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Old 08-27-2011, 07:11 PM   #151
makecrack's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2009
Location: WI
Posts: 175

KillCamCarl's Gamercard
looking for boosting partner gt is makecrack
GT: KillCamCarl
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Old 08-31-2011, 11:55 PM   #152
Wampus Cra
Join Date: Jul 2008
Posts: 276

Wampus Cra's Gamercard
Looking to boost the 1 ranked/1 player match win and maybe the 30 matchs also... i dunno how it can be done but i see people asking for help boosting so hopefully you know how to do it... my gt is wampus cra, ill be on all night... im not good enough at this game to win a game against these pro's lol
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Old 09-28-2011, 08:41 PM   #153
Join Date: Sep 2009
Posts: 204

FaSCoRP's Gamercard
I also would like to play online, drop me a message. I have gold until october 8 so Im not sure if I will be able to play after that target date
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Old 10-02-2011, 07:27 PM   #154
Join Date: Sep 2011
Location: France
Posts: 7

Callabash's Gamercard

I am looking for someone to unlock online Achievements, of course I will send back the help, if my partner needs it.

Thank you.
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Old 10-05-2011, 12:29 AM   #155
Join Date: Sep 2009
Posts: 204

FaSCoRP's Gamercard
I got all the online with the help from another member, so no longer needed. thanks!
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Old 10-15-2011, 10:28 PM   #156
Join Date: Oct 2011
Posts: 14

Metalkid32's Gamercard
Always looking for help for online achievements, send me a message on xbox live if interested. Gamertag in my signature.
26/11/11- 10k Gamerscore.
25/02/2012- 15k Gamerscore
26/10/2012- 20k Gamerscore
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Old 10-31-2011, 07:02 PM   #157
xNUxRelentless's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2010
Posts: 24

xBroccolionX's Gamercard
Looking for boosting partner.

Hit me up GT=xBroccolionX
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Old 11-07-2011, 10:38 PM   #158
xSyKoTiCxJeTx's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2010
Location: Le Mans, FRANCE
Posts: 60
Send a message via Skype™ to xSyKoTiCxJeTx

xSyKoTiCxJeTx's Gamercard
Looking for 1ranked match win and play 27 matches have all MP achievements Msg me xSyKoTiCxJeTx

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Old 11-11-2011, 08:32 PM   #159
xSyKoTiCxJeTx's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2010
Location: Le Mans, FRANCE
Posts: 60
Send a message via Skype™ to xSyKoTiCxJeTx

xSyKoTiCxJeTx's Gamercard
Anyone for 1 ranked match win?

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Old 11-27-2011, 02:04 AM   #160
Join Date: Mar 2011
Posts: 119

IV DR4G0N VI's Gamercard
I need the 30 online matches and 1 rank win

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Old 12-26-2011, 01:20 AM   #161
shanesy hayes
Join Date: Apr 2009
Posts: 28

shanesy hayes's Gamercard
Hey please add me. Thank u.
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Old 12-26-2011, 01:22 AM   #162
shanesy hayes
Join Date: Apr 2009
Posts: 28

shanesy hayes's Gamercard
need online help

Wiling to trade wins n all. N also have some live codes for content from various games. Could give for help. Thanks. Gt shanesy Hayes
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Old 02-07-2012, 05:53 PM   #163
Join Date: Nov 2009
Posts: 43

Cyclobomber's Gamercard
Looking to boost the online achievements as well, my GT is Cyclobomber.
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Old 03-30-2012, 05:45 PM   #164
Join Date: Mar 2012
Posts: 1

BREQKER's Gamercard

Someone wanna boost rank online with me? GT: BREQKER

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Old 04-15-2012, 09:16 PM   #165
GenoXideC vI
Join Date: Jul 2011
Location: The Netherlands
Posts: 12

GenoXiDeC vI's Gamercard
Looking to boost all the online achievements.

