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RTL Winter Sports 2009
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Exclamation A couple VERY IMPORTANT THINGS about winter sports 2

The first thing is yes This game is possible.

There is a hidden analog sensitivity setting on this game. This setting will not effect all of you it depends on what you have for default settings on your X box.
I play with a default sensitivity of high as some of you probably do too, this will Not work on the majority of this game. to change your default setting go to Your guide button press right twice go into your profile and go down to game defaults and into general (the other settings ave no effect on this game ) and adjust your sensitivity here. It really does work.

Next topic The game cheats in your favor. I noticed this on the curling i am not sure which event specifically but i had done this even numerous times before and with no success then i went and did the rest of the career i needed to do then i came back to it and i noticed the that when i was really close the game would actually move the stones just a little bit in a direction in my favor even if it didn't physically make sense. some doubt it but i noticed a great deal of change in the game after the career cup modes. and it does NOT seem to change with the application of the stat points but rather with the winning of the cups themselves. The very first thing i did was put all of my points into slalom and downhill and the guy was still slow he only sped up after winning cups!

Last thing I know this is getting long but stick with me .

On the bosses i actually used carve quite a bit especially the downhill boss only on the very sharp turns though. You need to use the carve properly and if done properly you will nearly hit the gate in the middle of the carve or even hit it honestly i think hitting it a little is better just don't get outside of it and get disqualified.

Good Luck , It's do able. if this helped you in any way please post. if this gets stickied it will help a lot more people thanks.

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