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History Channel: Civil War - Secret Missions
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Explosive Barrel Guide for Dr. Gatlin's level - all 15 found!

Explosive Barrel Guide for Dr. Gatlin's level - all 15 found!

First, when the level first starts and you are given your briefing I recommend turning RIGHT instead of LEFT like you normally would to start the level. Follow the road all the way back to the picket fence. Looking at the fence, start looking through the bushes on the right side of the road and you will find a Whitworth sniper rifle. Swap your pepperbox revolver for it. The scope comes in handy for spotting barrels. At some points you can climb on top of rocks to see multiple barrels.

Now that you have the sniper rifle head down the road and around the bend like you normally would.

Barrel #1 is just ahead sitting upright near the wheel of the first wagon you come to.

After dispatching the soldiers, cross the stream to your RIGHT. Ahead is a small waterfall. As you approach a wave of soldiers will be triggered.

Barrel #2 is above the small waterfall, to the left, behind a rock.

Barrels 3 – 11 are all found in this next area. To me it looks like they were trying to give the impression that the barrels were thrown from the overturned wagons you will come across. This is likely the area where most people are missing a barrel or two. These eight barrels are all found in this fairly small area so walk slowly.

Go back across the stream from where you found barrel #2. Just as you start heading up the path, the first wall of fire will be triggered. Dispatch these soldiers and the fire will die out. Just ahead of this area is an overturned wagon with the back of the wagon facing your direction.

Barrel #3 is sitting near the rear of this wagon.

Barrel #4 is sitting near the front of this wagon.

Directly across the path to the RIGHT of the wagon with barrels 3 & 4 is a very large rock formation

Barrel #5 is sitting upright at the bottom of this formation near the path.

Return to the wagon where you found barrel #4. Walk straight ahead and through a small group of bushes. Right next to the bushes should be a fairly large rock and a large log.

Barrel #6 is sitting upright near the rock and log.

Walk straight West from the log for a short distance.

Barrel #7 is lying on its side in the grass.

Walk back to the rock formation where you found Barrel #5. Walk along the visible foot path a short distance.

Barrel #8 is lying on its side by the first fork in this path.

From the fork where you just found Barrel #8 take the Left path, then take the Right path at the next fork.

Barrel #9 is lying on its side at the end of this path in a very small clearing.

From Barrel #9 turn Right and walk towards the stream.

Barrel #10 is sitting upright near a log by the stream.

Return to the main path and continue “forward” through the level. After a short distance you will trigger the second wall of flame. After dispatching the enemy, the flames will die down and you should see another overturned wagon.

Barrel #11 is lying on its side in the bed of the wagon.

Continuing on you will come to the large waterfall and the main path will turn Left as you begin heading towards the plowed fields and the farmhouse with the Gatlin gun. If you do not have 11 barrels by this point you have missed one. There are only 4 barrels left once you reach the plowed fields.

Eventually the path will lead to an open area with plowed fields. In the middle of the field, by itself, is a wagon.

Barrel #12 is sitting upright near the wheel of this wagon.

After the fight at the farmhouse, exit the area through the fence in back. As you advance up the hill another fight will break out. Continue down the road through the woods. Eventually you come to an open area with three logs spread out along the right side of the road. A group of soldiers will attack and take cover by the third log.

Barrel #13 is located near the second log before you get to the log the soldiers were using for cover.

As the path approaches the very large bridge there will be a large rock outcropping on your right. Above the outcropping is a small clearing.

Barrel #14 and #15 are standing upright in this clearing.
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Sweet guide!
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Thank you! I suck with video guides, they don't help me. Thanks for words :P .
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The Danielnator
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Nice guide man, thanks for the help!

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James Vexed
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Thank you sir
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