GT: GenoXiDeC vI
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Old 04-19-2012, 02:32 AM   #166
dthgod666's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2012
Posts: 31

dthgod666's Gamercard
Looking for someone or a group to trade online achievments. hit me up on Live anytime if interested.

GT: dthgod666
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Old 05-11-2012, 07:48 PM   #167
KFZ Scrubs
KFZ Scrubs's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2008
Location: Rapture
Posts: 11,315

KFZ Nobody's Gamercard

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OH rats.. well, looking to do achievements for this.
GT: KFZ Nobody
Brutal Boxing KO's of 2013:
Down with Haganai

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Old 06-07-2012, 09:28 PM   #168
Sigmund666's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2010
Posts: 69

Tinsigmund666's Gamercard
Looking for someone to complete the game with for the online achievements

GT= Tinsigmund666
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Old 06-12-2012, 05:49 PM   #169
Banned User
Join Date: Dec 2010
Location: UK - Nottingham
Posts: 100

ali900's Gamercard
Boosting this game almost done with it

GT: ali900
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Old 07-09-2012, 01:33 PM   #170
zai3's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2012
Location: Asia
Posts: 7

zaiwen3's Gamercard
if anyone still plays this game & need 2 wins

hit me up on live

gt: zaiwen3
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Old 08-23-2012, 12:12 PM   #171
Join Date: Dec 2008
Posts: 19

xwasupfoox's Gamercard
need help with online gt xwasupfoox
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Old 09-14-2012, 12:19 AM   #172
Join Date: Apr 2010
Location: NW London, England
Posts: 358

KashThePriest's Gamercard
I suck at this game and people online all have at least 2,000 wins, so I'm looking to take the easy way and boost the ranked and player win.

GT: KashThePriest

I'm on every evening after 6pm in UK time
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Old 09-24-2012, 01:07 AM   #173
Join Date: Aug 2012
Posts: 4

grayfox45667's Gamercard
No Pressure, Moving on Up and Fighting Master.

Gamertag: grayfox45667
Timezone: Mountain Standard Timezone.
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Old 09-26-2012, 03:14 AM   #174
Join Date: Mar 2010
Posts: 50
Need to boost all the online. Shouldn't take too long and I'm on fairly often.

GT= HitDatGreen
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Old 10-11-2012, 05:05 AM   #175
FalseDreams's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2012
Posts: 6

Brk4Azn's Gamercard
I am happy to say I've completed all my achievements for this game in one weekend. If anyone needs help with the Scenario Campaign/Online achievements message/add me.
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Old 01-27-2013, 10:28 PM   #176
p4pa smurf x
Join Date: Nov 2010
Posts: 20

p4pa smurf x's Gamercard
looking to boost all the online achievements

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Old 02-04-2013, 09:24 AM   #177
Pain Immortal
Pain Immortal's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2011
Location: Austria
Posts: 135

Pain Immortal's Gamercard
Looking for a boosting partner!
GT: Pain Immortal
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Old 03-07-2013, 09:26 AM   #178
Join Date: Mar 2012
Posts: 10

PheGNOMEnal's Gamercard
Hey guys, looking for a boosting partner for the MP achievements.


EDIT: Got the achievements thanks to some guys I met whilst playing but if anybody does need help with this, I'm happy to if you message me :-)

Last edited by PheGNOMEnal; 03-07-2013 at 11:47 AM. Reason: Got the achievements
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Old 03-09-2013, 01:41 PM   #179
Join Date: Dec 2009
Posts: 107

damessmeister's Gamercard
boosting partner needed

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Old 04-21-2013, 05:52 PM   #180
Join Date: Nov 2012
Location: Boston
Posts: 10
Send a message via Skype™ to TheInsufferableKankri

Capricious Void's Gamercard
I need help with the multiplayer achievements, please.

GT: Capricious Void

Last edited by TheInsufferableKankri; 04-21-2013 at 06:19 PM.
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