tag match starts walk up to your opponent and throw them into the right corner turnbuckle of the ring. ( then Right on the Directional stick) This will knock their partner off the apron.

2. Now wait for your opponent to turn around after they yell at their fallen partner and Press + for your punch rush combo. Pin them afterward with button. Match should be over in under 20 seconds. Here's a video of the move being done in a Tag match on HARD difficulty.

Note: Since it works on HARD, play on that difficulty for more reward money! You can also pair your Lambda with one of the original 20 Roses to help grind for money when going for each Roses Costume achievement. Simply tag the Lambda in and perform the trick. Tag the original Rose that started the match back in then pin your opponent. Easy!

Managing Lambdas
Once you have the Title and Costume achievements for the 20 Main Roses you will then have to Costume Complete the 30 Lambdas. The Shop Complete Achievement will unlock you donít need to buy everything just the ARTWORK and OTHERS with the exception of the Costumes.

Now if you read above you will see that the Shooter 1 technique makes it easier to win matches. Well in truth that should be the easiest part of completing the lambdas it just gets really repetitive and takes a good while. Let me go in to detail for RR.

Money (RR) and Popularity
All 30 Lambda Edits start with 50 Popularity so payouts will be low at first. However, you should not have this problem and hereís why. If you pair up ALL 30 Lambdas with each other like I showed you above popularity will be no issue. The only time you will have to start at 50 Popularity is with your 1st lambda and thatís it. After that you're on easy street and here's why. It's vital that you win the Tag Titles with each lambda pair so that both of their Popularity will shoot to 100. That way once you move on to the next Lambda they will already have 100 Popularity and you will earn more RR! But MAKE SURE you drop the tag titles before moving on to the next Lambda! This is important because if you donít you wonít be able to win the tag belts with the next Lambda because she will already have them with another lambda therefore inhibiting you from getting a shot at them. DON'T FORGET THIS!So before switching to the next Lambda to grind money with simply start one last tag match, press start and quit out and you will lose your tag titles. THEN you move on to Lambda 2 and so forth. Let me give an example:

You start with Lambda 1 and Pair her with Lambda 2. You win the Tag Titles and BOTH Lambda 1 and 2's popularity goes to 100. You continue to win matches until Lambda 1 has 341,000RR for her costumes. You buy the costumes, start up a final tag match, quit out and move on to Lambda 2.

Itís that easy. Continue this until you get all the way to Lambda 30 and you will be done!

Best Match Types
Now this helps for the 20 Main Roses too if your still working on them but anyways there are certain match types that give you the most RR but money varies depending on how much popularity you and your opponent have but also bear in mind that the games difficulty should be on HARD since the Shooter 1 trick works on HARD, So the following payouts for matches are based on HARD difficulty and all opponents have 100 Popularity including you:
  • Tag Match: 3060 RR
  • Singles Matches: 2200 RR
  • 3 Way Royals: 2300 RR
  • 4 Way Royals: 2475 RR
  • PHM Matches: 2420 RR
  • Handicap(1 vs 2): 3325 RR
  • Handicap(2 vs 1): 1662 RR
There you go! That's all the earnings you will get for ALL match types on HARD. Bear in mind that Singles match covers Street Fights and Queens Matches payouts also.

So all in all these are the match types you should look for to get money the fastest.
  • Tag Matches: 3060 RR
  • Handicap(1 vs 2): 3325 RR
If neither of them show up then just plan a Singles match since it only takes like 20 seconds to win anyway, then the matches will reset and check again. Repeat until you have 341,000RR.
Street Fights used to be the best way to earn RR but thatís preferred for the 20 Main Roses only, besides the Shooter trick is faster than winning Street Fights anyway.

Once you have accumulated enough money with all 50 characters, go to the Shop and purchase all of the Edit Costumes and Swimsuits with them. Also, make sure you have all Artwork and Others items purchases as well since they can only be bought once. With the Lambda methods above I was personally able to clear the shop with each Lambda in 2 hours a piece. So it overall, took my 60 hours to finish all 30. With these methods, you should be able to complete the game in 228 hours as I did!

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Very nice guide, I'll use this soon.
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Great guide.

Are you sure using weapons won't bring your popularity down?

Sometimes I wonder which game would be harder to achieve the full 1K on, this or "DOA: Xtreme Beach".

This is a great game that you always keep coming back to again and again and again.

Thanks for the tips.

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Awards Showcase Achievement Guide - Bronze   Road Map - Bronze
Total Awards: 2 (more» ...)
Originally Posted by Azrael008uk View Post
Great guide.

Are you sure using weapons won't bring your popularity down?

Sometimes I wonder which game would be harder to achieve the full 1K on, this or "DOA: Xtreme Beach".

This is a great game that you always keep coming back to again and again and again.

Thanks for the tips.

From my personal experiences using weapons does nothing to your popularity. The only time your popularity takes a hit is when you lose matches, especially title matches. As long as you're securing wins your popularity will rise if anything or remain stagnate if you have 100 popularity.

As for your wonders I'm pretty sure Dead or Alive Extreme 2 takes longer(if by harder you mean longer) as I finished Rumble Roses XX within 50 days with a total time play of 230 hours. Now I don't quite know the exact number of hours but I recall hearing 600-800 in the forums a year ago.Not sure if that number is based on money glitching methods or not but it's pretty obvious that with this guide Rumble Roses can be done within 300 hours.

Hope I answered some of your questions.

EDIT: And also, if you guys don't like having to learn each Rose and fight all those matches with them to get 332,000RR you can always Tag them up with a lambda and get money from Tag matches. Tag her in and perform the Shooter Combo then pin your opponent with the starting Rose so that money isn't cut in half.

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200 hours ain't so bad. (compared to what I heard it used to be)

But still........

I don't think I want to invest in that much time to game, that personally has an appeal of 60 hours at most. Remove the erotica factor (Which is the main draw, c'mon, admit it!) and you have a fairly generic game.

Great guide though, and if I muster up the courage to tackle this I'll certainly be using your great advice.
Proudest XBLA 100%

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Originally Posted by Azrael008uk View Post
Sometimes I wonder which game would be harder to achieve the full 1K on, this or "DOA: Xtreme Beach".
DOAX2 is much worse.

"Here's a swimsuit."
"Okay, here's four or five things you like."
"Here's a swimsuit."

Repeat for about thirty swimsuits for each of the nine characters trying to give swimsuits to the other eight characters. THANKS TECMO YOURE SUCH A PEACH

Originally Posted by FeLizP View Post
Now I don't quite know the exact number of hours but I recall hearing 600-800 in the forums a year ago.Not sure if that number is based on money glitchig methods or not but it's pretty obvious that with this guide Rumble Roses can be done within 300 hours.
I'm pretty sure that was the estimate for utilizing that oh-so-dependable "turbo controller-Street Fight" method.
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This guide is fantastic. helping me loads. although this is a proper long-player thankfully i love the game, so hopefully i'll have the full 1000gp before the xbox 720 (or whatever they choose to call him/her) comes out.
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Originally Posted by FeLizP View Post
As the game is 4 years old now I would hope all the work of re-mastering them wonít go in vain.
A further year on and I still found it extremely helpful, thank you very much for taking the time to write it up so well

I don't think I will be spending time on trying to get the achievements ; that's a lot of effort just to have a random number increase in my X-Box360 profile. However, all the strategy and how-to-play tips proved invaluable in helping me obtain all the costumes for the main girls, and also in understanding this game better (sure it's mostly a game about T&A, but its gameplay is still entertaining). Again, thanks a lot for this guide!
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Andy Rampage
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A Very 'helpful' Guide Sir!!
You have my 'Gratitude' for many MANY victories!!

But would also like to hear WHO YOU would Recommend for teaming-up with
In Tag matches!
Again "Thanks!"
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